"I think we need a Canonical List of Spinnwebe Stereotypes."


<Lore> I think we need a Canonical List of Spinnwebe Stereotypes.
<Lore> Tie = short
<Lore> Bob = old
<SeanQ> Elk = lagged
<Lore> Jacqui = Canadian
<kaufman> Kemlo = nitpicky
<SeanQ> Kemlo = pedantic
<kaufman> Candaian
<daria> Lore = smash
<Lore> Hockey = Gay Canadian
<kaufman> boi; fag is minnesotan
<Lore> Is he?
<kaufman> he is now
<SeanQ> maime = drunk
<Lore> DML = Weird about nanites
<kaufman> far as I know he's a native
* SoiledGreen = people.
<zompist> what's that? bob is old?
<SamMunch> kaufman = punny
<Lore> Raven = We don't give her shit as much because she does the quotes
<kaufman> seanq = perfume guy
<SamMunch> SeanQ = Dancing Queen
<SeanQ> SeanQ = works for a bad perfume company
<kaufman> sol-d = TMR&pianos
*** SamMunch has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by SeanQ (SeanQ = irrationally /kicks people)
<Lore> I didn't know about the TMR thing
<kaufman> which is also my tic-tac-toe move
<SamMunch> shil = webcam
<SamMunch> (we can hope)
<Lore> Greg = Worked for iSourceline
<SeanQ> SamMunch = no webcam
<zompist> Lore = blue drinks
<Samwise> zomp = horselover
<zompist> hey, at least it was consensual.
<Lore> Sam = Something about LadyJ
<SoiledGreen> that's what i said.
<zompist> Samwhipped
<Lore> Missed it.
<kaufman> LadyJ = not soup
<Lore> We need a better one for you, Zomp.
<zompist> Leomund's Tiny Stereotype
<zompist> oops, wrong riff
<daria> Zomp = crazy DM
<zompist> i'm ineffable
<kaufman> Horselover by day, crazy DM by night
<Lore> Zomp = Loves paint little Hello Kitties on everything with Wite-Out.
<daria> Yeah, but I'm undefinable!
<kaufman> Leth = Photoshopper
<Lore> Oh, just you wait, Daria.
<kaufman> Ben = Elian Sr.
<zompist> Daria = Lore-head-palmer.
<zompist> Leth = road hog
<Lore> Someday you'll make some personal comment or order the wrong drink or destroy hotel furniture and then we'll HAVE you.
<daria> palmer? I'd go more with fuzzer :)
<zompist> but palming is so much more skeevy
<SoiledGreen> palming gave me bad mental image.
<Lore> Palmer & Fuzzer, Attys. at Law
<daria> Lore: but I can order all the blue drinks I want and not worry -- you have the blue drink thing locked up
<Samwise> daria: then you'll have to order a weird food.
<Samwise> Like jellied eels.
<kaufman> Palmer & Fuzzer & Tiger & Player in the Skins Game
<zompist> see, lore, it wasn't so much that you ordered a blue drink, it's that you ordered "a blue drink". it's use vs. mention.
<Lore> Hey, I love jellied eels!
<Lore> Whoops!
<Lore> Damn you, Samwise! DAAAAAAAAAMN YOOOOOOOU!
<zompist> nah, it's ok. it's daria that's nuts over jellied eels.
<Lore> But that's the FIRST TIME I did. Ever.
<daria> actually I like ellied eel eyes.
<daria> hm. there's accidental onomatoepia.
<Lore> And, I might add, the LAST TIME I did, yet at least.
<zompist> you can't spell "heather norton" without "eels". er, well, you can, but it's not as fun.
<Samwise> Dammit, where's Leth to put the finish on a good joke when you need him?
<Lore> "But you fook ONE GOAT..."
<daria> you just cheered my day up from a crap mood :)
<mdxi> wouldn't eel eyes (or any other eyes) be jellied by default?
<Lore> Not God's Eyes.
<zompist> watch out, raven will eat your jellied eel eyes.
<daria> Nooooooo!
<Lore> jelly deal eyes
<Lore> Gel idyll eyes
<Lore> Gel IDE lies
<Lore> J LED Eli's
*** Gayo (foon@ip142166204132.nbtel.net) has joined #spinnwebe
<Samwise> Gel eidle eidle eyes
<zompist> gynnan tonnicks
<kaufman> Gayo realized
<Gayo> Huh?
<kaufman> you had to be there
<Gayo> Darn
<daria> jellied gayo eyes

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