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<BirthdayQ> Me and my friend were observing the specs for the Playstation2 and started speculating on future playstations!
<agent_orange> they fly!
<BirthdayQ> the PS3 would have a plug to connect to your brain
<jacquilyn> NeuroCanular implants would add a lot to the #D gaming experience.
<BirthdayQ> well the PS4 would be taken in pill form
<Samwise> Nanites!
<BirthdayQ> to implant a playstation in your DNA!
<agent_orange> Inexpensive implants enable you to use your own pecker as a joystick,
<agent_orange> thus bringing the circle to a close
<BirthdayQ> A world where game systems evolved from men!
<tieboy> I could get into some force-feedback if that were true
<agent_orange> takes at least twenty minutes to reload, though
<BirthdayQ> in the future, they'll have rapid fire
<wabewalkr> The question is, will the Playstation survive a full frontal assault from Microsoft?
<agent_orange> in the past, I *had* rapid fire
<Samwise> thus eliminating the possibility of girls beating you at these games.
<agent_orange> now it's muzzle loading, if anything
<CrazyClimber> you just wait, youngster.
<Samwise> Shoot! Jammed!
<agent_orange> OW! safety's on!
<BirthdayQ> and a silencer
<mdxi> wabewalkr: X-Box is all hype. it's 2 years away and has mediocre specs even by today's standards.
<CrazyClimber> yeah, it's like they're inspired by apple's pippin.
<Leth> plus, will MS allow 3rd party licensing, or are they gonna be dicks about it
<tieboy> but... but it's shaped like an 'X'...
<mdxi> 2 years is half of a console's lifecycle. by then the PS2 will be entrenched and the Next Big Thing wil be on the horizon
<agent_orange> and... x is cool, like the x-men!
<mdxi> Pippin...hehehehe...
* Samwise looks around...Pippin? Pippin?!
<agent_orange> "shaped like an x" ... jesus...
<BirthdayQ> Actually, jesus is would favor something shaped like a cross
<mdxi> Apple and...Matsushita? Fujitstu? once decided to make a Set-Top Box. it was horribly under-specced and mostly vaporware anyway.
<Samwise> "This is my of it in rememberance of my high scores."
<CrazyClimber> q - especially if it was easy to carry
<mdxi> one sold on eBay a while back for like $1200
<mdxi> because not many aside from engineering prototypes were ever produced
<CrazyClimber> well, bandai actually came out with a pippin, which was different from the set-top box
<agent_orange> should make one shaped like a big "L" if you catch my drift
<BirthdayQ> A Microsoft game system comes with the game 'Blue Screen Attack Turbo!'
* CrazyClimber has caught agt's drift before and backs away quickly this time
<agent_orange> NT Crash Racing!
<Samwise> SimSupport!
<Elkman> Turbo Service Pack 6!
<agent_orange> Relic Hunter visits the NT registry
<BirthdayQ> Resident Office Assistant Evil!
<Samwise> Ooooo...I'd buy that one, Q.
<spinn> yeah, I have no ida how you can plan a box two years in the future and expect it to be good by then.
<spinn> but, if it's shaped like an X, hell
<agent_orange> MS Word Button Bar Breakout!
<CrazyClimber> SimSupport would be way above what they've got now.
<agent_orange> is *is* simulated support, after all
<BirthdayQ> Monopoly (Microsoft Edition)
<Samwise> Q: holy crap...if we designed one of those "special" monopoly boards, for the geek crowd, we could make some good $$.
<agent_orange> Print Server Setup Armagedon Countdown
<BirthdayQ> Sam, let's get in on it!
<spinn> do they sell?
<spinn> those things always piss me off.
<Samwise> Heh...I'll get a list of all properties & cards we'll need to design. :)
<spinn> Chicagopoly!
<spinn> Milleniopoly!
<Samwise> It'll fund the PGGTG3.
<BirthdayQ> Harley Davidsonopoly
<agent_orange> I don't think your target audience would be into an "analog" game
<spinn> not necessarily true
<spinn> I'm not gonna want to play taboo online
<BirthdayQ> Microsoft and Intel would take place of Park Place and boardwalk
<Samwise> Hmmm...good do you mass-market a group determined to show they're individuals?
<agent_orange> [knocks piece over] Crap! Can't we build a program to move these things?
<spinn> make a game that lets you change the rules mid-game
<spinn> make some structure to what sort of rules are allowed, but people can invent their own
<agent_orange> bundle another game on to the board!
<Samwise> I dunno...I think if the Chance cards are a little M$-bashy, it'll sell.
<spinn> makes it a geeky intelligence contest to see who makes up the coolest

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