phoia: fear of the letter b


<Samwise> Huh. Can anyone guess what Alliumphobia is the fear of?
<MarissaAmberFloresPicard> garlic
<SeanQ> Calista Flockhart?
<Loreweh> Everything.
<MarissaAmberFloresPicard> onions
<SeanQ> rather, sex with Calista Flockhart
<SoiledGreen> nude gay whales?
<Samwise> Goddam. I didn't think anyone would know that.
* MarissaAmberFloresPicard beams. *I* know *EVERYTHING*
<SeanQ> who was right?
* Kintobor kicks Marissa in the ass.
*** MarissaAmberFloresPicard has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by SeanQ (except how to be modest)
<Samwise> Kemlo was. But he made a second guess, which implies he wasn't very confident in his answer.
*** MarissaAmberFloresPicard (te3aj@ has joined #spinnwebe
<MarissaAmberFloresPicard> "Modest"? Marissa is ALWAYS modest! There is NO one more modest than Marissa!
* Kintobor kicks Marissa in the ass again and hurts his foot badly.
<zompist> 'alliumphobia' is an evil, evil latin/greek miscegenation.
<Samwise> Where'd you hear about that one, kemlo? And more to the point, can you define Kolpophobia?
* mdxi kicks MarissaAmberFloresPicard in the nads and dumps strawberry juice in her hair
<Samwise> Can you define it faster than an online search engine, that is.
<KemloCaesar> Sam - well, I'd seen something in a journal about the garlic plants being known as "allium"
<zompist> fear of fruit?
<zompist> i think kolpos is fruit
<Samwise> zomp: sortof...
<KemloCaesar> apples?
<Samwise> fear of genitals, particularly female
<Samwise> (may have a common root)
<zompist> silly euphemistic psychologists
<mdxi> heh heh..."root"
<SoiledGreen> no, no, no, root is the hero.
<KemloCaesar> no, root is the level of access
<mdxi> root is god
<babich> strange, I just did a search on Kolpos and all I came up with were bodies of water near croatia. "And that my son is the great Vagina ocean"
<zompist> what's wrong with muffophobia?
<babich> 'snatchaphobic'
<mdxi> scaredotwatitis
<Samwise> This could entertain me for days
<KemloCaesar> isn't "kolPos" a Klingon word?
<babich> heebee-labia-jeebees
<zompist> man, this is a seriously long list.
<zompist> i can't believe these are all clinical reports. this must be psychologists' equivalent of the cursed "exaltation of larks" disease.
<KemloCaesar> ailuropyrophobia
<KemloCaesar> fear of kittens! on FIRE!
* SoiledGreen can see his book coming together now.
<SoiledGreen> allyourbasearebelongtousphobia
<kaufman> my favorite is still aibohphobia
<KemloCaesar> fear of palindromes
<SoiledGreen> and larks!
<Samwise> Ken: was about to comment that my favorite phobia wasn't in there.
<KemloCaesar> Alektorophobia
<KemloCaesar> fear of chickens
<KemloCaesar> I had a fear of chickens for several years
<KemloCaesar> goes back to when I was attacked by a chicken that was larger than I was
<zompist> "fear of the waloons"??
<Samwise> what's a waloon?
<kaufman> fear of chads?
<zompist> a french-speaking belgian
<KemloCaesar> Walloon = one of the two main ethnic groups in Belgium
<babich> according to hobofobia is the fear of Bums. With a cold?
<KemloCaesar> well, not a superchicken. I was three at the time.
<babich> hydrargyophobia: mercurial medicines
<zompist> megalobutterophobia: fear of schumin
<babich> hypegiaphobia: responsibility man is that me all over
<KemloCaesar> Rhypophobia = fear of pooping
<babich> ithyphallophobia: erection hehhehh
<zompist> mysocyanophobia: fear of soiledgreen
<babich> kainolophobia: novelty oxymoron novel is it when your afraid of it.
<babich> kainolophobia: novelty this guys psychologist must think he's a total pussy
<babich> lachanophobia: vegetables sorry I meant this one
<Samwise> Desensitizing him with phony dog poop
<zompist> lorophobia: fear of parrots or of lore.
<kaufman> FDR: solophobiaphobia
<KemloCaesar> arachibutyrophobia: fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
<babich> touch the fake vomit! You'll never get cured if you dont touch it!
<SoiledGreen> lorophobia: fear of fetishes.
<rJak> Macadamiphobia: fear of nuts originated in Hawaii.
<Loreweh> Close. Fear of me is called "Lorphobia."
<rJak> Kungfuphobia: Fear of people named Carradine.
* kaufman accidentocopypastephobia
<zompist> arachnogyrophobia: fear of spinnwebe
<SoiledGreen> ph33r sp1nnw3b3!
<babich> maniaphobia: insanity now theres a self fulfilling prophecy
<zompist> phophobia: fear of photon
<PyroP> what's the fear of celery?
<SoiledGreen> celophobia.
<zompist> pantidownophobia
<kaufman> subpantyphobia?
<babich> scriptleibsenotic: ph33R 0f the 31337
<SoiledGreen> framaphobia
<zompist> outologophobia: fear of not making it to the quotes page
<agent_orange> F-f-f-f-untophobia
<zompist> agtophobia: fear of ending up in 'suspect device'
<rJak> saukuraphobia: Fear of getting beat up by Japanese schoolgirls.
<babich> mnemophobia: memories kind self fulfilling again
<KemloCaesar> babich - i don't get it
<KemloCaesar> er, not that one, scriptleibsenotic
<SoiledGreen> kemlophobia?
<agent_orange> Hidedesailormoonophobia
<kaufman> phoia: fear of the letter b
<Samwise> bahhahahahahahahaah
<Samwise> Dammit ken
<zompist> pedowhoopsophobia: fear of being /kicked
<SoiledGreen> snkkktaphobia: fear of laughing.
<Samwise> that's the funniest thing I've seen in weeks.
<babich> script-leibsen (german for child)-script kiddie sounded to trite
<agent_orange> phoebebbeebeephobia: fear of female chimpanzees
<agent_orange> (obscure)
<zompist> megalobetaiotagammaphobia: fear of rappers
<agent_orange> hobia -- fear of the letter P!
<kaufman> phophophobia: fear of a double-helping of vietnamese soup
<SoiledGreen> alurGOD DAMN Moo! FART SHIT FUCK lusaphobia
<kaufman> phb: fear of vowels
<PyroP> haiiophobia
<rJak> Schuminphobia: Fear of fat men with cameras in Wal-Mart.
<zompist> yuskophobia: fear of being photostopped
<KemloCaesar> incisopunctophobia: fear of being slashdotted
<agent_orange> yuskabonerphobia: fear of naked poser babes
<rJak> bblphobia: The fear of leaving a good discussion.
<babich> nichtrastorphobia: fear of not having your picture photoshopped, even a little
<Samwise> jeframbeauphobia: fear of grammar; hopefully
<KemloCaesar> boiphia: fear of naked pictures of hockeyboi in strange positions
<SoiledGreen> radiojockophobia: fear of mr-ben.
<Mr-Ben> More than a few people feared me in high school, SG. So it's not a new idea.
<PyroP> KemloCaesar^B:^B I think it can only be considered a phobia if it's an unnatural fear
<zompist> tomoiacobophobia: fear of ripperjak
<KemloCaesar> galciphobia: fear of having smartass captions appended under photos of you
<SeanQ> swriffophobia: fear of taking a phone call and missing a scroll-buffer worth of riffing
<zompist> neopaedohydrophobia: fear of newly bathed baby fantasy
<babich> lackslashaphobia fear of missing the / and writing 'join bigfatsluts' to the channel
<KemloCaesar> taumurhophobia: fear of sol-D taking several hundred pictures of you and sending them to everyone on the Net
<PyroP> cephalmyofemmephobia: fear of women doing facial muscle excercises
<SoiledGreen> pggtgophobia: fear of spinnoffs.
<KemloCaesar> jeebophobia
<Mr-Ben> Who would be afraid of US?
<zompist> uh
<zompist> spiders we were about to step on?
<zompist> bibleman?
<Kyol> Kittens we were about to torch?
<zompist> people who are afraid of every damn thing?
<Mr-Ben> I see. Points taken.
<Samwise> omniphobes.
<Mr-Ben> But it's not like we're a fearsome group of psychopaths/
<SoiledGreen> um.
<SoiledGreen> yes we are.
<babich> alphaomegaphobic
<Mr-Ben> Are not.
<zompist> ph33r us!
<KemloCaesar> tomasobibliocartophobia
<KemloCaesar> fear of Capalert
<Mr-Ben> Kemlophobia! Speaks for itself, don't it?
<SoiledGreen> ben - already done that one.
<babich> I put my thinkgeek 31337 H4X0R bumper sticker on my car as a joke, now Im afraid some sysadmin is going to misunderstand and put a brick through my windshield
<Samwise> Hrm. No word for fear of retarded people.
<SoiledGreen> "goddamn lusers."
<KemloCaesar> teratophobia, perhaps
<KemloCaesar> fear of birth defects
*** Elkman ( has joined #spinnwebe
<zompist> speaking of.
<babich> whats latin for 'head of charlie brown'
<KemloCaesar> something carolus brunus
<PyroP> Cephal carolus brunus?
<zompist> you want greek for phobias.
<KemloCaesar> oh, good point
<SeanQ> sam: may I humbly suggest helmetaphobia
<Samwise> Helmetaphobia? Isn't that fear of motorcycle safety regulations?
<kaufman> sam dubyaphobia
<SoiledGreen> feer of the goverment.
<SoiledGreen> fear.
<SeanQ> no, my bar-buddies used to lovingly refer to the retarded as 'helmets', as one particularly spent individual used to stop by for a drink wearing a bicycle helmet
<Elkman> ph33r?
<zompist> philodeseanqophobia: fear of seanq's bar buddies
<mdxi> phobophobeaphobia - fear of people who are afraid of everything
<Elkman> numeroalphaphobia: The ph33r of people who substitute digits 4 letters 2 be c00l.
<SeanQ> s/c00l/k3wL
<Mr-Ben> Jeffkaphobia: fear of Jeff K. and his spelling.
<kaufman> Lqqkphobia: fear of auctions
<Samwise> 13370|>|-|0814
<Lore> 4NUM3R0P40|3!A: Fear of people who don't.
<babich> jacqa;oisd-9uads-9423aphobic : fear of spelling like Jacq.
<Elkman> A++++++++++++phobia: Fear of getting anything other than insanely positive feedback.
<babich> phobiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: fear of cats on the keyboard
<kaufman> whatisphobia: fear of Jeopardy
<Samwise> porcinocraniaphobia: fear of Jeffy
<KemloCaesar> transposophobia: spear of foonerisms
<SeanQ> monomammophobia: fear or Thel
<SeanQ> s/or/of
<babich> kauf: actually, that might be the fear of saying 'what is' while on another game show when answerign.
<Mr-Ben> Lotsaphobia: fear of certain Blockbusters and Regal Cinema locations.
<kaufman> Iilxviphobia: Fear of Dolly
<kaufman> s/Iilxvi/Iixlvi
<Samwise> Ken: hwurm?
<kaufman> Sam: look at your clock
<Samwise> 3:02
<Samwise> *smak* OK.
<Samwise> I was parsing it into one number rather than 3 digits
<SoiledGreen> honkophobia: fear of dirtsnakes.
<Elkman> Kemlophobia: Fear of being corrected on a minor technical point.
<SeanQ> *smak*ophobia: frar of dog germs
<KemloCaesar> same here
<KemloCaesar> frar of dog germs, frar of dog germs
<Elkman> I was thinking of some long-extinct fish species.
<zompist> cerebrobrillophobia: fear of pictures posted to #sw
<PyroP> toddophobia: fear of big fucking dogs
<Samwise> euphukersophobia: fear of losing one's job due to laughter
<SoiledGreen> ruffaniophobia: afriad of having your website riffed on by spinnoffs.
<SeanQ> altabophobia: fear of not being able to switch out of the IRC window
<KemloCaesar> already said galciphobia...
<Samwise> Kemlo, as you ought to know, riffing on websites and the (former) IADL are not the same thing.
<KemloCaesar> kibophobia^
<KemloCaesar> no, sorry, that's not what I meant
<KemloCaesar> it was more of a comment to self
<kaufman> penultimatophobia: fear that you won't have the last line when raven logs this
<Elkman> Lagophobia: The fear that you're submitting your witty repartee 17 minutes too late.
<Leth> dittojokaphobia: fear or repeating a joke already scolled off of your scrollback buffer
<KemloCaesar> antepenultimatophobia: fear that you won't have the second-last line when raven logs this
<SoiledGreen> smiliophobia: afraid of :)
<babich> nullpedantaphobic: fear that your don't catch all of everyone elses mistakes and bring them up.
<Samwise> marlbrophobia: fear that going for a smoke will make you miss something good
<SoiledGreen> devnullophobia afraid of getting your mail put there.
<Leth> chubbadigiphobia: fear of having typing skills like Leth
<KemloCaesar> nikeophobia: fear of Leth's kid.
<zompist> geekolaughophobia: fear of appearing on portal of evil
<Elkman> muskaphobia: Fear that someone will be SWEATIN' YA WET at that SLAMMIN' concert.
<babich> stilelinkaphobic: fear of actually opening a picture link on stileproject.
<SeanQ> photoshophobia: fear leth knows where to find a picture of you
<Samwise> "\@__phobia: fear of ASCII snails
<KemloCaesar> the "nikeophobia" one was too obscure?
<kaufman> p0hbia: fear of sexually explicit material
<KemloCaesar> from "Nike", goddess of victory and victors.
<SeanQ> ambicheddaphobia: fear of someone moving your cheese
<SoiledGreen> deadheadophobia: fear of hippies
<KemloCaesar> sean - tyromobilophobia, actually
<KemloCaesar> I've actually seen that somewhere
<KemloCaesar> god help me
<Lots42> Phobiaphobia: Fear of all these phobias.
<kaufman> amiphobiaornot
*** KemloCaesar has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by SeanQ (nikeophobia: fear of having a swoosh embossed on your keester)
<Elkman> There's a real phobia that someone will move your cheese?
<kaufman> tieboyphobia
<PyroP> mulletophobia?
<SoiledGreen> fear of temps?
<babich> punkickabhobia
*** KemloCaesar has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Samwise (dammitophobia: fear of someone beating you to the joke)
*** maime has joined #spinnwebe
<KemloCaesar> i have no idea if it's real, just that I saw the word somewhere.
<KemloCaesar> maimeophobia: fear of wearing too much makeup
*** KemloCaesar has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Samwise (Yeah, that's funny. Bitch.)
<Elkman> Kemlophobia: Fear of putting your foot in your mouth.
<PyroP> maimephobia: fear of being a bitch but never being butch
<kaufman> nonsalutomaimephobia fear of not greeting maime
<zompist> maimonotogrokophobia: fear that maime may not undestand what the conversation is about
<Mr-Ben> Kickedkemloaphobia: Fear Kemlo will come back after getting kicked four times in two minutes.
<babich> nichtjavakinerphobia: maime's fear of never getting the coffee boy
<Elkman> crocrocophobia: Fear that you'll forget what it was like when rock was young.
<kaufman> I'm getting /menotgrokphobia
<maime> sweet coffee boy.
<SeanQ> madrebenophobia: fear of Ben's mom
<zompist> thatsjustsillyphobia: fear of the sketch getting shut down by the coppers
<kaufman> sucrocaffeinojuvenophilia?
<Mr-Ben> s/coppers/Colonel, zomp
<zompist> colonel?
<zompist> you must be thinking of a different episode, show, medium, or universe than i am
<Mr-Ben> From the Python shows.
<Samwise> cleesophobia: fear of the inability to recite a monty python sketch verbatim
<Samwise> smegophobia: fear of english scifi parodies
<zompist> hobbitophobia: fear of samwise
<kaufman> nonkemlosmentosphobia: fear that my next kick will be someone *else*
<zompist> melanoblancosorrycharliephobia: fear that black & white will never come out for the mac
<Mr-Ben> Lordofthephobias: Fear of Tolkien.
<SoiledGreen> sabbathophobia: fear of sundays.
<PyroP> esperantophobia: fear of bad constructed languages
<Elkman> boomtownophobia: Fear of Mondays.
<kaufman> Ben: or fear of *squeak squeak* lifting hindquarters
<Mr-Ben> Phobiaphobia: Fear of phobias. (sorry)
<zompist> timodanaophobia: fear of greeks bearing gifts
<kaufman> cobolphobia: fear of really bad constructed languages
<KemloCaesar> nerdographophobia: fear of geeks bearing GIFs
<Samwise> orgasmophobia: desire for death
*** Leth has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Leth (Sean knows why)
*** Leth has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by kaufman (Sean's next if he doesn't share with us)
<Leth> inside joke
<Elkman> Everything's an inside joke, Leth. Spill it.
<Leth> had to be there...anyhow
<PyroP> GIFsJPEGsphobia: fear of women who don't whine
<SeanQ> Deceeceophobia: fear of missing out on a joke in a private chat window
<kaufman> trojanequophobia: fear that your condom's too big and will slip off
<zompist> interyukyukophobia: fear of inside jokes
<Elkman> Er, I shouldn't have said "spill it" right after an orgasm reference.
<zompist> spinnuendophobia
<babich> blou-mortophobia: fear of windows NT
<kaufman> itsnotmyphobia: fear of mpegs
<KemloCaesar> necrocyanophobia, yeah.
<zompist> canuckophobia: fear of canadians
<kaufman> broomphobieh, fear of curling
<SoiledGreen> fear of tieboy.
<Leth> touretophobia: fear of suddenly blurtin- WATER ME FOLKS, I'M A FUCKING FLOWER
<KemloCaesar> punctilioagoraphobia: fear of dot coms
<Samwise> pedantophobia: fear that someone will point out others repeating jokes, after repeating one of your best jokes
<kaufman> cbphobia: fear of HOW ABOUT A BIG FAT FUCKING HOT DOG TODAY
<Samwise> Heh. Real one: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words.
<SeanQ> snictophobia: fear of horking a nose oyster on your monitor while supressing a laugh
<kaufman> snkkktophobia: fear of fucktards
<KemloCaesar> rhinocnidariphobia: fear of nose oysters
<daria> what's the fear of people coming over and invading your house and making fun of movies and never leaving?
<zompist> whatupwitdatophobia: fear of comedians
<kaufman> mstkkkphobia?
<SoiledGreen> goddamnwon'ttheygothefuckawayophobia.
<Samwise> rhinoduchephobia: fear of clean nasal passages
<KemloCaesar> noriphobiahdamn
<SoiledGreen> noriphobia: fear of glass objects in nose.
<PyroP> spinndalouphobia: fear of glass objects
<Samwise> jinxophobia: see above.
<kaufman> annoriphobia: fear of closing your mouth
<KemloCaesar> squamoverdophobia: fear of SoiledGrean
<Elkman> hockophobia: Fear that someone will show you pictures of naked people trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey.
<mdxi> felinegreetafacsimilephallophobia: you can figure it out
<KemloCaesar> er, that's "squamo - verdo - phobia"
<daria> glaaaaargh, elk.
<daria> and that'd be hockboiophob
<KemloCaesar> boiphia
<daria> kittybreadiphobia -- feer of getting tender parts massaged by a cat
<zompist> melanoplanetophobia: fear of a black planet
<Leth> splitophobia
<kaufman> catastrophobia: fear of dfc 249
<SeanQ> that was fucked up - my ALT key was stuck, I tried to tab over in a spreadsheet and wound up inthis window
<kaufman> excelphobia?
<SeanQ> every time I get out, they keep PULLING ME BACK IN
<Samwise> Your keyboard likes you here better.
<Leth> jooooinnnn uuuussss
<Samwise> cooome withhh uuussssss
<PyroP> now and share the software
<SeanQ> pacinoscenerichewophobia: fear of overacting
<PyroP> stallmanphobia: fear of greasy old unix programmers
<babich> CliffStallaphobia: fear of being a really huge dork
<Samwise> dorkophobia: fear of customers
<SeanQ> nexdaerophobia: fear of missing the UPS man
<zompist> punctohairophobia: fear of managers
<Mr-Ben> Schuminaphobia: Expressing a fear of Ben Schumin and his website (and I do mean HIS web site). A person suffering from Schuminaphobia also exhibits fear of long, drawn-out explanations of everyday things such as Wal-Mart or fire alarms. Schuminaphobia can also cover fears of webcams, scooters, and unnecessary Terms of Uses for stupid websites.
<Samwise> gaggruneophobia: fear of an unstoppable running gag
<zompist> mononotophobia: fear of ending up in the 'one-note wonders' section
<Elkman> orchigagulophobia: Fear of an unstoppable ball gag.
<daria> unrecognizophobia -- fear of not geting into the quotes section at all
<zompist> doubledariaphobia: fear of appearing in the next phobia
<Samwise> wisheyewuzheeraphobia: the realization that it's too late to make a joke without stepping on a joke you missed
<Mr-Ben> boiaphobia: Fear of a sex-starved dweeb who desperately wants as much attention as possible. Also a fear of the aforementioned dweeb taking pictures of himself with hockey gear shoved up his ass.
<SeanQ> instalogophobia: fear of seeing your next line in the SWHC before you're done typing it
<kaufman> buthowdoyoureallyfeelbenphobia?
<Elkman> Did the pictures really show him with hockey gear shoved up his ass?
<SeanQ> it was one stick and a couple of pucks, christ
<zompist> hockeynetophobia: fear of having a puck lately
<kaufman> ignorohockaphobia: fear that folks won't get your "two minutes for butt-ending" joke
<babich> real one: porphyrophobia: the color purple the movie? I can see that
<babich> porphyrophobia: the color purple
<Samwise> kahpeepaystecodephobia: fear of pasting to a chat window
<KemloCaesar> amoroculturophobia: fear of Cthulthu

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