Camping Area and Erection - Next Exit


<DML> |^/
<agent_orange> what the fuck is |^/?
<Kyol> Profile, I'm thinking./
<agent_orange> |\"/?><*(!~`!~~ <------self-portrait
<Kyol> Oooh, maybe it's a road sign - the road divides ahead sign.
<agent_orange> "Warning: Ski Jumpers"
<raven> Heh. "Exit Ramp Ahead"
<tieboy> Falling Trees
<Elkman> Kyol: Have you tried this?
<tieboy> Leaning Tower of Pisa -- 1 Mile
<agent_orange> Bats and Lean-Tos: Next 10 miles
<raven> Canyon Pod Racing : Next Right
<tieboy> Camping Area and Erection - Next Exit
<SeanQ> "Space Junk Falling - Next Four Miles"
<agent_orange> "Inarticulate Communication Zone"
<Elkman> "EBCDIC Ahead."
<agent_orange> "Chafing. Use Caution."
<agent_orange> "We're Slashing Prices on Carets!"
<agent_orange> sorry
<SeanQ> was better than mine, agto
<agent_orange> I'm running on fumes here
<tieboy> Tree Falling: Cover Ears
* KemloCaesar belches
<agent_orange> REACTION punches kemlo in the face
<Elkman> Warning: Fragile Trees. No birds allowed.
<tieboy> Bald Cartoonist Running on Fumes: Next 3 Exits
<SeanQ> oh ouch
<KemloCaesar> Warning: Warning Signs
<SeanQ> "Netsplit Ahead"
<KemloCaesar> Roadkill Crossing
<SeanQ> damn, tie, I can't believe you called agto a "cartoonist"
<SeanQ> that's stone cold
<tieboy> it was a cheap shot
<tieboy> Unadopted Highway Looking for Good Home
<Elkman> Warning: Really Fucking Profane Road Signs Ahead, Next 7 Shitty Miles.
* Samwise falls asleep on his keybbboeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<agent_orange> Cartoonist? CARTOONIST?
<agent_orange> where did that little faggot go?
<agent_orange> no offense, hock
* hockeyfag bitchslaps orange
<KemloCaesar> EBG-13 Mbar: Arkg 5 Zvyrf
* agent_orange performs the traditional japanese rite of boufoukku in abject apology
<agent_orange> ACTION hits kemlo in the face again
<KemloCaesar> agt - oh, come on. You don't get that one?
<agent_orange> not up on my klingon
* KemloCaesar sighs. "ROT-13 Zone: Next 5 Miles."
<agent_orange> ACTION kicks kemlo in the ass, just because

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