I see space.com is at the forefront of opening frickin windows technology.


<DML> It's official - Austrialian politicians are assholes
<DML> I mean, they're like American politicians, even, sort of
<DML> But they're even more short-sighted and ignorant
<tieboy> one just missed us the other day, right?
<DML> Yah
<tieboy> not a global killer, but big enough to flatten a city
<DML> Which makes me want to go to Canberra with a big aluminum baseball bat and just hit whoever said that repeatedly in the nads
<tieboy> especially since we're waaaay overdue for a big one
<tieboy> and also especially since we're at a point where maybe we can do something about it, like send Bruce Willis into space
<TheFashionableViking> ..and britney spears, tom green, and gilbert gottfried.
<tieboy> well. I lik Gilbert, anyway
<zompist> if asteroids destroy the earth in this century, we won't get a very high score
<DML> If you're criticizing asteroid astronomy, you can't really accuse it of any of those things
<DML> I mean, it's necessary, even if we can't do anything but pray for a miracle until we die. It's not fruitless, because things HAVE been found.
<DML> Self-indulgent, maybe, but for God's sake, SETI/NASA types get paid dog food anyway
<tieboy> you should be praying until you die anyway
<tieboy> shouldn't take God throwing a huge rock at you
<Leth> well, the other day proved that we can spend a shitload of money and not see one coming anyhow
<Leth> so why not reallocate some of that and play the odds that are decidedly in our favor?
<spinn> man!
<spinn> I see space.com is at the forefront of opening frickin windows technology
<spinn> as measured by total count, anyway
<Leth> I think the guy's got a valid point. He's just getting hammered on because he's a politician
<tieboy> but looking for rocks in space is COOL
<tieboy> what are they gonna do with the money otherwise? give it to the fuckin' abbos?
<zompist> damn greedy swedish rockers
<Leth> nah, they have plenty of problems with refugees and things. They could use the money to control their borders a little more effectively
<tieboy> i say, look for rocks in space
<Leth> you would
<Leth> but think of all the money you would be getting in crack-ho-recovery funding if they weren't
<antihero> let's quit fucking around, and just look for rocks right here on the ground
<antihero> it's a lot cheaper
<Leth> but seriously, that money *is* a waste, it's not like we're getting anything beneficial out of it
<tieboy> we're looking for rocks that might kill us all
<Leth> we can't stop the damn things if they're going to hit us anyhow
<tieboy> yes we can
<spinn> "The dinosaurs did not have a space program," Steel said. "That's why they died."
<tieboy> you can spot them decades in advance
<spinn> well if that's not damning evidence then I don't know what is
<tieboy> a global killer has hit the earth every 10-12 million years. it's now been 65 million since the last one
<spinn> send out the little a-frame blaster
<spinn> peuuww! peuw peuw peuw!! crash
<spinn> ah fuck little ufo! wibwibwibwibwib!
<random> silly tieboy, the earth has only been around a few thousand years!
<antihero> bible says so
<spinn> the devil was one busy, pedantic fucker in the beginning, wasn't he
<Leth> still is, running all those car companies and things
<tieboy> damn Mitsubishi
<tieboy> AND OTHERS

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