first smug fuck that touches one gets 220 in the tits


<raven> heeeey! there's a designer on Trading Spaces that I've never seen before! woot!
<agent_orange> what what what
<agent_orange> the crazy blonde woman?
<raven> "Broderick"
<agent_orange> DAMN
<raven> some slightly swishy black guy
<Freyja> oh I saw that one today
<Freyja> hmm, his design is crap on toast, but he seems nice
<raven> which crazy blonde? Gen or Dez?
<agent_orange> Dez
<agent_orange> I think
<raven> oh god, her LAMPS.
<agent_orange> art fag chick, stupid hats, stupid glasses
<raven> if she made lamps that frightened your children, it was Dez.
<agent_orange> hands on the mantle
<agent_orange> that's her
<raven> I finally saw the hay wall ep.
<agent_orange> she's the kind of person I hear talking outside of big-city coffee shops and want to push into the mud
<raven> was Hildi especially "Queen of Darkness" today, freyja?
<agent_orange> whenever *I* buy acid, it's punk-ass shit
<agent_orange> Hilde buys acid, and she sticks a bale of hay on the wall
<Freyja> no way, that was one of her few designs I liked
<Freyja> I want to do the stripe thing in my house, it's wicked cool
<agent_orange> you're fuckin' nuts
<agent_orange> tieboy's right about you
<raven> heh. I'd sign dar and I up for TS, but only if I could get Vern. I'd have to have Vern.
<raven> Then I'd want to work with Frank, and inflict terrible Kuntry Krap on dar. :)
<agent_orange> I wanna get in a slap fight with doug
<Freyja> but yeah, I'm with you, Hilldi is the bride of Satan, she radiates evil, but today she was mellower than usual. And she made a Vernesque room.
<agent_orange> hilde is either real good or real real bad
<agent_orange> Gen is too goofy
<raven> Gen does good kitchens
<raven> And teen girl bedrooms
<agent_orange> the redhead is ... okay, but I hate her
<Freyja> yeah I *loved* the room she made with the waterfall as a third window. That ruled. But it doesn't make up for the damn hay
<agent_orange> doug is a fucking moron
<raven> I'm looking forward to the two new designers this coming season
<agent_orange> who did they dump? anyone?
<agent_orange> or just added two?
<Freyja> if I was on I'd want to work with Doug, but I'd want him to stay the fuck away from my house
<raven> I don't think so, just added some.
<raven> I think there's only so many times you can watch Frank Kuntrify a room the exact same way.
<agent_orange> I'd makesure my oddam ceiling fans were live, too
<agent_orange> first smug fuck that touches one gets 220 in the tits
<Freyja> ugh, hate Laurie
<agent_orange> frank at least is sensible
<agent_orange> "they have kids" "Okay, keeping that in mind"
<agent_orange> The rest are like, "They have kids" "Should have thought of that before"
<agent_orange> "fuck em! get that hay up there!"
<raven> "Kids? Let's cover it in hay and stick glass shards in the fireplace!"
<agent_orange> "here! big lucite box of M&M's on the wall, right above the nail pit! fuck 'em!"
<Freyja> or there's always the classic Hildi "Walls have sharp corners too, and kids don't get hurt on /them/"
<raven> "Just tell them not to fall on/eat it!"
<agent_orange> I like when Laurie talks to the pipe-welder husbands about how the throw pillows were inspired by the designs of Dame George Mcincemeat, a neo-classicist designer working in befordshire during the 1930's who did remarkable things with impressionist fabrics and pastel fringes.
<agent_orange> and they just stare at that wall eyed face
<Freyja> love her Mondrian-inspired art, too bad she trots that shit out every other episode
<agent_orange> Vern is it. Vern is my man.
<agent_orange> love those I-only-do-curls biceps, too
<jacquilynne> Damn. I missed a Trading Spaces discussion.
<agent_orange> we can get all hot-n-heavy into the Paige vs Alex thing if you want
<jacquilynne> Alex is a bitch off camera and Paige is a twit on camera. Alex wins because at least I don't have to see her being a bitch.
<agent_orange> alex had more dignity but page has a cute tummy
<agent_orange> I think they ought to send them all on celebrity survivor
<jacquilynne> Amy Wynn would win.
<agent_orange> well, duh
<jacquilynne> She'd build housing and beat up Laurie and Hilde.
<agent_orange> but I wanna see doug end up like Piggy in Lord of the Flies
<agent_orange> they'd kill him and eat him the first week
<jacquilynne> Not much meat on Doug.
<jacquilynne> They'd get to kill Laurie, too.
<agent_orange> priciple ot the thing
<agent_orange> they wouldn't get the chance to kill laurie
<jacquilynne> Why not?
<agent_orange> she'd wander off, simily dorkily, into a quicksand pit and die
<jacquilynne> Heh.
<agent_orange> "oopsie!" <glug glug>
<jacquilynne> "I'm pregnant, I can't lift myself out."
<agent_orange> hilde would try to fuck Ty
<jacquilynne> And Vern, and Frank and any of the production assistants unfortunate enough to have dicks.
<agent_orange> who would push her away and push her away and finally hit her with a rock
<Freyja> Laurie would be a great meal, especially now that she's a glowing expectant mother. Bonus fetus meat for the warrior that makes the kill.
<sol-D> ...
<sol-D> frey, I think I love you.
<agent_orange> Bonus Fetus Meat
<agent_orange> wow
<jacquilynne> That'd be a good band name.
<agent_orange> at the end, they would all rush onto the rescue ship, except for hilde, who has finally found a plantain that respects her as a woman and doesn't mind her screetchy weepy violent hissy fits AND can stay up for more than five goddamn minutes

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