"Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, how --" *thud* *thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*


<Samwise> I just left my IRC window open when I went for coffee.. came back to find my boss at my desk.
<Samwise> He didn't say anything... I wonder if he noticed.
<Samwise> Thanks for not having anything offensive on the screen, everyone.
<tieboy> Kemlo is here. Isn't that offensive enough?
<spinn> I used to booby-trap my desk because my boss liked to go through drawers
<spinn> the second time he got caught with it, he said I should label the drawers so he'd know which ones would hit him in the face with pieces of paper
<spinn> "that kinda defeats the purpose of a boobytrap, doesn't it?"
<Samwise> So from then on, you can just label everything.
<Samwise> I set a booby trap for the apartment folks when we were gone for a week... thankfully, it wasn't triggered.
<spinn> what was it?
<tieboy> pipebomb
<Samwise> scotch tape by the bottom of the door; cans in a pyramid just past where the door is when it's half open
<Samwise> Oh, and cyanide gas.
<Samwise> Which would have been fun, as they sent more people over to investigate...
<Samwise> *click* *PHSSSSSSHHHHHT* "Hey, almonds." *THUD*
<Samwise> "Mike? Are you done checking 118? Mi... hey, almonds." *THUD*
<tieboy> "Ooh, a can pyramid. Like that's gonna -- THUD"
<tieboy> er. guess they wouldn't say "THUD"
<Samwise> "Ha! I fooled him! I only sai -- " *THUD*
<spinn> "fortunately my parents spent the first 20 years of my life making me build an immunity to cyan--AIGH! PYRAMID CANS!" thud
<Samwise> "Candygram." *THUD*
<Elkman> "Oooh, a printout from IRC." *THUD*
<ristoril> well, guess i'll head to lunch
*** CrazyClimber is now known as EdMcMahon
<EdMcMahon> "You've won a milli" THUD
<ristoril> i'm gonna eat some almo-
*** ristoril is now known as thud
<tieboy> "I'm here to install the cyanide dispens--" THUD
<Samwise> "OK then, I'll just be over here playing AOE2." *THUD*
<tieboy> "That was a great trip to New Yor-" THUD
<Elkman> I went to Ask Jeeves and asked "Where can I buy a cyanide dispenser?" It came back with: "Holiday Shopping Got You Stumped? Try the Jeeves Holiday Gift Advisor for customized shopping suggestions."
<Samwise> Expecting in-laws?
<CrazyClimber> did the gift advisor recommend chocolate with almon-- THUD
<Samwise> "Mew? Mrowr?" (thud)
<Elkman> "Which category of gift are you looking for? Romantic, Traditional, Professional, Practical, Trendy, Active, or Deadly?" *THUD*
<tieboy> "Hey, Sam, just wanted to show you my new Nike sneakers --" *THUD* *boing* *THUD* *boing* *THUD* *boing*
<spinn> "say, that's one fine trap door you have the--"
<tieboy> "Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, how --" *thud* *thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*
<Elkman> "Ben Schumin! What a pleasant surprise! Come on in!" *huge, massive, reverberating, buttery THUD*
<tieboy> "Hi, I'm Snoop Doggy Dogg, and I'd like -- "THIZZUD"
<spinn> *THUD*
* tieboy claps
<spinn> thank you. that was hard to wait for
<tieboy> i'm sure!
<Samwise> spinn, that was rough. I thought you'd just let us go hanging.
<tieboy> "Hi, I'm wearing a gasmask for no reason. Lucky, too, what with the cyanid-- Ack! Heart attack!" *THUD*
<spinn> yeah, given the pause I could've done it a minute later, but I have the logs to consider
<Elkman> Logs? Raven's not here.
<Samwise> they'll find her. They always do...
<spinn> you're right. if only we had some sort of text-replication technology, a "copy", if you will
<spinn> but then I wouldn't kow what to do with it even if some theoretically possibly "cop-ee" were within my grasp
<spinn> maybe I should send her mail
<Elkman> Hi, Kyol. Do you smell almonds?
<Kyol> No, I smell the sweet sweet smell of Mt. Dew.
<CrazyClimber> not even an almondy aftertaste?
* tieboy presses the button a bunch of times
<Kyol> *THUD*
<troika> ow
<tieboy> "Be vewwy quiet, I'm hunting w--" *FUDD*
<Samwise> snkkkkkkt dammit tie
<Samwise> that has no right to be funny
<tieboy> none at all
<troika> tie, where's today's update?
<tieboy> It'll be up tomorrow
<troika> makes sense
<CrazyClimber> that way you'll catch up to spinn in no time
<spinn> oh christ, you didn't get laid again, did you?
<tieboy> no
*** Samwise is now known as Christ
<Christ> Whaddaya mean, "again"?
<spinn> sam, predictable
*** Christ is now known as Samwise
<tieboy> plus, he didn't go *THUD*
<spinn> spinn: did you get laid again? tieboy: *thud* *thud* *thud* *THUDTHUDTHUD* *thuuuuud*
*** TomtheFish (~tomfish@ has joined channel #spinnwebe.
<TomtheFish> hye kids
<TomtheFish> i'm here to clear up the controversy
<troika> hey adult
<tieboy> "Hi, I'm a guy who dies and then tries to kiss people!" "THUDPUCKER"
<TomtheFish> i let the dogs out
<TomtheFish> sorry about that
<TomtheFish> they wanted to go out
<TomtheFish> i didn't want them shitting on the rug
<Samwise> "Hey, weren't they filming a really bad horror mo--" *CHUD*
<TomtheFish> hope that clears everything up
<spinn> oh!
<spinn> that was you
<spinn> damnit, tom
<TomtheFish> ya, sorry
<spinn> didn't you hear everyone asking?
<spinn> you shoulda spoke up sooner
<TomtheFish> i gotta get that doggie door installed
<TomtheFish> naw, see, i didn't watch the world series, so i let it slide for this long
<tieboy> You let the dogs out? You? You you? You you?

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