I just stand in the middle. And fart occasionally.


<daria> I have a stylus 860, and all they have are ribbons
<daria> it's the same cartrage is the same as 440 and 640
<CCsVerySleepy> cartrage is usually confined to narrow aisles in supermarkets
<daria> ha ha ha
<Kyol> "It's JUST tomato soup! PICK ONE and MOVE ON."
<Kyol> *club*
<Leth> like that old guy last christmas eve who slammed his cart into my ankles because the woman in front of me wouldn't move
<Kyol> I can't stand people who stand and stare at the shelves, looking for the one thing they need, with their cart right in front of them.
<Kyol> Roll the cart 4 feet down the row, go back and try to find whatever you're looking for so you don't block the whole section, y'z dumb bastards.
<CCsVerySleepy> we park the cart past the ends of the aisles and then bring stuff back to the cart
<CCsVerySleepy> but that only works because no one else does it
<Samwise> When Jess and I go shopping, I pay far more attention to whether we're blocking the aisle or not. There's room for 2 carts in the aisles, if you don't stand to the side of the cart that should be for carts going teh other way.
<CCsVerySleepy> people who stand on both sides of escalators annoy me more, actually.
<Samwise> Really. You're an escalator walker?
<CCsVerySleepy> sure. they're stairs. why doesn't everyone walk?
<Kyol> I'm a walker, too, but I use escalators so infrequently that it doesn't bother me if they're blocking it.
<Samwise> I always end up behind people on the escalator, because they still creep me out, and I stall for 3 or 4 seconds to make absolutely sure of the timing.
<Kyol> But when people are using the moving walkway in airports, and standing across the whole thing, oooh. rrrr.
* SoiledGreen is a stander.
<Samwise> Kyol: *There's* a righteous hatred.
<CCsVerySleepy> and when they've got their shopping carts on the moving walkway, and they can't decide which can of soup... THEN i get pissed.
<Samwise> Or strolling casually, forming a phalanx that takes up an entire walkway that would otherwise be busy.
<Kyol> Sam: Sounds like my ex. But Dalaine was also quite insane about it, which I assume you aren't.
<Samwise> Kyol: I just hate it when someone has to wait because I'm not paying attention. I hate being that idiot.
<Kyol> (she'd take a good 30-40 _seconds_ to get on an escalator.)
<Samwise> Oh, the escalator thing. No, I go on on like the third step that passes after I get there. I use a couple to get the rhythm.
<Samwise> Like entering a double dutch jump rope.
<Kyol> I think her folks just pounded the "Kids get eaten by escalators if they aren't paying attention" story into her head too many times.
<Samwise> I heard that one every time we entered a building that had one for most of my childhood. So yeah, I'd ascribe it to that.
<CCsVerySleepy> yeah, i'm very good at jumping on one without breaking stride.
<Kyol> Yeah. I occasionally have to pause, say, if the current step is _just_ coming out, but I usually manage to adjust my stride en route to the escalator.
<Samwise> Ugh. Not me, and I know it pisses people off, but then, I don't make them wait at the supermarket, so it all balances out.
<Leth> I just stand in the middle. And fart occasionally
<Samwise> That's your solution to everything!
<Leth> damn straight
* CCsVerySleepy buys some for Leth: http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1002,53%257E46949,00.html
* Kyol hands Leth the prunes.
<Kyol> toot toot.
<spinn> unless, of course, you're a young boy who delights in every melodic note
<spinn> da fuck, is schumin writing for the denver post now?
<Leth> damn, CC, what's the point? You're denying the odiferous enjoyment to all around you!
<Kyol> Wednesday night. I finished Darwin's Radio in the tub. I'd eaten like half a tub of prunes the night before.
<Kyol> The bubbles never went away.
<Morwen> Unfortunately, you could hear this "bubble-fest" from the other room. :)
<Kyol> Coulda been worse. COulda held it until I was done with the bath.
<Leth> yeah, at least the water filtered it a bit
<CCsVerySleepy> do you at least have a vent fan in the bathroom?
<Samwise> OK, I have a weird question...
<Samwise> regarding farting in the tub:
<Leth> no, it's not a jacuzzi, sam
<CCsVerySleepy> or a bong
<Samwise> when you were a little kid, did they tell stories of guys that'd bite the bubbles?
<Kyol> Uh. No.
<Samwise> I think the 4th graders made that up to gross us out.
<Leth> no, but they did nail my feet to the floor
* Samwise shoves yet another box of raisins up Leth's ass
<Leth> ooh, projectiles!
* Leth chomps on some prunes and sets up a few targets
<Leth> mmm...grapeshot
* Samwise puts a sight on Leth's belt and aims him toward schumin

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