Leth, you cheap slut


<Leth> yeah, I generally pay for shareware I use frequently. But then again, I install photoshop & stuff at home from the work copies
<Leth> but in that respect, I'm screwing corporations, not guys who put code together "on the side"
<Doc_Evil> heh heh... Youre having sex with Bill Gates
<Leth> he's about the only man in the world who could afford what I'd charge to have gay sex
<Elkman> Do you have a price list, Leth?
<Leth> yup, starts at roughly $750 million
<Elkman> Not that I'd take advantage of it, but it sounds like you've decided what your prices are.
<CrazyClimber> Leth - what would the $750 million get Bill?
<Leth> a quickie in the alley
<LJ-atwork> only if he does it naked under a blue light
<CrazyClimber> you're easy. i'd charge more than that for a quick kiss.
<Doc_Evil> theres a mental image for ya
<Elkman> How much would it cost him for a nice candlelight dinner and satin sheets?
<Leth> hmm, probably 2.5 billion and the house in Redmond
<CrazyClimber> and for that matter, that's without tongue.
<jacquilyn> Leth, you cheap slut. I'd charge him more than that and it wouldn't even be gay sex.
<Leth> jacquilyn: yup...I'm a cheap ho who after one night of unspeakable horror could buy a small country
<jacquilyn> Who wants a small country?
<raven> Me!
<Doc_Evil> Who wants to nail a billionaire?
<Elkman> You have some to offer?
<Leth> oh, I wouldn't want one, but the ability to do so would be nice
<jacquilyn> If I'm gonna have to sleep with Bill 'Doesn't own deoderent' Gates, I want a big country.
<TomtheFish> i'll settle for no less than the whole planet
<mdxi> can i kill all the inhabitants and use the ill-gotten gains to buy some bandwidth?
<jacquilyn> I think, I dunno, Brazil would be nice.
<mdxi> brazil is a pretty big country. geographically. i think. i'm blanking! aaah!
<jacquilyn> Yeah, it's about 6th or 7th largest in land mass, I think.
<Doc_Evil> All the coffee and hard drugs you can eat
<Doc_Evil> Or consume I should say
<jacquilyn> And has some 300 million people or so.
<Elkman> I'll take a small island nation, then resell domain addresses and make more money.
<jacquilyn> Most of whom are dirt poor and so opressed by the corruption there that they'd probably be happy if I owed the country.
<Doc_Evil> It is these hills that Juan Valdez has sex with his trusty mule
<jacquilyn> Nah, that's Columbia.
<Doc_Evil> Oh
<CrazyClimber> and Brazil has the worst coffee.
<Doc_Evil> I stand corrected
<Leth> I'd buy a good-sized remote island, and drive all the natives except the nubile young teenaged girls into the sea to be eaten by genetically enhanced sharks
<CrazyClimber> the most, but the worst. even they don't drink it.
<jacquilyn> Don't care, don't drink coffee, CC.
<Elkman> Sharks? Why not hagfish?
<jacquilyn> They have guarana, that's all that matters.
<jacquilyn> And pao de queijo.
<Leth> because sharks have a better"Hollywood" appeal
<Doc_Evil> Yeah. How often do you hear of anyone mauled by porpoises?
<mdxi> i'd take a small neutral territory and make it a international data haven and use the revenue from THAT to make it completely self-sufficient and defendable. then i'd parlay my influence over all the world's new technology into absolute control of space via my network of orbital death satellites.
<mdxi> and then the fun would start.

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