They should call it the RESPECTUM


<tieboy> ow. just tried to put on my glasses and jabbed myself in the eyeball with the stem
<spinn> hey, I just tried putting a lightbulb in my rectum and it got stuck
<spinn> damn
<spinn> man, I can't imagine going to the emergency room for something like that
<Mr-Ben> "I sat on it, Doc! Honest!"
<SeanQ> how'd you talk yourself out of it, ben?
<Mr-Ben> Who said it ever happened to me? I'm just adding to the joke.
<sol-D> which happens to be a joke about Ben's rectum
<spinn> damn, I can't think of any way to add to that.
<sol-D> It's easy to get confused
<spinn> yeah, I guess ben thinks his rectum is a joke
<spinn> rectums must be taken seriously, son
<sol-D> think of your rectum as a delicate flower
<spinn> a delicate, stinky flower
<sol-D> like a rose
<spinn> that poops
<tieboy> Kids today. Playing with their rectums. RESPECT THE RECTUM
<sol-D> or garbageweed
<tieboy> they should call it the RESPECTUM
<spinn> that's like...uh...a garbagy weed
<spinn> tie's found the hidden capalert rating!
<spinn> cool, dude! level 2!
<spinn> I'd like to take a moment to say "hello" to those of you reading this now. we hope you enjoyed reading this log as much as we enjoyed making it. thank you.
<raven> welcome.
<spinn> and just to be sure that gets there, I'd like to point out I said "log" there.
<sol-D> you oughtn't talk about logs and rectums. it's not proper manners, dear.
<Samwise> I'd like to point out the various differences between flowers and rectums
<tieboy> you can pick your friends flowers
<SeanQ> sam: #1 being you've never stuck your tongue in a flower?
<spinn> I was trying to think of poetry that involves waking up and watching the gently opening rectums in the growing morning light
<Samwise> Heh! no, sorry.
<Samwise> I've had my tongue in a few flowers.
<daria> ...
<spinn> sam, you are a brave, brave man
<SeanQ> "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"
<spinn> I don't think we have the CG budget for that morph
<spinn> "my love is like a delicate and fully distended rectum"
<raven> "your love is an inflatable donut, gently cradling my prolapse."
*** SIGNOFF: Mr-Ben! (One day I'll get to add to a joke without it getting turned completely on me...)
<spinn> man.
<sol-D> he's so touchy. like an improperly handled rectum
<SeanQ> christ, it's like he has an ego made of porcelain
<tieboy> and a rectum to match
<spinn> yeah, his is a harsh, unforgiving rectum
<Samwise> "ah, spring... watching bees going busily from rectum to rectum..."
* raven is still hearing "they should call it the RESPECTUM" in Red Foreman's voice.
<spinn> heheh
<spinn> red foreman. good choice.
<tieboy> the sad part is, there will never come a day when Ben adds to a joke without getting it turned on him
<tieboy> er, not sad. amusing.

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