"aaaaah! horses falling from the sky!"


<Lore> Huh. McDonald's french fries contain beef.
<jacquilynneBackFromTheDoctor> Unlike their hamburgers.
* jacquilynneBackFromTheDoctor apologizes for the obvious joke.
<Kyol> Yeah, the vegan types are _royally_ pissed about that. I'm thinking "Well _duh_, cross contamination and all, what the fuck were you THINKING."
<Gayo> Vegans who eat at fast food places are dumb anyway. If you're that serious about it, you should only eat stuff you know the precise ingredients for.
<Elkman> "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce! Beef in french fries will upset us!"
<SeanQ> and from the Appropriate Names Department we have Pat Fish of the Vegetarian Awareness Network
<Lore> Yeah, I have to admit that buying "vegetarian" food from McDonald's is like buying a "perfectly legal" fifty-dollar car stereo out of the back of a truck.
<Elkman> "These ones over here aren't stolen. The ones on this side are completely hot."
<SeanQ> we had some 'consumers' call us about Propylene Glycol (an ingredient in our lotions), asking if it was animal-based or vegetable-based
<SeanQ> turns out most glycerin and gelatin are animal-based (including ours)
<Gayo> What's glycerin again?
<kaufman> it's irish glyc
<SeanQ> i think it's a gelling agent, something of a moisturizer
<JacquilynneWorkingInOtherRoom> Yeah, gelatin is usually made from pig's feet. Which makes a lot of candies and such a problem for people eating Kosher.
<SeanQ> we ended up giving the 'consumer' (I know damn well it was some activist) some convoluted explanation on how it may contain some animal based material yadda yadda
<JacquilynneWorkingInOtherRoom> And I suppose also annoying Vegan people, but I don't really give a fuck about them.
<Elkman> "It's animal-based. In fact, we shot a deer out back to make another batch this morning."
<kaufman> "wait till you hear what our Newly Bathed Baby Fantasy is made from"
<Gayo> Animal based stuff isn't that big a deal, really. Well, except meat. It's the product testing that's the main issue for companies that make prodHAHAHAH
<Gayo> That ruled.
<Gayo> I love you.
<SoiledGreen> "Soylend Fries are made from beef! IT'S BEEF!"
<SeanQ> well, we now have a standard disclaimer sorta like how M&M's say 'may contain traces of peanuts' for inquisitive callers
<CrazyClimber> "rap musk may contain animal pieces"?
<Elkman> Our local paper had an article last week on animal trainers for movies. You literally can't hurt a fly on a movie set.
<kaufman> it's a tradition that every movie we see, we make some appropriate parody of the "no animals were harmed" statement in the closing credits
<KemloCaesar> well, they used to slaughter hundreds of horses for Westerns
<kaufman> John Wayne had a big appetite
<Elkman> Yeah, that's what the article in the paper said. They used to throw horses off cliffs.
<KemloCaesar> string out piano wire for the horses to trip over
<SoiledGreen> why? they didn't pay off the man or something?
<Elkman> Now, it's so extreme that if you put 12 ants on an actor's body for some effect, you have to make sure that you recover all 12 ants.
<kaufman> and to film one road runner cartoon ... they would go through like three dozen coyotes
<KemloCaesar> sg - no, because it looked cool
<KemloCaesar> it was a great backdrop for love scenes
*** KemloCaesar is now known as RudolphoValentino
<RudolphoValentino> "Ah, beautiful countess Amelia...
<RudolphoValentino> kiss me.....
<RudolphoValentino> aaaaah! horses falling from the sky!"
<SoiledGreen> "is that a horse i s-- *THUD!*"
<Gayo> There's a Christopher Reeve joke here somewhere.
<kaufman> indeed
<Samwise> Gayo: some movie set animal trainers outside the US still hurt/kill their animals for the camera.
<Gayo> Sam: ...true.
<SoiledGreen> i'd kiss some fuckin' animal to get my camra back too.

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