Soap: radiation's #1 enemy


<mdxi> "A large percentage of people affeceted by radiation recovered completely!" says the Civil Defense film in 1951
<Drusilla> I didn't know "recovered" used to mean "died painfully"
<AliasN> His name? Peter Parker.
<Zole> Well, some of the Hiroshima victims who were hideously scarred rather than killed eventually got plastic surgery.
<Drusilla> which people were affected?
<AliasN> Oh, and David Banner.
<Drusilla> and how did they recover?
<mdxi> it doesn't, it means "looked okay for a while but then sort of came down with leukemia and various other cancers, organ damage, etc."
<Drusilla> ahhhhh
<Drusilla> sounds like dying painfully to me
<Drusilla> it makes you have tiny hairs on your fingers
<Drusilla> and sound exactly the same
<Drusilla> and fall for stupid redheads.
<spinn> do we actually know how radiation screws you up?
<Zole> We in general, or this channel?
<spinn> seems funky that exposure catches up with you like 20 years later
<Zole> I see.
<spinn> we, as in Man
<mdxi> baha...electric lights *may* go out, so keep a flashlight handy
<Drusilla> may?
<mdxi> may
<spinn> wow
<mdxi> in case of, you know, atomic attack
<Drusilla> i can't even think of sarcasm there
<Drusilla> it's just...
<MisterQ> heh
* Drusilla gestures frantically.
<AliasN> And stand under a doorway.
<spinn> you wonder if they were really that naive, or if they were just making people feel better
<spinn> like makign the husband get boiling water
<Drusilla> that cleans up the blood and such.
<Drusilla> if you're not in a hospital.
<Drusilla> uhm, but, MAY?
<MisterQ> When you see that mushroonm cloud, locate the nearest nuclear-safe school desk to duck and cover
<spinn> so
<spinn> do we actually know how radiation screws you up?
<Drusilla> people who are not me know.
<AliasN> I do not know spinn. I'm thinking someone who is a scientist of some kind might, though.
<MisterQ> Radiation pierces the cell wals in all your organs and knocks various bits of DNA all around, pretty much fuckin you up
<AliasN> Someone like MisterQ.
<spinn> ah, so the dna gets screwed with
<Drusilla> "may"
<spinn> probably in ways we don't understand as well
<MisterQ> yes, increasing your chances of getting cancer some 100000%
<MisterQ> or so
<Drusilla> god damn. i hope that's propaganda.
<spinn> amazing how data errors propagate after so much time
<mdxi> it depends a lot on exposure levels in absolute terms and exposure over time, but the film clearly made it sound like most people in hiroshima and nagasaki were pretty much okay after a few days in the hospital
<Drusilla> NO HURTY HERE
<MisterQ> nothing to see here, move along
<Drusilla> MMMM-MMMMM
<MisterQ> That's delicious radiation!
<Drusilla> Run along now, commie-scum!
<Zole> Totally.
<Drusilla> don't you know it's bad to question the government when we can
<mdxi> if you *are* caught in an atomic blast, take a good bath afterwards to wash fallout from under your nails (not making this up)
<Drusilla> oh.
<Drusilla> kay.
<Drusilla> can i shower?
<MisterQ> ignore the lumps of flesh that may fall off your body for no reason
<AliasN> Don't forget behind the ears!
<MisterQ> Soap: radiation's #1 enemy
<spinn> well yah, they still thought of atomic bombs as just extra-big bombs
<Drusilla> BOOM.
<Drusilla> jeez.
<Drusilla> i want to find these people and smack them.

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