I think the squirrels are in league with the Freemasons


<Lore> So. How about that Alvin and the Chipmunks? They were a hoot, weren't they?
<Darren> did you dream about going down on THEM as well?! My God.
<Lore> No, no, no, no, no, no.
<CrazyClimber> no, chipmunks are part of the gerbil family.
<Lore> Although that one girl chipmunk with the glasses was kind of hot.
<Darren> Nice voice.
<Darren> I imagine chipmunks don't really look like that. Or talk like that.
<Alvin> ooooooohhh-KAY!
<Simon> *adjusts glasses*
<jacquilyn> Chipmunks are like squirrels.
<jacquilyn> I'm afraid of squirrels.
<jacquilyn> They gang up on you and surround you and you neve rknow what they might do then...
<Samwise> Really? Must suck to live in the country with so many trees, it has a leaf on the flag.
<Leth> bah, David Seville was a pedophilic bestiality freak who kept those chipmunks on growth suppressant hormones for his own sordid purposes
<LadyJ> I was only ever scared of a squirrel once... I was walking through the projects in a bad neighborhood and this squirrel was walking behind me, closely... it was the most agressive squirrel I had ever seen. The ironic thing is that to top off the picture of me being menaced by a squirrel in the projects, it was a *black* squirrel.
<jacquilyn> I was walking home from teh grocery store and there was a squirrel sitting on the fence and chattering. So I chatterd at him.
<jacquilyn> When I turned around there were like 9 squirrels surrounding me from all sides.
<Lore> An ex-girlfriend of mine had a picture of her niece feeding a squirrel on her fridge. "That's cute," I said. "Yeah," she said. "Right after I took the picture, the squirrel bit her."
<jacquilyn> That's why I'm scared of squirrels.
<SeanQ> I think the squirrels are in league with the Freemasons
<Samwise> Cool. How are you with clowns?
<jacquilyn> I want to bring my cat here. She used to hunt down squirrels.
<LadyJ> now I have to dig up a link to the squirrel conspiracies.
<jacquilyn> And kill them.
<jacquilyn> Then eat them.
<jacquilyn> So they were gone.
<jacquilyn> And non-threatening anymore.
<jacquilyn> I like that in a cat.
<jacquilyn> Everybody should have a pet who eats their phobias.
<Lore> I do!
<Lore> Our cats eat mosquito hawks.
<LadyJ> damnit
<LadyJ> the squirrel conspiracies page is temporarily down
<tieboy> I like squirrels. With their bushy tails all wavin' around
<jacquilyn> We used to have squirrels who lived in the walls of our house. But they were nice little brown squirrels not the evil mean black squirrels.
<jacquilyn> Then our cat ate them anyway.
<jacquilyn> But I still didn't mind.
* SeanQ makes a note to train his two cats to et Jehovah's Witnesses
<Lore> I'lll have no more of your squirelliotyping.
<jacquilyn> I mean, a squirrel's a squirrel's a squirrel.
<SeanQ> jacq: please, squirrels of color </kaufman>
<jacquilyn> Right. Sean. I'm gonna care if I insult the evil squirrels.
<tieboy> I need a cat to eat this copy of Microsoft Word
<jacquilyn> Evil I tell you.
<SeanQ> snnnkt, tie - maybe you can teach it to eat dictation tapes
<tieboy> Or jump down my bosses throat if he starts talking into his tape recorder

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