Can someone stop saying "self-insertion"?


<spinn> here we go, lore, question answered
<spinn> note #3
<Dodge> Hey, that's so...DBZ.
<Lore> "It got him ostracized by the Sailor Moon fandom and basically, it was a colossal failure."
<Lore> Hell, I'd call that a screaming success.
<Lore> I dunno, Greg. All the women fawn over Kirk. Maybe Kirk is self-insertion on Roddenberry's part, but that just underscores my point that a LOT of heroic fantasy is self-insertion.
<spinn> okay, no, I clearly don't have experience with the full body of gonterman's art, but I'm giving them this self-insertion point
<Lore> Oh, I'm not doubting that THIS guy is self-insertion.
<spinn> oh, wait
<spinn> I read that wrong, yeah.
<raven> can someone stop saying "self-insertion"?
<spinn> sorry.
<Lore> Mary-Sue, then.
<spinn> sure, I pick lore
<ristoril> thx rave i was trying to think of a way to put that
<spinn> I want to keep saying self-insertion
* Lore bursts out of the Pokeball.
<raven> heh.
<CrazyClimber> what isn't lore supposed to say?
<raven> self-insertion
*** Mode change "+o raven" on channel #spinnwebe by ristoril
*** Mode change "-o raven" on channel #spinnwebe by raven
<raven> don't touch me, rist.
<spinn> x to fr self insertion
<jeeb> spinn: mise en place d'individu
<Lore> I'll use the phrase "anal lubrication" instead.
<CrazyClimber> x to kr self insertion
<jeeb> CrazyClimber: %EA%B0%81%EC%9E%90 %EC%82%BD%EC%9E%85
<SeanQ> s'matter, raven, does 'self-insertion' keep setting of your client alert?
<CrazyClimber> there ya go
<spinn> yeah
<spinn> I think this clearly shows %EA%B0%81%EC%9E%90 %EC%82%BD%EC%9E%85 in gonterman's comics
<raven> bahahah, mise en place.
<raven> Now I just have this "boi in a chef's outfit jamming wooden spoons where they don't belong".
<raven> image
<antihero> well, and NOW so do I
<Lore> My point is only that %EA%B0%81%EC%9E%90 %EC%82%BD%EC%9E%85 isn't, in and of itself, a flaw. It's like pointing out that bad amateur superhero comics have people in skintight outfits; so do good professional superhero comics, for certain values of good.
<raven> go ahead and say it, lore. I've already given in to the BMI.
<Lore> Oh, no. This is at least 2.5 times more annoying.
<raven> heh
<CrazyClimber> japanese is even more annoying, but i'll leave it as a self exercise.
<Lore> I think there needs to be a handy term for "ridiculous levels of fantasy/sci-fi trope juxtaposition in a single character."
<Lore> Like cyborg wizard furry elf samurai.
<Samwise> "stupid"?
<Lore> Too general.
<Lore> While still clearly accurate.
<CrazyClimber> "dork" is an f-stop closer, but i think we're still a few stops away.
<SeanQ> how about 'hypertyped'
<SeanQ> has a nice alliterative ring to it
<Lore> Hrm. That's good.
<spinn> yes! I second the motion
<spinn> motion passed and carried
<Lore> But the noun for someone who does that would be "hypertyper" which makes me think 100 WPM.
<CrazyClimber> too late, the motion passed and carried.
<CrazyClimber> unless spinn was out of order. i don't have a robert's rules handy.
<Lore> Ah, but you forget that a motion to kiss my ass is always in order.
<CrazyClimber> i'm sure boi will be here eventually. you'll just have to wait.
<SeanQ> well, as a term for 'one who hypertypes', I humbly submit '%EA%B0%81%EC%9E%90 %EC%82%BD%EC%9E%85'
<me_tew> And the kill goes to Sean.
<CrazyClimber> no, actually, i was just thinking his line was too good for a kill. i'll take the bullet on this one.
<me_tew> <audience applause>
<me_tew> Wait, the kill is in dispute...
<CrazyClimber> do we have a french judge in the house?
<me_tew> The judges are confering...
<me_tew> The judges are waiting for a bribe...
<me_tew> And the kill is charged to CC, without objection.

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