<Leth> yet another brilliant corporate name change:
<spinn> heh
<spinn> velocitus!
<tieboy> fastthing, inc!
<raven> Isn't a velocitus that bicycle with the giant front wheel?
<jacquilyn> I think Velocitus was the second fairy from teh left in a Midsummer Night's Dream, actually.
<KemloCaesar> no, it's a disfiguring skin condition
<jacquilyn> Or maybe fourth guardsman from teh right in Julius caesar. One of theose Shakespeare things.
<Dodge> I thought Velocitus was that drug Vandal Savage was giving everybody in Flash comics.
<raven> It's the next big ride at Six Flags.
<jacquilyn> I've heard that it's a new drug from Pfizer, for men who maintain erections for a really, really long time.
<tieboy> gah!
<tieboy> MAKE HER STOP
<Elkman> She has Bil Keane's sense of perspective.
<tieboy> velocitus: we're fast and have women with giant disturbing heads
<Leth> "Describe yourself" "Well, I'm approximately 7' tall, and taper horribly down to 3 inch feet"
<Samwise> Eek. Somehow, her left eye is infinitely creepier than her right.
<Leth> heh, they highlight the Owner, the CEO, and a bi-curious woman who works in the PBX Room
<raven> It has that lazy-eye look.
<tieboy> that says "I've killed you, and your ethereal form is hovering above me."
<Elkman> -- AAGH! I've been decapitated!
<tieboy> couldn't she have worn nail polish at least?
<Elkman> (OK, that was cheap.)
<Leth> well, I've always thought a lot of ISP techies were brainless...
<jacquilyn> Oooh, hey, could you find the other heads and bodies.
<raven> elk : I found that weird, myself.
<jacquilyn> We could play the mix and match games.
<daria> oh, i love how the girl is the 'just curious' one
<raven> "serious customer", "serious customer", "well, it's something to look at while my nails dry!"
<jacquilyn> Jesus, someody just kicked theat guy in the nads.
<jacquilyn> Couldn't they possibly have waited four or five minutes and taken another picture.
<Elkman> -- "With DSL, I can jam to air guitar all night!"
<KemloCaesar> tie - that address isn't right...
<tieboy> the farting guy?
<KemloCaesar> ah, okay
<KemloCaesar> the terminal slash.
<Leth> as opposed to those that just wound and require stiches
<KemloCaesar> which is NOT poorly-written stories about people fucking their computers
<KemloCaesar> he should be in a chorus-girl outfit
<Elkman> "Dave looked at his VT100. He couldn't fight the feeling any more, even though the CRT would surely burn him. Dave was already burning with passion."
<Samwise> *hrrRPH* fuckin' invisible oversized stairs... *hrrrRPH*
<Leth> would deserve a bit of captioning too
<Leth> or at least circus music
<tieboy> "This is only made harder by the spatula in my ass"
<raven> "But at least I'm following the maunual's instructions...."
<KemloCaesar> "Ed's multiple personalities try to knee him in the balls."
<Samwise> "Aurk! Aurk!"
<Dodge> "all my poop are belong to velocitus"
<Elkman> "Could you describe your problem, sir?" "I was juggling my computer and I dropped it. Now I can't get onto the Internet. I'm sure the problem is on your end."
<Elkman> "Because it was working just the day before, and I didn't change my configuration or anything."
<Samwise> Heh. Elk, I had a guy who moved a folder from down inside the program's data folder, then called in a panic because we'd lost some of his data.
<Elkman> -- "IDACORP has saved me! I'm so happy to be served by IDACORP!"
*** KemloCaesar is now known as WinstonSmith
<WinstonSmith> I have triumphed over myself! I love IDACORP!

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