cicero de bergerac, the famous lover with the elongated ampersand


<Lore> Livejournal is starting to spook me. It's cultlike.
<Kyol> "starting"?
<agent_orange> rename it "Loserville"
<Kyol> That shit spooked me the first time I laid eyes on it.
<Lore> Well, I've been trying to ignore it up until now.
<zompist> and what made that plan fail?
<Down10> Tight cliques are cult-like? I wouldn't go that far
<agent_orange> I don't want to hear about your tight clique, thank you
<agent_orange> besides, I hear you're exagerrating more than a little
<Lore> It's as if people were taking conversations filled with oblique references and in-jokes and personal data that nobody's interested in, and publishing in on a public Web server.
<Lore> Boy, I'm glad >I'M< not a part of that sort of thing.
<Down10> God, what a bunch of chumps
<Kyol> mmm, feta.
<Kyol> *chomp chomp chomp*
<agent_orange> perhaps if I was a 25-year old loser with no career, no social skills, and no self-awareness, I might be tempted to share my gifts with the world in such a manner
<Kyol> But instead, you're 60 with no career, no social skills and no self-awareness. What's your excuse, agto?
<agent_orange> do you live with your mom? If so, are you doing so because a) you're afraid not to or b) you're too fuckin' stupid to do so on your own?
<zompist> now, now. if you were agto, would you even *want* to be aware of that self?
<agent_orange> Kyol: I was sent down the wrong path when I worked for the woman I was living with.
<agent_orange> totally emasculating.
<Down10> Man, that lady is weird.
<Down10> She rents out the studio we have on the roof to do her artwork-- I've never seen her, and she never makes a sound, except when I hear her footsteps up to the roof
<agent_orange> wow
<agent_orange> what a FREAK
<Down10> Ooops, sorry, agto. I wasn't talking about you
<zompist> in 45 years, when they discover her masterpieces hidden behind the drywall, you can give interviews
<DnaError> its all Sad Kitten paintings!
<agent_orange> her "masterpieces" consisting of various bits of newspaper boyand hitchhiker
<zompist> there's not much market for pictures of, say, kittens sneezing
<Down10> bodily functions, outside of the sexual variety, tend not to fly off the shelves
<zompist> they're all sexual, to someone
<Lore> Unless you yourself are on the shelf.
<agent_orange> or kittens with hives, or crippled legs, or rectal fistulas
<GhostCoder> Sometimes people call the pound sign (#) is called an Octothorpe. But I usually wound those people.
<Down10> I call it that specifically to annoy people
* zompist checks availability for
<Lore> You see, the key word here is "standardized."
<agent_orange> I call it a pilcrow to see how many pedantic fucks correct me
<Down10> Hah, someone on File Pile upped a photo of a kitten in casts... it DOES exist
<Lore> "octothorpe": 1525 hits, "pound sign": 102,494 hits
<GhostCoder> Try octothorp without an e.
<Freyja> ah Google. The great referee.
<Down10> A cross-hatch
<Lore> 427
<Lore> Also, interestingly enough "octothorp" was coined in 1971, and the phrase "pound sign" in 1980.
<zompist> try "gil thorp" without the octo
<GhostCoder> Also the hash sign has been used to refer to the pound avoirdupois.
<agent_orange> see how many ciceros you can fit up your ass
<Down10> what-- or who-- is a cicero?
<tieboy> cicero de bergerac, the famous lover with the elongated ampersand
<GhostCoder> Cicero was a famous fiddler back near the end of ancient rome.
<tieboy> i... i'm sorry that was dumb shut up tieboy
<spinn> da hell is an octothorp?
<GhostCoder> #
<Lore> A pound sign.
<tieboy> :-#
<spinn> dawww lookit google wit da widdle clover dawwhhh
<Down10> that image is gone!
<Down10> but, thankfully, they're all archived:
<mdxi> and '/' is a virgule (or a solidus or a slash or a stroke or a diagonal or a separatrix). except that a virgule is actually a comma sometimes.
<Lore> Wouldn't it be fun it "virgule" was similar to another, sex-related word and we could all make puns?
<zompist> huh. some kooky jokesters referred to a character known as the "yu-shiang whole fish"
<mdxi> and that divot in your lip (the one under the /columnus nasii/) is the "philtrum"
<mdxi> and the cap on the end of a shoelace is an aglet
<mdxi> anyting else i can help with?
<Down10> it sure is
*** SIGNOFF: random (Quit: homelessssssssss)
<zompist> see, you're scaring the girls off again
<agent_orange> shit, he's scaring me off again
<Down10> the uvula
<tieboy> yeah, i think i'm gonna go scuba-dive the net a bit
<agent_orange> Hey, Spock! Put a sock in it, aight?
<mdxi> all ahead, groove factor 5!
<mdxi> the yu-shiang whole fish was a symbol from the Symbolics LISP machine keyboard, IIRC
<agent_orange> WHERE ARE THE CHEETOS?!?!
<mdxi> named because it resembled the little fish picture on the menu of a favorite restaurant of some early AI hackers.
<mdxi> cb for cheetos (puffy)
<jeeb> looks like another SHITTY DAY to me...guess i'll BEAT OFF and go to WORK
<tieboy> oh, cripes

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