"Doorknobs, Doorknobs, Doorknobs! The Musical!"


<tie> there's a video on this desk called "World's Best Roof"
<spinn> heh
<spinn> saget really, /really/ needed the money
<SeanQ> he had to get medicine for his shingles
<Elkman> You should have brought it with.
<tie> bye sean
<SeanQ> IT'S A PUN!
<spinn> ta-ta
<Mr-Ben> You outta here, man.
<SeanQ> ... hehehe... worth every kick, by gum
<Elkman> Now that Sean is this channel's tar baby...
<SeanQ> i'm laugning so hard I have the shakes
* Elkman slips SeanQ some roofies
<Leth> ok, get yer mind out of the gutter, and move along
<Mr-Ben> Someone's gonna hit the ceiling if this keeps up.
<Leth> sounds like possible update material, tie
<tie> what isn't?
<spinn> it can't be more than fifteen seconds, can it?
<tie> "I dropped my pen! *write write write*
<spinn> I mean, 3 seconds for title, 2 seconds for a guy on a roof saying "this'n", then 10 for camera guy and producer credits
<tie> yeah, it does weigh about an ounce
<Elkman> They could have some outtakes at the end, like the guy falling off the roof.
<Leth> <crash> "Not this one"
<tie> plus a teaser for "Walls! Could They Be Any Cooler?"
<SeanQ> it's probably pr0n, the guy just figured noone else would ever look at it
<SeanQ> "Honey, I'm gonna watch the roof tape again." "Christ, I'm going to bed..."
<spinn> "Bevelled Oak I Have Known"
<Elkman> "Check out those peaks!"
<spinn> "220v Outlets Through The Ages"
<Leth> "Doorknobs, Doorknobs, Doorknobs! The Musical!"
<spinn> usually true of any musical
<SeanQ> "Why It's Drywall!"
<tie> "The Grout Chronicles, Vol III"
<spinn> "Spackle 'n Grout Go To Market"
<Elkman> "The Secret World of Insulation".
<Leth> "Faucetmania!"
<Elkman> "World's Funniest Paint Drying Videos".
<spinn> "A Day In The Life Of A U-Bend"
<SeanQ> "Put the *Ole* in Linoleum!"
<tie> "Bob Vila: Too Hot for TV"
<Elkman> "P-Traps Exposed!"
<Leth> "Dorf on Floor Joists"
<tie> "Spackle Loving Sluts"
<Leth> man, 'spackle' can be used in so many comedic ways
<spinn> my brother was killed by an inappropriate application of spackle, and I can tell you it's not funny to me, mister
<SeanQ> 'Alzo Spackle Zarathustra'
<Leth> snkkt- er, I mean, how tragi- no, snnkkktt
<tie> Godel Escher Spackle
<Elkman> How about children's home improvement videos: "Oscar the Grout".
<SeanQ> "Spackle me Elmo"

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