*wife is threated with violence, possible journey to our planet's moon*


<spinn> damn, you people are imprssive.
<spinn> let's all quit and write sitcoms
<AgentOrange> *precocious child*
<AgentOrange> *dumb dad*
<AgentOrange> *slutty sister*
<CrazyClimber> *wacky neighbor*
<tieboy> *horny grandparent*
<SeanQ> *smoking hot teenage daughter*
<AgentOrange> *talking dog*
<Leth> bahahah...wouldn't it be funny if we did that and sold one...."Hey RobMarge, how's that pilot you're selling doing?"
<tieboy> *dog that - damn!*
<Leth> *clueless big-nosed cop*
<AgentOrange> *clever ctachphrase*
<CrazyClimber> *tension between husband and wife over slip of the tongue*
<AgentOrange> *very special episode, where we all learn a little lesson*
<tieboy> *misunderstanding*
<SeanQ> *tidy resolution at 22:30*
<StanXhiao> *group of charming clueless friends who are'nt having sex with each other.... yet.*
<AgentOrange> *gratuitous swinsuit scene*
<Leth> *husband plans something special for wife, neighbor overhears part of convo, misunderstanding breeds wackiness*
<tieboy> *people come in the back door when you're in the kitchen, in the front when you're in the living room*
<Kyol> *gratuitous full frontal nudity*
<StanXhiao> *death of beloved grandparent who is played by Abe Vigoda or Shelly Winters (typecasting)*
<CrazyClimber> *canned laughter plus a few snickers for credibility*
* SeanQ will watch Kyol's sitcom
<AgentOrange> *pour glass of juice/water/soda, leave on table, walk away*
<tieboy> *sit only on one side of dinner table*
<CrazyClimber> *press three phone buttons to call friend*
<AgentOrange> *sit very close to slutty sister on couch*
<Leth> *musical montage as the team turns wrecked schoolbus into a tank in an hour*
<Leth> oh, wait...that's the A-Team
<kaufman> *no toilet in bathroom*
<tieboy> *visit Acadmey Awards, audience comprised of 10 people at 3 tables*
<kaufman> *dog smarter than half the family*
<tieboy> *Same teacher for kids from grade K-college*
<CrazyClimber> *wear suit and tie at home ('50s only)*
<SeanQ> this channel absolutely destroys my productivity
<Leth> *main character barely misses acheiving dream encounter constantly*
<tieboy> *Sinbad*
<AgentOrange> *smart-mouthed brother just says no to "reefer" of "tea" offered to im by local "viper"*
<CrazyClimber> *everyone has yellow skin and four fingers"
<tieboy> *commercial breaks advertising useful products*
<tieboy> *wife is threated with violence, possible journey to our planet's moon*
<Leth> damn, tie
<tieboy> damn what?
<Leth> I was just about to make a similar ref.....
<spinn> damn tie
<spinn> weren't you listening?
* tieboy damns his tie
* Samwise has no tie to damn
* Samwise damns his belt instead
<spinn> damn, I wish I knew where my belt was
<StanXhiao> *bloody murder or surgical procedure in the first scene, unrequited and tense love/sex splaylet in the e\second scene, tidy conclusion and brief nudity*
* CrazyClimber darns his socks
<Samwise> Thanks, CC. Someone had to say it.
<CrazyClimber> thought someone would kick me. we're getting soft.
* kaufman drats his pants
*** CrazyClimber has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by spinn (well, don't let it be said we're getting soft)
<Samwise> Which is an obv*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!*
* tieboy fouls his shorts
<CrazyClimber> agt's not soft, just slow.
<Leth> Viagra For The Spinnwebe Soul
* Samwise sheds his skin
<AgentOrange> whuh?
<Samwise> *ahhhh* I needed that.

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