You're just jealous that she has a higher sperm count than you do.


<mdxi> okay, this chick signs dates and annotates all her poetry. my fave: (2-22-94 by Sherry "Rhodes" Roth after a past life regression)
<mdxi> agtorange: you don't want to know. it's not bad enough to be funny. just severely mediocre.
<agtorange> *sigh* what happened to all the bad enough to be funny sites?
<mdxi> "The poetry on this page was written while I was going through the decisions of a divorce, an in-between infatuation and finally finding my true love-the one who shared my past lives."
<zompist> what, geocities is gone...?
<CrzyClmbr> agt -*/index.htm
<agtorange> 404, cc
<zompist> do people ever find that in their past lives they were incredible losers?
<SeanQ> really, zomp, not everyone could've been Catherine the Great
<tieboy> i was the horse
<SeanQ> someone had to be Caroline the Not-So-Hot
<zompist> every egyptian princess has been reincarnated as about 600 people.
<SeanQ> tieboy: part of the horse, anyway
<mdxi> nothing says Great Web Design like having every image on the page turned into a beveled button
<Kyol> Oooh, pretty!
<zompist> i say it's not great web design till there's a disembodied smiling head in it.
<zompist> and the gifs had better be animated! i mean, get with the '00s!
<agtorange> I think awards--lots and lots of awards--make a great site
<mdxi> <- It is to laugh
<zompist> if it doesn't have a huge unannotated list of links, it ain't shit.
<SeanQ> we should have a faux award to give out for URL's pasted here
<mdxi> lop off insults.htm and you have the site i've been referring to for te past several minutes
<SeanQ> The Ruffiani Spremute of the Day
<mdxi> which, by the way has awards that you can NOMINATE YOURSELF for
<spinn> god.
<spinn> the first one right off...
<kaufman> oh yes, need to add the floating ethereal head link
<Samwise> hey, anyone wanna buy some bolivian yak weasel dung?
* agtorange sits in stunned silence at the insults page
<Elkman> Oh, geez. I've actually been to the Minnesota RenFest.
<Elkman> I'm TAINTED.
<kaufman> and I to the Maryland one. Huzzah!
<tieboy> "You're so stupid, you can't even do things that normal people who aren't stupid can do. Without being stupid."
<mdxi> Huzzah!
<SeanQ> isn't "Villification" misspelled?
<Samwise> agt: may I have the insults page?
<agtorange> You smell very badly, as of cheese, or old vegetables.
<agtorange> now go away or i will taunt you a second time
<kaufman> It takes a villification
<SeanQ> one "l"
<spinn> you know, mark, I've been meaning to tell you: your origins are so low, you'd have to limbo under your family tree.
* SeanQ feels another shudder coming on
<agtorange> Your mother is quite fat. varlet.
<CrzyClmbr> And then there's the page of "really nasty insults that were really used"
<CrzyClmbr> You're so dumb, you think asphalt is a rectal problem!
<CrzyClmbr> Your sister was walking around with a tampon behind her ear and asked if you had seen her last cigarette.
<SeanQ> "Litreen lips" <--- wtf?!?
<zompist> greg, your mother is so large that queen catherine of russia would like to meet her!
<CrzyClmbr> You're just jealous that she has a higher sperm count than you do.
<CrzyClmbr> ack, there's some juxtaposition for you.
<agtorange> Your penis is smaller than average! Ha!
<CrzyClmbr> You could screw a Cheerio without breaking it.
<agtorange> and you SUCK too!
<Samwise> your nose gives you the profile of a three-legged shaven pregnant goat attemptimg to mate with itself on a windy day.
<CrzyClmbr> this was good enough to make sure the speaker was credited:
<CrzyClmbr> You, Sir, are depriving a village of an idiot. (Chris)
<SeanQ> "Your wife told me your dick is so small, she can blow you and eat a hero sandwich at the same time."
* mdxi discoveres that there is a Wenches' Guild Webring

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