"downy? it's snuggly soft." "poor guy"


* tieboy breaks down in tears
<Sandry> Hug and a hanky, dear?
<tieboy> the phone rings, people with crises every ten minutes
<tieboy> i'm through with this "being social" shit
<zompist> sometimes it can lead to sex
<Down10> Is the sex worth it? Because I'm not enjoying the social scene
<zompist> or, sex with crises every ten minutes
<raven> yeah, but who wants to have sex with people who have crises all the time?
<spinn> if it's a "I don't get enough sex with you" crisis, that's not so bad
<sol-D> I have those all of the time. no one else seems to think that it's a problem
<zompist> have you had any yet, down?
<Down10> No
<Down10> But I'm not trying very hard
<Sandry> Sure, sure.
<zompist> oh, ok. well, for you then, it's worth it.
<zompist> are you very picky about what you stick it in?
<Down10> I'm just a shut-in. But "picky" I'm not, in terms of women
* zompist cancels the order for a sheep
<sol-D> stick what in?
<zompist> li'l downie
<zompist> down jr.
<sol-D> downy? it's snuggly soft.
<zompist> poor guy
<spinn> shut in you say
<spinn> except for having movies and drinks and dinner and snugglebunnies with tie, anyway
<zompist> all of you who want to get laid should just get together and have it on
<zompist> i'll send you my aquarium album; it'll put you in the mood
<spinn> that's an idea
<spinn> I'll kick in for airfare if I can get pictures
<spinn> should they do it like a polyanna, you think?
<hiway> i... do I want to know that that is?
<Sandry> Do you really think the ratio would even out?
<zompist> i think "by any means necessary" is the adverbial we're looking for
<hiway> yeah, I was going to mention the ratio problems. I think they think it can be overlooked.
<tieboy> i think it'd be 12 guys and sol-D
<Maus> That would be the most frightening gangbang in the history of gangbangedness.
<Sandry> I'm not sure if that's good or bad for sol.
<zompist> sol would be well compensated. very, very well.
<spinn> hiway, you never had a polyanna?
<spinn> it's a thing at christmas with presents
<tieboy> well, you could throw hiway in a dress
<tieboy> hell, i'd even show up then
<zompist> no, then it'd be 13 to 1
<zompist> unlucky
<spinn> <Machival> plus, you got the moviemask demo
<hiway> I still don't know what you're talking about.
<spinn> I know
<spinn> I see no reason to explain it, however
<hiway> jerk.
<Down10> oy
<spinn> it was a throwaway line for a joke
<spinn> look it up yourself if you care
<spinn> we could get maime and jacq in that probably too
<zompist> everybody draws a number?
<Maus> And they sit calmly on a bench, holding their tickets, making idle, awkward chat.
<Maus> And then, from behind closed doors, "unf unf unf uuunnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhaaahhhhh..." "*ding* Next?"
<zompist> surely we can get mia and random and mikki and sandry involved?
<spinn> and whoever wrote tie about wanting to get screwed
<Sandry> Ha, who gets to abduct Mikki?
<spinn> no, I like random
<Down10> random's cool. Plus, she lives closest
<tieboy> i think i hear boxes being hastily packed.
<zompist> i think random can decide by herself.
* zompist mentions the fabulous prizes
<random> what am i deciding here?
<Maus> By herself, and with the aid of these various date-rape drugs.
<tieboy> if you want to gang-bang a bunch of pimply dorks
<zompist> random, we need some virginities lost
<random> i wanna lose my virginity
<Down10> A year's supply of Astroglide!
<zompist> there ya go!
<AliasN> You have virginity? Lucky duck!
<hiway> so how does the ratio work out, now?
<random> but not with these people
<spinn> yeah, but they're talking about all of you non-sexed people getting together and taking care of it
<spinn> yeah
<zompist> paper bags will be supplied to whichever party desires them
<spinn> your choice is like, down, hiway, and maus
<zompist> and/or vin diesel masks
<tieboy> that guy shows up in everything these days
<hiway> I like how I was just sort of volunteered for this.
<hiway> oh, and apparently I'm in a dress.
* AliasN whispers "take the masks"
<zompist> machival too
<spinn> s/paper bags/holes in walls/
<Down10> The (Forced) Dating Game
<Maus> Eh, it's sex. Wait, the girlfriend has to be able to watch/participate. Little agreement we have.
<Maus> The Date Rape Game
<AliasN> I'm a girl. I can get sex whenever I want.
<zompist> did i mention the exciting prizes?
<random> shut up alias
<Maus> I have a vivid imagination and a silk hanky. I can get sex whenever I want.
<zompist> plus, all female participants are entitled to a free delousing
* Down10 stifles back tears of shame

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