Prepared to be poked with a stick.


<spinn> ooh! rave, man
<spinn> you're mrs. ten below
<spinn> guy writes a "why aren't my captions showing up?" mail
<spinn> >Do you only accept submissions from a select group of people?
<spinn> she replies
<spinn> Yes. We only select captions from people who write funny ones.
<crispy> hee hee
<Photon> ouch
<SeanQ> yikes
<PyroP> hehehe
<Leth> damn rave, that's almost as bad as slamming the door on em
<spinn> well yeah, but even she has her limits
<crispy> it sounds like a WB show: raven's limits
<spinn> yeah, it's a game show. heather stands on stage, and the contestants poke her with a stick until she snaps
<crispy> ooo, a japanese game show, eh?
<spinn> 'course, there's a flaw with the premis there
<tieboy> the best episode was where they vanished with the stick for 2 hours
<SeanQ> spin: they'd have to find a way to stretch the show to a full half-hour
<SeanQ> otherwise it'd be five minutes of poking, five of carnage, and 20 of the dancing frog
<spinn> yeah, but I figure you get that for the first episode.
<spinn> after that, you know. she has to come in next day thinking, "they're gonna poke me with a stick"
<spinn> so she's prepared.
<crispy> well, does it have to be a stick?
<Lore> Prepared to be poked with a stick.
<spinn> or, more accurately, prepared to /not/ be poked with a stick.
<crispy> if they switch it to, say, a wet sponge
<Leth> or a Buick
<spinn> or mel gibson
<SeanQ> well, there's the premise: whichever contestant finds the most efficient way to get her to snap wins cash, prizes, and full medical coverage
<SeanQ> the losers have to clean the blood off the set
* raven goes looking for a stick.
<Leth> assuming they are capable of standing
<spinn> oh shit SHE'S HERE
*** Signoff: spinn (AAIIIIIIEEEEEE)
<raven> heh
* Leth feels comfortable knowing there are many people and miles between Raven and himself
<Leth> <poke>
* raven pulls out her Leatherman stick - a large whappin' stick with a fold out sharp-pokey stick.
<crispy> i'm not gonna start pokin' til i know what the prizes are
<Leth> a gift from LJ?
<Leth> or maybe more appropriately /for/ her
<raven> what the prizes or the Leatherman?
<SoiledGreen> no, you'd have holes in the body already from the stick.
* SeanQ dcc's a log to raven
* Leth dcc's a candle
<SeanQ> snnkkkt
* SeanQ asks where his captions went
<raven> down the Sucktastic Hole.
* Leth smokes stinky import cigarettes in Raven's living room
* SeanQ asks raven to host PGGTG4 next Wednesday
<tieboy> why aren't I in the logs? I talked about poop and it was funny
* crispy wishes he was in a select group
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<Leth> wow rave, I don't think you can do that to spinn and keep him alive
<Leth> oh shit, he's here
<spinn> heh
<Leth> spinn, get your health insurance all arranged?
<spinn> well, she's practiced on a few corpses.
<crispy> that's like swinging 2 bats, because it's *really* hard to keep them alive
<crispy> practicing on corpses, i mean
<spinnfude> well, I mean
<spinnfude> they didn't /start/ as corpses.
<spinnfude> except for the last one
<spinnfude> I'll send flowers to his room every other month, but I don't think he knows they're there, the poor dear

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