Cavity spelunking for God.


<Leth> Fresh from the inbox:
<Leth> (Yes, sent to me by the same person who sent Danae)
<raven> What's this one about, God's taste?
<tieboy> oh no leth, not another one
<raven> Is he weasel-flavoured?
<Leth> Nah, it's just a short little "This is why we need God" things
<spinn> His almighty Tang
<spinn> oh christ.
<raven> Please tell me "Makes you think, doesn't it?" didn't come from someone you'd admit to knowing....
<Leth> no Rave, that was in the FWD
<Samwise> Like the creator of the universe will let a government tell him where he can go.
<Leth> c'mon, you know you want to go meet Kimberly and her Marfan baby
<spinn> yeah, it makes me think that God is petulant and spiteful
<TomtheFish> so why didn't god save those kids shot in that church
<tieboy> And the kid with the spot-welded mouth
<Samwise> Like the creator of the universe will let a government tell him where he can go.
<tieboy> I didn't know God split hairs like that. What a dick.
<raven> Not to mention the simple fucking fact that nothing prevents God from being in the schools.
<raven> Just from taking time out of the day to force everyone into worshipping him.
<Leth> Well, it could be like how vampires can't go into a church
<Leth> "Oops, that's a public schhol...I'll just wait outside"
<tieboy> They don't allow guns in schools, either, but they get in
<Leth> GodSmuggling
<tieboy> And one kid got killed outside the school, technically
<Leth> "Son, do you have God in your backpack?" "No, sir" "Well, we'll have to strip search you anyhow"
<TomtheFish> Dear concerned student,
<TomtheFish> You dare question me? A plauge of locusts for you, me lad.
<TomtheFish> with Holy vengence,
<TomtheFish> your friend,
<TomtheFish> God
<raven> Cavity spelunking for God.
<TomtheFish> makes you think
<Samwise> But not too much, thankfully.
<TomtheFish> i think i'm hungry
<spinn> yeah, there's an image
<spinn> tough looking kid in jeans at the side door of a school, that only opens from the inside
<spinn> saying "come on, man, it's okay! come on!"
<spinn> and camera turns, and there's God, light shining above His head, glowing white robes, in all His majesty
<spinn> looking down at the kid, "but, uh...won't we get in trouble?"
<tieboy> we had prayer in school when i went, and i still got the shit beat out of me
<spinn> yeah, but you're all forgetting something
<spinn> the CHILDREN
<spinn> how come nobody thinks about the CHILDREN
<SeanQ> Michael Jackson is thinking about the children
<Samwise> In this world, where Columb*urk*
<tieboy> I guess God isn't allowed on airplanes either, what with the crashing and the burning and the death and the heyyy
* TomtheFish thinks about the children
<spinn> NOT ENOUGH
<TomtheFish> can't we make them do something useful? like work on the big dig or sumthing?
<TomtheFish> that oughta get rid of that extra billion everyone is bitchin about
<spinn> leth, I don't suppose you can send back anything like "yeah, it makes me think about kicking your ass", can you
<tieboy> 2 problems. the children and the hungry. I say, feed the children to the hungry.

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