"How to tell your children about TMR's Dong"


<zompist> coincidentally, that name is about halfway through sol's series of tmr-dong portraits
<Lots42> I don't wish to see sketches of penii
<zompist> but you will
<spinn> AT&T
<mdxi> wasn't tmr-dong tung a former premier of china?
<CrazyClimber> prefer photos, huh?
<Lots42> yes
<Lore> TMR-dong portraits?
<Lore> Are they photos, drawings, or essays?
<spinn> yeah, they were joking about sol-d sending pics of tmr-dong to my ceiva
<spinn> ...right, guys? you were joking, right?
<spinn> ...guys?
<zompist> lore: it's a multi-media extravaganza
<Lots42> "TMR's Dong. An Essay."
<Lore> "An Afternoon with TMR's Dong"
<mdxi> Lore: they're musical portraits for chamber orchestra
<zompist> "Ask a TMR's Dong"
<Lots42> "I Am TMR's Dong"
<Samwise_> "Being TMR's Dong"
<spinn> q: "dear tmr's dong: I have a neighbor who refuses to reign in his noisy dog. what should I do?"
<spinn> a: "I am so very, very lonely."
<agent_orange> a: zzzzzzz
<Lore> "As I entered the comfortable pair of BVD mid-length boxers that TMR's dong calls home, I was struck by the juxtaposition of austerity and luxury..."
<zompist> "How to tell your children about TMR's Dong"
<mdxi> agent_orange: *spoot*
<spinn> see, you were expecting wank spurt spew, weren't you
<mdxi> fuckin' nick-complete
<agent_orange> Join TMR's Dong and Stand Up For America
<agent_orange> oh, good. cevia porn
<CrazyClimber> TDNY
<agent_orange> WWTMRDD?
<Samwise_> TMR's Dong: It's What's For Dinner
<agent_orange> Got Dong?
<Lots42> TMR's Dong: The Other Black Shriveled Meat
<Samwise_> TMR's black?
<Lots42> no just ill
<spinn> "no tmr's dong for you!"
<spinn> tmr's dong nazi
<zompist> "dave's guests tonight: gwyneth paltrow, steven king, and tmr's dong"
<mdxi> Say You'd Cream Her Face All Over Again: TmRdong
<agent_orange> my baloney has a first name, it's t-m-r-d-o-n-g
<Lots42> TMR's Dong: The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
<agent_orange> my baloney has no second name
<agent_orange> it's like cher
<Lots42> balloney's husband killed himself like an idiot?
<zompist> "northern alliance captures tmr's dong"
<Samwise_> TMRDong, take me away!
<CrazyClimber> "cnn reports that tmr's dong has evacuated kabul."
<zompist> i loved that movie where woody allen dresses up as tmr's dong
<me_tew> I'm surprised that no one has done "finger lickin' good" yet...
<[09>46 "in related news, tmr's anus has evacuated yesterday's burger."
<Lots42> "The Air Force has dropped TMR's Dong over Taliban forces."
<Samwise_> "TMR's dong crashed into Tower 1... within the hour, TMR's dong also hit Tower 2."
<zompist> "the tmr's dong monologues"
<Samwise_> "Due to the similar coloring, there is concern that citizens will mistake unexploded cluster bombs for TMR's dong."
<me_tew> "One of the largest bombs dropped is the TMRDong cutter, so called for its blast pattern..."
<spinn> tmr's dong singing like levi's belly buttons
<CrazyClimber> "during our 2 for 2 promotion, you can get two Big Macs, two TMR's dongs, or one of each, for $2!"
<agent_orange> the photo of TMR's dong on the observation deck of the WTC while a jet approaches has been proven to be a hoax
<agent_orange> as there is no way said dong could get that high
<Samwise_> spinn: ever see the singing penis movie?
<spinn> yes
<spinn> probably what put that poison in my head
<Samwise_> Right, right.
<Lots42> The FBI is looking for TMR's dong
<agent_orange> McDong
<spinn> extensive manhunts have thus far proved fruitless
* CrazyClimber cues up "In a Gadda da TMR's Dong"
<mdxi> TMR's Dong is a prime suspect in the cases of white fluid being sent through the mail
<jacquilyn> Well, sure, if you want to find something like that, youve got to get a woman to do it.
<jacquilyn> Find some slut and let her hunt it down.
<Samwise_> The dow is down 12.76, while TMR's dong rose 3.25 this morning.
<zompist> "the ratings: tmr's naughty bits"
<agent_orange> TMR's dong takes Kabul!
<spinn> aw
<spinn> agto ruined it
<Lots42> Dong dong dong dong dong dong dong dong dong
<spinn> that's it, everyone, let's pack it up
* Samwise_ sadly, slowly packs up TMR's dong
<TMR> Gimme dat, Sam!
<agent_orange> whoo hoo! first kill of the day!
<agent_orange> in your DONG
* zompist isn't touching that thing
<spinn> get the gaffers to break down the sets...we'll start disconnecting the power for the lights
* Lots42 restricts himself to touching less dongs
<zompist> who knows where it's been
<Samwise_> zomp: somewhere near sol, we're guessing.
<zompist> THANK YOU SAM
<Lore> We're investigating the planet TMR-Dong, in the Sol-D system.
<agent_orange> somewhere near sol's basement window, anyway
<Lore> Sorry, I just wanted to play too.
<Lots42> "FLAP FLAP!"
<Lore> I just want to be loved!
<Lore> Or feared!
<Lots42> Sol: "What's that noise?"
<spinn> somewhere near a previously undiscovered blurry infrared shot of sol-d
<zompist> next we move on to "sol's quim
<agent_orange> <squaeak squeak>
<Lots42> I so don't want to...um...ah, forget it
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<Lots42> hi SG
<Lots42> you missed a penis discussion

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