"I always wanted to hear Oscar pop out of the trash can and go, 'MotherFUCKer!' "


* Leth is bugging his co-workers by turning up the mp3 of the Muppets' version of "Manamana"
<Leth> doo doo de doo doo manamana
<rJak> You guys know Luis and Maria aren't married in real life, right?
<SeanQ> yah, and Gordon lives with a 19 year old Hatian boy
<rJak> No, I'm serious, Sean.
<rJak> Oh. You are too, right?
<SeanQ> none of them are married, they're actors
<maime> no they're not! sesame street is real!
<rJak> You bastard!
<agt_orang> Big bird is a man in a bird suit.
<SeanQ> when did Snuffalofagus become visible to other characters besides Big Bird?
<agt_orang> after big Bird lost his cherry
<maime> about the time elmo came along. that little bastard ruined everything.
<Samwise> Sean: I dunno...but that pissed me off.
* agt_orang wants to buy one of those "Strangle-Me-Elmo" dolls
<agt_orang> "Ow! you *Hurting* Elmo... Gakkk"
<SeanQ> "Elmo... can't..... breathe........ ha ha..."
<rJak> "Elmo is axyphiliating! GAAK!"
<agt_orang> "Let elmo out of the oven! Oven *hot*!"
<Samwise> Along with the visible snuffy, did I hear correctly that cookie monster now eats other things too?
<SeanQ> sam: cookie fell on some hard times... he'll eat /anything/ for $20
<Samwise> To quote Fruvous: "I always wanted to hear Oscar pop out of the trash can and go, 'MotherFUCKer!' "
<Samwise> Sean; his 3-bag a day oreo habit hits hard.
<CkyMnstr> hey, you have Fig Newton?
* CkyMnstr scratches his palm
<CkyMnstr> I settle for Nilla Wafer
<CkyMnstr> Cookie Monster only eat oyster cracker for last two days, need fix bad
<CkyMnstr> hey lady? you know Oreo not only thing with delicious cream filling
<Ernie_> Hmm mmm mmm...
<Ernie_> Oh, hello Bert! (chhchhhchchchh)
<Bert_> come back to bed, Ernie, i wanna do the "pigeon dance" again
<Ernie_> My sticky buddy bert
<RubDuckie> *squeak*squeak*
<Snuffy> Hey, Bird....my trunk's not the only thing this long & hairy
* Snuffy goes for the cheap & easy
<oscar_> Will you fucking normals shut the *FUCK* up?
<oscar_> I got a motherFUCKER of a hangover
* oscar_ climbs to the top of his can with a rifle
* maime gives oscar a bottle of thunderbird
* PrariDawn pulls out her ninja suit and takes oscar_ down with three shuriken to the eyes
<Leth> never fuck with Prarie Dawn
* oscar_ uses the forbidden spell to open the seal to the grouch homeworld
<Samwise> Noooo! He's summoning my old roommate in the morning!
<maime> sesame street is kindof a dump. where do they hide the crackwhores?
<Samwise> Cookie monster is as close as they get to crackwhores.
<Leth> They're all in the basement of Guy Smiley's house...he's making a crackho suit....
<SeanQ> i think Mr Hooper hides them in the freezer while they're shooting
<Leth> you can't tell me that guy wasn't a Leatherface in the making
<Samwise> He was always trying to get in Prairie's panties.
<Leth> He and Don Music were running a white slavery ring, too, probably
<agt_orang> "It takes the lotion and rubs it into its fur."
<Samwise> Oh my word..I can so hear him doing that...

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