...and they all go for pizza.


<Samwise> So, are ya nekkid?
<jacquilynne> no, I have a towel on.
<Samwise> Woohoo IRC naked.
<jacquilynne> You only think that because you haven't seen my bath towl. I have business suits that cover less than this towel.
<jacquilynne> It's one of those great big bath sheet kinds.
<Samwise> jacqui: I bet it comes off as easily as the standard model.
<Leth> shil: now just turn on the webcam to make the experience complete
<shil> Leth nope. :P
<shil> i'll just tease you guys with it :)
<agent_orange> Jeez, someone takes a shower and everyone here turns into the convicts from alien 3...
<Samwise> C'mon, you know we're picturing it anyway...
* Leth stops shaving his head
<jacquilynne> I dunno who ya'll were picturing showering, but if you were enjoying it, it wasn't likely to have been me.
<Leth> ok, fine, take all the fun out of it Agt
* Samwise puts the Sigourney Weaver realdoll down
<jacquilynne> I look stupider naked than anybody else on earth, I'm sure.
<agent_orange> God will punish us all somehow!!... huh, chest feels funny...
<Samwise> We'll be the judge of that.
<agent_orange> get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty hobbit!
<agent_orange> jaq: you'll have to meet me in a steel cage match to wrestle that title away
*** Elkman has joined channel #spinnwebe
<jacquilynne> Thas all right. if you want it that bad, you can have it.
<jacquilynne> Will it make you calm down, sam, if I tell you that I'm dressed now.
<Elkman> Damn. I always get here just a few minutes too late.
<Samwise> Great...now I'm picturing agt, in traditional sumo garb...
<Samwise> *STOMP*
<agent_orange> Hai!
<agent_orange> {bloop}
<Samwise> I have a bad mental picture, and I must scream
<agent_orange> sam: lets you and me and HF set up a sumo webcast and charge to watch it!
<agent_orange> prolly make 8, maybe nine bucks.
<Samwise> *shudder*
<Leth> I'll pay to BLOCK that webcast
<Elkman> You could film a video to sell to fetishists and make thousands.
<TomtheFish> at 8 or 9 bucks per member?
<agent_orange> define "member"
<TomtheFish> no
<agent_orange> add a slammin' techno soundtrack, and we be golden!
<Samwise> The immovable object meets the immovable object meeting the immovable object...
<Samwise> ...and they all go for pizza.
<TomtheFish> is pizza irresistable?
<Samwise> To an immovable object, yes.
<agent_orange> if you make it with olestra
<Samwise> How d'ya think we became immovable?
<TomtheFish> stapled to he floor?
<kaufman> nailed
<agent_orange> "An object at rest will remain at rest. Case in point:"
<TomtheFish> "cats"
<agent_orange> well, I was thinking me, but, yeah, okay.

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