Put a little Snap! Crackle! BLAAAAARGH! into your morning!


<CrazyClimber> whoa
<CrazyClimber> this may be better than the mcdonald's chicken head
<CrazyClimber> http://www.ottawacitizen.com/city/010419/5034484.html
<raven> The slug?
<CrazyClimber> yeah
<CrazyClimber> did it already come up here?
<raven> No, I read it in romanesko today
<SeanQ> christ, I just bought a box of those things the other night, too
<Elkman> Ew. Ewwwwww. Urgh.
<Elkman> Well, I know one thing I won't be snacking on today.
<Kyol_2> Rice Krispies w/ X-Tra protein!
<Samwise_> "in her favourite Rice Krispies square" Somehow, I doubt it's her favorite.
<SeanQ> "o/` Put a little Snap! Crackle! BLAAAAARGH! into your morning! o/`"
<Elkman> And I was just listening to a CD named "Sluggo" before I saw this story, too.
<Samwise_> But... they say the slug was dried... don't slugs disintegrate when they dry out?
<Samwise_> Hence the pour salt on 'em method?
<SeanQ> maybe marshmallow acts as a preservative?
<raven> No, you just get insta-slugjerky.
<Samwise_> Ah, OK. So we've got a case of slugjerky, which was expected. Cool.
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<Randy_Savage> Snap into a Slug-Jim!
<Samwise_> I want this to be real, not like the mcdonald's chickenhead.
<Samwise_> (which, while I can't prove, I highly suspect is fake)
<Elkman> Heh heh. A couple friends of mine were exchanging E-mails, and one of them thought it was "Slap into a Slim-Jim!"
<Elkman> Which, of course, led to a scenario where some WWF wrestler whipped it out and started abusing himself during the commercial.
<CrazyClimber> the chicken head was proven a scam?
<Samwise_> Bob: no, not proven either way. I just have my opinions.
<Samwise_> Elk: can you smell what the rock is cookin'?
<CrazyClimber> cynic.
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<maime> hey kids
<maime> am eating lunch
<Elkman> What's for lunch?
<maime> a turkey/roast beef sandwich with cole slaw and a coke.
<maime> it sounds unexciting but it's a damn good sandwich.
<CrazyClimber> any dessert?
<maime> got some rice krispie treats.
<raven> bahahaha
<raven> sorry, excellent timing.
<Kyol> snkkt.
<CrazyClimber> let us know when you're done.
<maime> me?
<SeanQ> snkkkkkkkkt
<SeanQ> oh dear god
<SeanQ> i'm so grateful I didn't look at this screen during that phone call
<Elkman> maime: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/city/010419/5034484.html
<maime> mmmm protein
<Elkman> You didn't eat the Rice Krispie bar yet, did you?
<maime> naw.
<maime> I don't care though.
<maime> I'm already gonna die from the bandaid salad.
<daria> you had another one?!
<maime> nope. it was three years ago that I had it. but I'm still a little traumatized by it.
<Elkman> Maybe they used iodized salt. Iodine kills germs, right?
<maime> shouldda just got that chocolate cake at the deli.
<maime> but what's the big deal about a slug?
<SeanQ> christ, maime, these two got a slug and they were recovered by that afternoon
<Elkman> <Kemlo> Actually, it's easier for a slug to hide in a chocolate cake than in a Rice Krispie bar.
<maime> It's not like finding syringes of your drug addict upstairs neighbor on your patio
<maime> it wasn't medical waste!
<maime> I was trying to show a friend my super cool amazing downtown swanky apartment and there were syringes all over my patio.
<maime> *sigh*
<maime> that's why people live in penthouses, I guess.
<CrazyClimber> well, we don't know what the slug was used for before it was disposed of in the rice krispies treat.
<CrazyClimber> might've been wrapped around a cut or something
<maime> it was a butt slug?
<SeanQ> true, technically a slug *could* be consideredd medical waste if it was used for a bleeding
<maime> leeches and slugs are the same?
<shil> that is revolting.
<SeanQ> er... for the purposee of my previous statement, sure
<SeanQ> they're at least related
<maime> leeches are funny.
<SeanQ> maybe a really stupid Rn at the Kelloggs plant grabbed the slug instead of a leech, and then threw it into the vat of Krispies when she caught her mistake
<SeanQ> coulda happened
<Elkman> "Snap! Crackle! <squish!>"

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