#spinnwebe Logs : iSourceline, News with Attitude


<tieboy> is there anything new on the isource thing?
<Kyol> They suck - film at 11.
<tieboy> that much i know
<tieboy> they took down the letter, huh?
<kaufman> That's fi'lm at 11, for those of you at isourceline
<LJ-atwork> fi'lm at 11, hopefully
<Kyol> t'he'y su'ck - f'ilm a't e'lev'en.
<kaufman> "Those responsible for the sacking have been sacked"
<tieboy> now there's nothing at "they're" website
<zompist> no, "we see fit to embark on showing a film & movie at 11"
<kaufman> their's
<kaufman> we am at the doors knocking
<zompist> "if you knock on this door-- the door at which news & media moguls of the current time outrageously cower-- you will find that that very door are where we also, with up to the minute informative, are embarking."
<zompist> wackily, they changed their site *again*.
<zompist> now it doesn't even promise *any* date.
<zompist> how do we know when our standards will be reset?
<kaufman> and the sign on the door says, "Welcome to M'r Luke's. Home of best on the webb food."
<tieboy> I am failing to detect this "attidude" with which they have news.
<kaufman> strangely, it's not all a jpg there now
<TomFish> arrogant
<TomFish> that's the attitude I'm getting
<kaufman> don't care about grammer
<tieboy> heh. ha ha. HA HA HA. News with an attitude. That suddenly makes me laugh really hard.
<kaufman> When Reporters Get Attitudes, next on FOX
<zompist> You want the news? Huh? You want some news, wise guys? I got your news right here.
<zompist> You laughin' at our site? You think we're stupid or somethin'? Well, punk, *we* got the news and *you're* lookin' for it. So who's the stupid one?
<SeanQ> back - isourceline changed again?
<tieboy> they just have their logo thingy
<SeanQ> i'm tellin' ya, iSores.com is available
<SeanQ> we can be thru the door before they figure out what side to knock on
<SeanQ> ; hopefully
<zompist> www.sourceline.com is taken too.
<zompist> why would a startup news site pick a stupid name like isourceline?
<tieboy> attitude, man, attitude
<kaufman> maybe eSourceline was taken
<zompist> you'd have better luck with one simple word-- "slate", "salon", "nerve", "nori", "oing".
<zompist> i suppose they figured they'd be our i source for a line on... er, our i line on sources of... er, ...
<CrzyClmbr> www.newswithanattitude.com might have been taken
<zompist> newstude.com is open.
<zompist> tho' that looks like "new study" or something.
<zompist> well, tudenews.com is open too.
<tieboy> www.knockonthedoorandopenitour_selves.com was too
<kaufman> www.mixedupmogulsmetaphors.com
<zompist> heh-- newstandard.com is taken, though.
<SeanQ> zomp: they would've had to scrap their catchy tag line
<SeanQ> "Internet Sourceline: the Internet's Sourceline"
<CrzyClmbr> www.havenograspofournativelanguage.com was too long for IANA standards
<SeanQ> altho i could see them using "Newstude: News. 'Tude."
<zompist> hmm, the dot in isourceline.com is a little hemisphere.
<zompist> so are they only half a dot-com?
<SeanQ> did they change the i back from a radio tower?
<kaufman> or is it a (what was that cat's name from the alt.tasteless thread)?
<SeanQ> sootikin
<kaufman> thanks, Sean
<kaufman> aren't they hemispherical, according to the def?
<SeanQ> sootikinews taken?
<SeanQ> mouse-shaped
<kaufman> oh, I was remembering turtle-shaped
<CrzyClmbr> no, the world is balanced on the back of a turtle.
*** kaufman is now known as EmLitella
<EmLitella> Never mind.
*** EmLitella is now known as kaufman
<SeanQ> "Sootikinews.com: News With a Stinky Sooty Mouse-shaped 'Tude"
<zompist> 'course, these dudes basically fired greg for having an attitude.
<zompist> what up wit dat?
<zompist> they already got attitude, they don't need more?
<SeanQ> huh, anyone check out ww.sourceline.com?
<tie> Isourceline: "We never filled in our Scantron circles all the way, either."
<tie> toaster: toast with an attitude
<tie> everything with me from now on is going to contain attitude
<raven> And this differs from before how?
<tie> well, i'm going to markedly point out the attitude
*** zompist is now known as zompTude
<tie> because it's not just enough to have attitude, you need to remind people of it
<zompTude> tude, i mean two can play that game!
*** tie is now known as attitie
* hockeyfag has returned.
<attitie> hockeyfag, you should have returned with some attitude
<attitie> hm
*** kaufman is now known as attiken
<zompTude> no, no, *some* attitude isn't enough.
<attitie> this nick makes it look like my name rhyems with "tittie" somehow
<hockeyfag> I'm a fag.. I have LOTS of attitude *z-snap*
*** TomFish is now known as PureTude
<attitie> see how I misspelled "rhyme"? LOTS of 'tude
<PureTude> I am Mr. 'Tude!
<zompTude> "news with some attitude"-- see, that doesn't work.
<PureTude> or are we just mispelling turd?
*** PureTude is now known as TomFish
<zompTude> *you* are mr. tude? d00d, i know t00d, and you ain't him!
*** attitie is now known as Tudeboy
<Leth^> mmmm.....waffles
<Leth^> oh wait, we had pizza, nevermind
<attiken> waffle pizza!
<zompTude> leth, dude, you don't have a 'tude!
<TomFish> pizza waffles?
<attiken> pizza with an attitude!
<hockeyfag> pizza crusts made out of waffle dough?
<hockeyfag> pizza irons?
<Leth^> nod zomp....I'm not Jewish, but it was still snipped off when I was a baby
<attiken> waffle green is pizza
<Tudeboy> highsourceline.com: News with an altitude
<zompTude> pizza that delivers itself!
<TomFish> maybe pizza crust shaped like waffles
<zompTude> you had a tudectomy? poor guy!
<attiken> does the ballet reporter for isourceline have a tudetude?
<Leth^> well, I was young, and learned to live with it
<hockeyfag> hospitols have vats of tude somewhere then..
<zompTude> i sure know doctors with excess tude.
<Leth^> a lot of them seem to work with my wife
<TomFish> kai-sourcline-ju
<TomFish> big foam monsters with an attitude
<Tudeboy> You know, some news sources get busy. Isourceline gets biz-zay!
<zompTude> well, sure, if they didn't have a tude, they'd be snuffleupagus.
<raven> The Poochie of the Internet.
<Tudeboy> ps. poochie died on the way back to his planet
<Samwise> Mmmmm...big foam monsters...
<zompTude> i wonder how many fetish sites there are for that.
<SeanQ> SeanTude
<SeanQ> i don't need /nick, I have sop much fucking 'tude
*** SeanQ is now known as SeanTude
<attiken> Qude?
*** Leth_ is now known as Atticus^
*** SeanTude is now known as SeanQude
<SeanQude> better, ken
<Atticus^> Now, I may be just a small town lawyer with an attitude....
<Tudeboy> i... i... suddenly i feel that i might not have all that much 'tude, guys
<SeanQude> i'd thank you but, hey, fuck you, i have a 'tude
* zompTude loans tie some tude.
<Tudeboy> thanks zomp. whew
* Samwise has some longitude
<SeanQude> hey TF, I have a new slogan for your employer:
<SeanQude> "Liza's World: @. Tit. Tude."
<attiken> o/` Changes in attitud, changes in latitude ...
<zompTude> sam: any kind of tude helps!
*** Atticus^ is now known as Perpitude
<SeanQude> except gratitude, which is so uncool
*** Perpitude is now known as Terpitude
<Terpitude> mmmmm.....moral terpitude
<zompTude> pulchritude is nice, too.
<zompTude> and at the beach it's fun to have an innertude.
<TomFish> sean: heh
*** SeanQude is now known as Aptitude
*** Aptitude is now known as Aptitude_
*** attiken is now known as RoodyTood
*** RoodyTood is now known as kenitude
*** Terpitude is now known as Herpitude
<Herpitude> It's a fucking cold sore!! REALLY!
*** Aptitude_ is now known as TudeAway
<TudeAway> bbiab
*** Herpitude is now known as Toodie
<Toodie> oh, wait...this isn't #factsoflife
*** Toodie is now known as TudeDude
<zompTude> it's #spinntude!
* zompTude is editing with a tude.

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