through a system of *tiny* *classified* *ads*, and stroking your genitals


*** Leth is now known as Leth^spendingmoremoney
<kaufman> leth: if LadyJ euphemized like that, she'd be out of work
*** Leth^spendingmoremoney is now known as Leth^stroking^genitals4pleasur
<Leth^stroking^genitals4pleasur> that better?
<spinn> er
<spinn> than...?
<kaufman> you tell us!
<LadyJ> than stroking them for profit
<spinn> yes! strike down the borgeois elite who stroke their genitals for profit!
<wabewalkr> Sounds like a web-based business to me. How do you make a profit stroking your genitals?
<Leth^spendingmoremoney> that'd be one hell of a late night infomercial
<LadyJ> *whisper* I do it at work. shhhhh
*** Leth^spendingmoremoney is now known as Announcer
<Announcer> Do you want a mansion like this?
<Announcer> <strokestrokestroke>
<Announcer> Just follow my plan!
<wabewalkr> Well, there's the obvious sperm donor angle, too.
<LadyJ> My name is Elmer J Fudd, millionaiwe. I own a mansion and a yacht.
<Mr-Ben> Again!
<spinn> through a system of *tiny* *classified* *ads*, and stroking your genitals
<Elkman> Or putting up signs on telephone poles.
<wabewalkr> Man, how was that stupid little ad trick supposed to work?
*** KenLunch is now known as BillGates
<BillGates> How do you think I got so rich?
<Elkman> "Want to make $1500-$5800 per month? Go to!"
<LadyJ> well, maybe he was stroking OTHER people's genitals for profit
<Leth> well, big difference there
<Leth> that's an entirely different MLM scheme
<ristoril> o/` stroke me, stroke me! STROKE! STROKE! o/'
<LadyJ> the former is a perv and the latter is a whore
<KenReallyLunchMaybe> priests make a vow of poverty *and* chastity. Coincidence?
<spinn> all you need to do is bring in two friends that will stroke you
<Elkman> "We have a 3x3 spillover matrix for your downline's pleasure."
<spinn> then they can sign up other "clients" who can "deliver"
<CrazyClimber> and each time someone strokes /them/, you "get a little piece" of that
<KenReallyLunchMaybe> but not same-sex friends -- that's an illegal panzi scheme
<SoiledGreen> would they do a splooge count at the end of every month?
<SoiledGreen> or would that be "inventory".
<wabewalkr> cc's to dollars.
<spinn> we're just talking stroking, here.
<spinn> if you want actual spooging you need to buy the 6-part cd series
<KenReallyLunchMaybe> new from K-Tel, Songs of the Spooge
<Elkman> Ew. I just thought of a motivational seminar, where 50,000 people whack off in front of a motivational spealer.
<Kyol> Hey man, is that songs of the spooge? Well spank it up!
<SoiledGreen> would it come with an instructional video?
<Elkman> "The Penthouse Profit Collection!"
<wabewalkr> Imagine being the cleanup crew on that...
* KenNotGoingToEatIsHe can't wait for the Jerry Lewis telethon
<KenNotGoingToEatIsHe> come on, pledge those strokes!
<Leth> hm..I wonder if they would be busted by the SEC or by the vice squad
<LadyJ> give til it hurts
<wabewalkr> Stroking for stroke victims!
<SoiledGreen> sploogeathon?
*** SeanQ is now known as Tony_Knobbins
<Tony_Knobbins> it worked for me...
* CrazyClimber takes out his copy of Carl Barks' Uncle Splooge
<kaufman> crazy: got any three splooges videos?

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