dan, we're running out of garden implements to beat you with


<DML> Oh, BTW, agto, I thought I'd never say this
<DML> But have you considered moving maybe to Houston?
* agent_orange hits DML in the face with a shovel
<DML> Their politics are equally fucked up but you *could* live in a good, affordable school district. Possibly.
<Samwise> Cool!
<Samwise> But have you considered moving maybe to Houston?
* spinn hands a shovel to agto
<DML> Okay, nevermind
<DML> I was just trying to offer my useless opinions
<agent_orange> Oh, you said *houston*!
<spinn> ohhhhhh!
* spinn hands a shovel to agto
* agent_orange hits DML in the face with a garden weasel
<DML> Ow.
<Down10> That's like someone in the Bay Area suggesting to move to LA
<spinn> oh. well.
<DML> What, Louisiana is better?
<Down10> Los Angeles
<DML> I know Houston is hideous, but I thought nothing was worse than Louisiana
<agent_orange> dude
<agent_orange> you ever been to houston?
<DML> I'm sorry
<spinn> trying to picture agto at home at the computer saying "say, honey, john suggested we go to houston! whaddaya say?"
<DML> I've seen photographs
<DML> I'm very sorry
<agent_orange> now, austin has been discussed
<DML> What about Dallas?
<agent_orange> in a positive manner
<DML> Or Corpus?
* agent_orange hits DML in the face with the shovel again
<DML> Are either of them okay?
* SeanQ high-fives lore, hits DML with a rake in solidarity with agto
<DML> Okay, so you want to move *away* from the coast
<agent_orange> corpus is all retirees
<agent_orange> dallas ... eh
<agent_orange> yuk
<spinn> how about roanoke, virginia? muncie, mighican? liverrock, idaho? fort wayne, indiana?
<agent_orange> butte!
<agent_orange> that's it! I'm goin' to butte!
<Samwise> Wahoo, nebraska?
<Down10> Butte, Montana would look great on a business card
<agent_orange> Walnut Creek, CA!
<agent_orange> Boca Raton, FLA!
<CrazyClimber> i hear the city council in liverpool is pretty twisted
<spinn> in fact, agto, and I say this as your dear friend, have you even bothered considering to better your life at all?
<agent_orange> spinn: fuck, no. why?
<SeanQ> he's too busy ruining it by having a litter of kids
<Lore> Why are we beating Dan?
<agent_orange> he told me I should move to houston
<agent_orange> maybe I could just move the family into hockeyfag's ass, too
<agent_orange> climate's similar
<Down10> I'm unfamiliar with Hock's ass
<Lore> Give it time.
<Samwise> You will be. You. Will. Be. </yoda>
<CrazyClimber> especially since someone has to fill the vacuum that tmr created
* Down10 rips up plane tickets
<CrazyClimber> also, i note that i chose not to use a garden implement on dan right now, but reserve the right to at any time
<DML> Anywhere in Virginia?
<agent_orange> nah. too many fags.
<agent_orange> JOKE
<Lore> What about the last five hundred fag references, agto?
<SeanQ> he means every third one
<agent_orange> well, dan, being a fag, tends to take it personally when I joke about cocksuckers and buttboys and pinkly queer catamites
<SeanQ> dan, we're running out of garden implements to beat you with
<agent_orange> so it was just proactive
<SeanQ> you want we move into the garage or the kitchen?
<CrazyClimber> sean: would you rather hit him with a tire iron or a mixmaster?
<SeanQ> oooh, tough call
<SeanQ> i'd hafta try them both, I think
<SeanQ> i'm actually partial to the waffle iron
<Freyja> leaves lovely marks
<spinn> anyone have an oster multi-speed blender?
<spinn> can't find mine.
<raven> No, but I have a stick blender.
<Lore> For making delicious stick smoothies.
<Lore> They're more nutritious if you leave the bark on.

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