It's like Bambi, only with rimming.


<hockeyfag> kyol: check for pr0n
<hockeyfag> boy.. there always is a hush ater I give a URL
<tieboy> This story contains descriptions of sexual acts between a man and deer. It contains anal, scat, and other sex acts that may offend some readers.
<tieboy> It's like Bambi, only with rimming.
<kaufman> tie: Jacquilynne and I thank you for the Cliff's notes
<CrazyClimber> i was losing a fight with a dirt snake, not checking out that page.
<Leth> damn, did I pick the wrong time to get back to keys
<CrazyClimber> from tie's description, maybe i'll wait.
*** kaufman is now known as pr0gdenNash
<pr0gdenNash> I put my penis in / a nice baby venison
<tieboy> Dad & Me begins like this: When I was fourteen years old, I went into the barn and caught my father fucking the dairy cow.
<jacquilynne> More internet advice column fun direct from iVillage:
<jacquilynne> my mom wants sex with me she is getting crazy about me she is divorced daily she comes in my room and try to have sex with me i don't know how to handle this situation i can't do with mom pls help me i also don't like long nails but my moms nails r almost 2 inches long she teases me with her nails pls help me i can't tell this to any other person so taking help from u i hope u ll reply me
<tieboy> its okay, jac, you're among friends
<jacquilynne> I'm not posting this shit, I'm just quoting.
<tieboy> thank god there's no pictures
<CrazyClimber> sounds like furplay's kind of site, tie
<jacquilynne> Beyond which, my mother is not divorced and lives two thousand miles away so if she's sneaking into my room every night she's making a hell of a commute to do it.
<kaufman> and if she did get divorced, she wouldn't do so every day
<agent_orange> Haha! See the funny aminals? What are the aminals doing, Daddy? Daddy?"
<agent_orange> "Kennel Slut"--didn't that win a pushcart prize back in '98?
* Leth goes off to the comforting safety of the Leonardo DeCaprio poetry site
* kaufman goes off to the comforting safety of you-know-who's mpeg
<tieboy> Mom, I'd have sex with you if you'd just cut your nails
<agent_orange> hmmm... "jacking my dog"... wonder what that's about... I like inspiring stories about brave and helpful doggies...
<CrazyClimber> he must have had a flat, AO.
<agent_orange> ³He let out moanful Baaa! and dug his horns into the ground as I penetrated²
<agent_orange> good writers make it look so easy
<CrazyClimber> "So here's to you, Rover Robinson..."
<Mr-Ben> (Except the nails, the two-inch nails...)
<CrazyClimber> agt and tie are strangely quiet.
<agent_orange> "mom has two-inch nails, three teeth, gray stringy hair and a hook nose and warts. I think she's a witch and she wants to have sex with me. What can I to about he wart?"
<agent_orange> cc: typing takes all of my processing power
<agent_orange> and I still mised a t
<tieboy> Oh, and I was just masturbating to the polar bear story
<agent_orange> oh, no--I just used it to replace that d
<agent_orange> tie: there's a polar bear story?
<tieboy> Yeah, and it's hot hot hot
<CrazyClimber> that's the last thing the polar bear wants.
<tieboy> good point
<Mr-Ben> If you wanna get laid, I'm sure that kid will introduce you to his mother with the two-inch nails.
<hockeyfag> polar bear?
<kaufman> cc: maybe it's a polar bear pervert
<CrazyClimber> heh, can only get it up when the weather's hot
<agent_orange> can we now expect creepy site with vidcaps of the CG coca-cola bears? focusing on the feet, maybe?
<tieboy> Well, I'm off to the doctors (not a moment too soon)
*** Signoff: tieboy (blippity-bloo or somethin')
<Mr-Ben> He's off to his rectal examination.
<agent_orange> palmar-hairectomy, no doubt
<hockeyfag> I look away for afew minutes and come back in the middle of a polar bear fetish convo? what the hell happened?

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