He's an engima wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a [sic].


<tieboy> um, whoah
<tieboy> dude
<spinn> hm?
<tieboy> er, sourcerunner
<spinn> whoa!
* tieboy 's heart starts pounding
<Leth> oh
<Leth> my
<Leth> god
<raven> WHOOOO!
<spinn> hm, damn, this actually looks like a site
<tieboy> man, and I'm gonna be away from the computer all next week. fuck!
* Leth votes in the poll for Opening a bottle of Dom Perignon
<Leth> but probably not the same reason they mean
<raven> I'm voting Amish.
<tieboy> radio show! with Jeff Rambo!!!!
<tieboy> yaaaaaaay
<spinn> that's what rambo looks like
<spinn> hehehehehBAHAHA
<tieboy> Every two weeks, listeners get to spend an hour inside the mind of this young prodigy. A true Renaissance man, Jeff provides knowledgeable insight on almost every topic imaginable.
<spinn> his article starts with "in today's time..."
<RsVeryHappy> knowledgeable insight?
<RsVeryHappy> what do the numbers mean?
<spinn> Best described as an "Enigma of Life," Rambo never fails to amaze the people around him on a day-to-day basis with his uncanny character and approach to daily situations.
<Leth> Jeff is co-founder of SOURCERUNNER, and the most controversial person on the Web.
<RsVeryHappy> i.... can't.... read....the....words
<Leth> bwahahaha
<spinn> bahahah!
<spinn> okay, I was worried for a minuite
<tieboy> gahhhhhh ha ha ha
<spinn> http://www.sourcerunner.com/resources/staff.htm#jefframbo
<spinn> but now all is right with the world
<Leth> Although he runs a tight ship, he is a firm believer that success can only be found where individualism exists.
<raven> Stress Relief : Nobody Has a Sense of Humor Anymore: Hell, Nobody Has Any Sense
<raven> man, if this is an example of the writing....
<spinn> which truly serve's as an additive to the tangy politically incorrect flavor SOURCERUNNER is infamous for.
<spinn> serve's.
<spinn> wheee!
<Leth> must...stop...laughing...need...to...breathe
<spinn> I see harrington stayed on
<tieboy> we should really say grace or something before tucking into to this fruitful bounty
<RsVeryHappy> hey, this is lifted from the letter mdxi marked up i think
<raven> "provide the people-you-with a source"?
<RsVeryHappy> In the path to our objective, we will not only be bold but we will also utilize the cutting edge attitude laced demeanor that was once the very forefront of journalism.
<CCsVerySleepy> special thanks go out to matt drudge and rush limbaugh, among others
<spinn> rave, where?
<spinn> oh
<raven> http://www.sourcerunner.com/resources/about.htm, second para.
<spinn> incorrect hyphens
<spinn> the people--you--with a source
<raven> shouldn't there be spaces in there?
<raven> granted, I'm not up on typography.
<Leth> or at least it be written in English?
<spinn> not necessarily. but they do need to be em dashes
<CCsVerySleepy> <kemlo> rave: depends on the style book.
<raven> I need to mark this up....
<spinn> oh, they are. okay.
<spinn> yah, then they're okay
<spinn> he's still talking "experiment with bandwidth"
<raven> then people just shouldn't use em-dashes like that.
<RsVeryHappy> tar heel is two words, who knew?
<spinn> man, he's about three years late, isn't it?
<spinn> heheheh
<spinn> he had two years to hone his news&media moguls what reside sentence
<spinn> shit! that paragraph is one sentence!
<spinn> I was going backwords looking for the period so I could copy&paste it
<RsVeryHappy> umm
<RsVeryHappy> have you clicked on any of the links at the top?
<RsVeryHappy> specifically the 'headlines'
<tieboy> In some ways, as an editor, we'd imagine it can be quite funny correcting the childish mistakes that "citizen writers" such as ourselves can sometimes make. Hopefully, that red mark pen won't be used much, or in today's world, those green and red squiggly lines won't appear too often
<spinn> wheee, discussion!
<raven> baahahahahha "Three domain names; dozen of format changes; three designers; five designs; and minus 90% of the original staff later..."
<spinn> oh man if ever I needed a reason to get ruffiani together
<Leth> I see a double standard bandying about here somewhere; do you?
<spinn> goddamnit, I should've spent the last year preparing
<spinn> argghghghgh
<RsVeryHappy> his 'headlines' are just links to yahoo news...
<Leth> Maybe you fall somewhere in between the two; then what are you?
<spinn> this thing thinks it's 10pm?
<RsVeryHappy> i could write a page that does that
<Leth> "Y'know, I'm tired of commas. Let's live on the edge and use SEMI-COLONS!"
<raven> "Now let's bang the monkey"
<Leth> "Have I mentioned that I'm an "Enigma Of Life"?"
<Kyol> Hey, wow. There're no links on the sourcerunner page. Fucking _brilliant_ design, guys!
<Leth> http://www.sourcerunner.com/resources/
<tieboy> He's an engima wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a [sic].
<Leth> "We have, um, a UPC symbol."
<RsVeryHappy> http://sourcerunner.com/content/xfactor/stressrelief/010601_2.htm
<RsVeryHappy> Since when did anybody's sexual orientation become public information? I have no problem with you being gay (I use that term because I'm tired of typing the longer, more politically correct version, get over it),
<Leth> Seeking to strive away from the current practices of corporate and government influenced news media organizations; SOURERUNNER opens to give the online community a new source for their daily news commentary.
<RsVeryHappy> but he's got no problem typing a parenthetical that would probably cover every occurance of 'homosexual' in his article
<tieboy> With the surfacing of movies such as, Proof of Life, the world of this unconventional trade,
<Leth> *gasppantwheeze*
<tieboy> there's a couple commas for you
<raven> I have to officially say that Huxtable Jones is a big asshole.
<RsVeryHappy> oh wait
<raven> Or perhaps just a weiner.
<RsVeryHappy> that's that really really old article isn't it?
<RsVeryHappy> i just recognized the last sentence:
<RsVeryHappy> Anyhow, I have to go shopping for a thong, see you later.
<Leth> yeah, I vote for "Dickhead"
<Kyol> My eyes are melting out just looking at this.
<RsVeryHappy> can anyone else read the letters on the front page in netscape?
<Leth> hehehehehe
<Leth> I remember a time when "nice ass" was a compliment. The worst you had to fear from a remark like that was a slap.
<spinn> bahaha!
<RsVeryHappy> oh wow it looks a lot better in IE
<spinn> "he is not a yes man nor does he have much respect for those who are." excuse me, why was I booted from isourceline again?
<raven> Man, you can't take it seriously, and it's not good enough to take for parody.
<CCsVerySleepy> if only elk were here to say "; hopefully" a bunch of times
<Kyol> Enh, looks like ass no matter what.
<spinn> In hopes of maintaining a steady social life, he often fancies himself on participating in a wide range of activities, all legal of course, not involving being behind a keyboard
<tieboy> There are some people in life that dream of fantasies and others who make those fantasies happen
<raven> "seriousjournalism, seriousjournalism, seriousjournalism, CONTRIVEDWACKYNESS!, seriousjournalism"
<tieboy> Man, I dream of fantasies. I wish I could have fantasies, but I have to just dream about them
<tieboy> I used to wish I dreamt of fantasies
<spinn> jeff is "the most controversial person on the web" oh dear got he really is ed wood reincarnate.
<RsVeryHappy> we used to DREAM of living in a corridor!
<spinn> god
<spinn> what, this looks /worse/ in netscape?
<Kyol> spinn: Not _appreciably_, no.
<raven> "With Ask Jeeves already in trouble of its own, SOURCERUNNER would have to pose this question on the famed search engine: "Where can I find a brain for the Board of Directors at Ask Jeeves?" Hahahahahah, oh, yes, you guys are so controversial!
<raven> just the microfont problem, I think.
<spinn> oh man, I'm gonna look at this code and there's gonna be hard line breaks
<tieboy> See, Jeeves would love to censor them, like they do to CNN.
<spinn> I just know it
<RsVeryHappy> ok, was the internet around when desert storm was announced?
<RsVeryHappy> i'm trying to figure out why that's something to have on the front page
<raven> um, YES.
<RsVeryHappy> bottom right corner
<spinn> oh god, no!
<spinn> it's /worse/!
<spinn> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Most suitably described as being moderately conservative, he often mixes up his takes on many &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;different topics, which truly serve's as an additive to the tangy politically incorrect flavor &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;SOURCERUNNER is infamous for.
<raven> BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was wondering about that.
<spinn> it's not even line breaks! he's just /assuming/ the nbsp's will hit the right places!
<RsVeryHappy> bah, i thought this page had no additives
<raven> PRAISE NBSP!
<spinn> oh dear GOD in Heaven I'm glad I'm logging all this.
<Kyol> What page is that?
<RsVeryHappy> and i can't handle tanginess
<spinn> http://www.sourcerunner.com/resources/staff.htm#jefframbo
<spinn> jeff clearly wrote his own bio
<RsVeryHappy> oh
<RsVeryHappy> my
<RsVeryHappy> god
* Kyol makes a pseudo 640x480 window to see what it looks like.
<RsVeryHappy> I was recently going over a Reuters wire report and couldn't resist opening up the word processor and breaking out the Wire Retort Karma.
<RsVeryHappy> http://www.sourcerunner.com/content/xfactor/wireretort/010601_1.htm
<raven> http://www.sourcerunner.com/content/lineno33/movie/swordfish.htm
<spinn> the who what now?
<Kyol> Well, it's wider than 640, the &nbsp's don't line up, erm.
<RsVeryHappy> does this guy know what karma is?
<raven> Try to say the entire first sentence without taking a breath. watch out for the commas!
<spinn> "as usual"?
* Samwise returns and shits himself
<Kyol> Ok, maybe 640x480 is overkill, because, you know, Q-Tips don't read edgy journalism like you find on SOURCE<b>RUNNER</b>.
<spinn> ninny...hammer.
<spinn> quick, somebody register ninnyhammer.com
<Kyol> Hey! Still looks like ass with an 800 pixel wide browser!
<spinn> Is it just I (it always seems to just be me, huh?), or does it actually seem like someone is trying to set someone up here?
<spinn> goddamn
<spinn> "is it just I" on top of another "I am the king of the world" statement
<spinn> wow is monday's brainshot /so/ written
<spinn> fuck, he's gonna visit my site
<Kyol> Hehehehehe.
<Leth> Then paste links to usage guides, particularly COMMA USAGE
<spinn> he's gonna see wednesday's early
<RsVeryHappy> thath 4th paragraph in the swordfish review is .... bad
<RsVeryHappy> this page does not exist:
<RsVeryHappy> http://www.sourcerunner.com/buggabugga
<raven> all of the swordfish review is bad.
<spinn> dig the dark-blue-on-med-blue headlines
<Kyol> Hmm, but it's colorblind safe!
<Kyol> *snicker*
<tieboy> You won't see advertising banners, as we will neither limit nor censor our content in fear of advertisers dropping the site due to our statements, beliefs and principles.
<spinn> you know the one dealing with mutants and world mutation.
<raven> Nick Angelides must be Rambo's alter-ego.
<RsVeryHappy> they're all alter egos
<Leth> Jackman also lacked performance and seemed to play nothing more than a recycled Wolverine with a typing speed of 200-plus words a minute.
<Leth> "He lacked handling in the curves, and his suspension was a bit stiff"
<Kyol> Yeah, not much worse when you feed it through vischeck.
<RsVeryHappy> oh geez
<RsVeryHappy> check out the nenergy crisis piece
<RsVeryHappy> http://www.sourcerunner.com/content/xfactor/wireretort/010601_1.htm
<tieboy> send in your comments! All comments will be published, either it be positive or negative feedback.
<tieboy> yeah, okay
<tieboy> sure
<RsVeryHappy> they'll have time for nothing else
<Leth> Let's test that statement, shall we?
<raven> GODDAMN. Every single fargin' link looks like plain text. It's like a fargin' guessing game.
<RsVeryHappy> http://www.sourcerunner.com/letters/
<Leth> Rave: yeah "Is this image the link? NOPE! The tiny caption near it is!"
<spinn> A native of Maine this backwoods wonder loves climbing mountains and fishing in the roaring crystal clear streams of Maine.
<spinn> when in maine, he likes to be in maine while continuing his maine residence.
<raven> This I love : " Click here to return to where you were previously." Guess which words in that sentence are the link!
<spinn> hm, there actually are angelides living in maine
<spinn> lewiston, maine for that matter
<spinn> the staff page at the bottom
<babich> raven: which?
<spinn> http://www.sourcerunner.com/resources/staff.htm
<CCsVerySleepy> but are there nanites?
<raven> Forum registration, greg. :)
<babich> spinn: my favorite part of that is "he limit's the spin "
<tieboy> there's a refresh button on the letters page. are letters supposed to be pouring in?
<Samwise> tie: they will be.
<spinn> It was not a very hard thought decision on making SOURCERUNNER a banner ad-free site,
<tieboy> no, the best part is Enigma of Life
<babich> hes the most controversial person on the Web
<spinn> thanks to Jeff Rambo, Professional Hard Thought Decision Maker
<KemloCaesar> ""Spotter of Excessively Stupid Decisions," something she's noticed that Jeff is in dire need of most of the time.
<spinn> decade's.
<babich> He ought to have sound effects like *ZIP!" and "ZOOOOOOM" when he enters and leaves a room
<Leth> huh, where'd you see the picture of Jeff?
<spinn> fromt page, the little icon-sized one
<CCsVerySleepy> bab: he might have a sound effects guy following him around like in "holy grail"
<spinn> oh, wait, that's probably a governor or something
<spinn> "in today's time"
<spinn> man
<spinn> MAN-OH-MAN in today's time
<babich> " he often fancies himself on participating in a wide range of activities"
<spinn> yeah, got that one already
<babich> does that read very strangely to anyone else?
<Leth> heheheheh...in the rant article about technology and the Web: "Do you notice that it seems like everything is the same drab color and monotone shade, "
<spinn> they roped in a decent designer this time tho
<tieboy> yeah, okay, Matt Harrington needs to be shot
<spinn> heheh
<spinn> gahahah!
<spinn> okay, think "onion"
<Leth> Someone needs to tell Scott Mendelsohn that the tech industry is a bit more than just eCommerce websites.
<spinn> now go to http://www.sourcerunner.com/content/insight/tech/010601_1.htm
<raven> bab : He doesn't *actually* participate in activities, he just *fancies himself* doing so.
<spinn> and just read the highlight block, right, halfway down
<CCsVerySleepy> i wonder what other directories they have besides /content/
<CCsVerySleepy> like /drivel/
<tieboy> loovly
<Kyol> Christ. What is this, a high school mass media project or something?
<Kyol> Where's the feedback form?
<Leth> you're right tie. We need to thank God himself for such a gift
<babich> I fancy myself quite the stuntman
<spinn> oh man
<spinn> echoes of schumin
<babich> actually, I just plain fancy myself.
<spinn> paragraph 4: Don't get me wrong, I understand technology just fine. It is the pace at which it is changing that has my head spinning!
<Kyol> Damn, I need a name, and he's not getting _mine_.
<spinn> paragraph 6: So what is one to do to keep up with this ever-changing evolution of beige plastic and new keyboard buttons that no one in their right mind knows what to do with?
<KemloCaesar> kyol - "Throckmorton P. Diddledipper"
<spinn> I understand technology just fine! but nobody understand it!
<raven> http://www.sourcerunner.com/discussion/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9
<tieboy> all their headlines go to yahoo news
<Leth> Then one day, fortune smiled upon him, and he opened his own consulting firm. Now he was a CEO and President. Finally he had the power to do it 'his' way and not rely on others to muck things up.
<Leth> "He mixed tenses, and NOONE COULD STOP HIM!"
<tieboy> You know those facts that see to come way out of left field? If it wasn't for researchers, they wouldn't exist, and that's mainly because we're too lazy to look for stuff ourselves
<CCsVerySleepy> well, what that sentence literally says is that he could muck things up instead of making others do it for him
<tieboy> -- and check our spelling
<spinn> rave: wheeehoo!
<babich> raven: dont you mean "politically incorrect news sites"?
<raven> I'm trying not to trigger the "play nice in our sandbox" clause in the rules RIGHT off the bat.
<spinn> I should report that post to a moderator, damnit
<Leth> bahahaha
<Leth> http://www.sourcerunner.com/content/xfactor/dotcom/010601_2.htm
<Leth> read the first bit
<KemloCaesar> x-factor?
<KemloCaesar> what, are they hunting down secret mutants?
<raven> "It would be 28x8 if you go by the Beatles week." Bahahahaha
<babich> I like how it gives me the option to edit ravens post. See Spinn: they dont need an editor, they let the reader do all that extranious work.
<Samwise> where's he get this 28? I mean, if you're gonna distort time, do it once and do it cleverly.
<Kyol> Nice message, raven.
<raven> thanks
<Leth> hehehehe, yeah, nice rave
<raven> I haven't read a piece yet that *wasn't* written by a 16-year-old male who's not getting any.
<Leth> SOURCERUNNER | The Misunderstood...
<Leth> No, not misunderstood, unreadable
<tieboy> "Enigma of Life" just keeps pinging off my head every few minutes
<Leth> where's Nick. He could sue
<spinn> well, yeah, it's true
<spinn> how the fuck did he survive this long
<raven> o/~ the eniiiiiiigmaaaa of liiiiiiife o/~
<RsVeryHappy> ok.... whew
<RsVeryHappy> this is fun and all
<RsVeryHappy> but i need to be able to see to drive
<RsVeryHappy> so i'm going to go home now :)
<Leth> dammit rave
<Leth> I was trying SO hard not to get that into my head
<Leth> I hate you, oh so very much
<Samwise> What the hell. The letters page doesn't automatically update. So why the hell does it need refresh; just on the odd chance that you were reading while the page was updated at midnight?
<raven> And don't hae a refresh button on your browser.
* tieboy signs up for the newsletter
* Samwise writes a letter of praise's
<spinn> the misunderstood what?
<Leth> ellipses
<KemloCaesar> the misunderstood sourcerunner.
<raven> http://www.sourcerunner.com/discussion/showthread.php?s=&postid=14#post14
<spinn> sourcerunner: the internet's misunderstood sourcerunner
<raven> The bboard folks are better writers than the writers.
<Samwise> Wow, that's coherent.
<tieboy> "All content is written in a timely manner, as we are in no means trying to increase the cases of carpal tunnel syndrome."
<tieboy> uh... what?
<KemloCaesar> sam - yeah. Better report that to a moderator
<raven> He's trying to exaplin why it took 3 years.
<CCsVerySleepy> where, tie?
<tieboy> http://www.sourcerunner.com/content/sitenews/010601_03.htm
<CCsVerySleepy> that's the weirdest thing i've seen from this yet.
<tieboy> writers wanted
<raven> Or explain that the teenage boys put in a lot of wanking time and can't type that fast without injuring their forearms.
<tieboy> Think you've got what it takes to write for the newest online news commentary site on the Internet? If you're remotely like us, then you definitely do.
<CCsVerySleepy> man
<Samwise> I should become a writer.
<tieboy> Of all the online news commentary sites on the web, this is the newest!
<babich> "If you're remotely like us, then you definitely do."
<raven> "We're the ginchiest!"
<babich> If your incredibly remote, then your like us
<babich> christ, I'm spelling like them now.
<Samwise> Oooo, they take the Lord's name in vain!
<Samwise> Maybe we could sic a fundie on 'em.
* raven should create a couple accounts.
<KemloCaesar> http://www.sourcerunner.com/discussion/showthread.php?s=c4f22a49dbbcd0684ea3bd1715896402&threadid=7
<KemloCaesar> remarkably legible
<raven> Indignant fusspot, rabid flamer, SR writer.
<KemloCaesar> dammmmmmmmmit, I just perceived that as "Stephen Ratliff"
<raven> Same difference.
<KemloCaesar> who'd win in a fight, Marissa Amber Flores Picard, or Grignr?
<KemloCaesar> and what would Jeff Rambo have to say about it?

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