Are we playing Naughty Amish again?


<mdxi> FYI: if you ever get bored, just do a google search for "AZN PRYDE"
<mdxi> hours of entertainment/pain
<spinn> "azn"?
<spinn> vas is das?
<spinn> nevermind, I'll check google
<spinn> SummarY. HeY Ya'lL. BasicallY, DiS IS JusT MaH WaY OF ProviN DaT I DO HavE AP TO DA PeepZ OuT TherE WhO CalL ME A DisgracE. (*AheM* OH, MaybE SumonE...
<tieboy> and that's just the entertainment. haven't gotten to the pain yet
<spinn> plenty pain enough for me already thanks
<spinn> that's just the summary from the search. I'm not clicking any of these
<spinn> tho I can't help wondering who this person is and why people would bother calling him a disgrace
<spinn> but I'm resisting
<spinn> huh, I am suddenly in the mood to hear Istanbul (Not Constantinope) live
<tieboy> that could take some doing
<spinn> "phizzphat".
<spinn> heheh.
*** Signoff: jacquilynne (Ping timeout)
<mdxi> recently had an article on slang, which included "phat". they had instances of that spelling, used in the context of "good", dating back to 1899
<spinn> no kidding
<tieboy> wow
<mdxi> it's come and gone several times in teh interim
<spinn> in what context? know where that article is?
<mdxi> one moment
<tieboy> "And to-day I decree this in-door water closet confabulation to indeed be phat!"
<spinn> melissa, the new washing-device has a hand-crank agitator-engine to distribute lye throughout your daily washing."
<spinn> "phat!"
<spinn> yay thanks
<spinn> I did look, but I couldn't figure where it would be
<spinn> huh
<tieboy> "Eli Whitney's phat Cot-ton Engine mayhap perfom the work of a score of Negroes!"
<spinn> cot-ton en-gine
<spinn> I dig that antiquated hyphen-mark
<tieboy> very Hermann T. Wossname
*** jacquilynne has joined channel #spinnwebe.
<jacquilynne> Stupid frickin' AZN PRYDE web page. Not only was it scary and sucky, it crashed my whole fuckin' system
<spinn> well-come to our local talking-place, jacquilynne
<spinn> many apologies for the undesired alignment of your electric computing-device
<tieboy> sit a spell and re-gale us with tales of the un-explored northern wilder-ness!
<mdxi> how goes it in the Territories?
<mdxi> my own brother, Ephram, is only recently returned from a map-making expedition
<mdxi> he tells of a gold-rush which is imminent in yon lands
<tieboy> i have laughed so hard i right toppled from my sit-ting device and now roll upon the floor!
<spinn> indeed, were my posterior not attached to my hindquarters in the way Our Lord intended, I may inadvertently find it cleanly removed from my person with the gales of mirth that now sweep through me
<tieboy> jac: please divulge the number of your years, your gender, and whyche colony you reside in!
<jacquilynne> It is my sincere belief that you should all be under the care of a brain-doctor.
<spinn> /being_a_private_message_intended_only_for_the_specified_recipient tieboy I am willing to wager her breast-area is pleasingly voluminous
<mdxi> i say, steady on, tie-boy! you seem to have slipped past our own modern gaslit era and into the grammatical dark-ness of the previous century
*** Drusilla has joined channel #spinnwebe.
<tieboy> be it recalled that i once invited you to place your mouthe upon my erect member, for you are a buggerer-of-men
<spinn> indeed, that manner of prithee-speake is so...1700's
<mdxi> it's a short trip from there to hey-nonny-nonny, and then we shall have to call for the ambu-lance from Bedlam
<jacquilynne> I went away for like a minute, Dru, and when I came back, they were all straight out of a Nathanial Hawthorne novel.
<spinn> years of absinthe treatment for his brain-fever
<mdxi> i hear the new straight-jackets don't chafe to fearfully as the previous models
<Drusilla> so i see.
<mdxi> it's all the rage, Miss Drusilla. all the girls are dreadfully taken with it.
<spinn> drusilla, if you would be so kind, please reveal to us your number of years, whether you are a man or of the fairer sex, and in which of our great States of America you reside
<spinn> man or of
<spinn> damnit
* mdxi asks for the honor of the first dance at this evening's social
<tieboy> t'would seem a vex-ation would exisit betwixt your com-puting gadet and panel of letter-ed keys
*** DrusillaTu has joined channel #spinnwebe.
<mdxi> i have only this morning been to Phila-delphia and purchased a new stove-pipe hat
<DrusillaTu> good for you.
<jacquilynne> such vanity in a man of so few years, good shawn
<spinn> sheese, I typed all that and she got cut off
<DrusillaTu> i saw it.
<Lore> Hrm.
<Lore> Hi again, being that I'm no longer watching Dexter's Laboratory and eating ham sandwiches.
<mdxi> ah! our friend from the Swedish isles re-joins us
<spinn> no, more like "I make thoughtful noise in contemplation," lore
<spinn> get with it
<mdxi> what news from Danskaart?
<DrusillaTu> I make a thoughtful noise in contemplation of what in purgatory you must be partaking of in your snuff-box,
<Lore> Are we playing Naughty Amish again?
<mdxi> Such language! you always were a Spanish spit-fire, Miss Drusilla
<mdxi> It's a lucky man who wins your hand and dowry
<Drusilla> I do not possess a dowry.
<mdxi> A tragedy. I take it your family plan-tation was a casualty of the War Between the States
<tieboy> be-ware, mdxi, or she may clout you about the head-and-neck with a large whisker-ed river fish
<Drusilla> Indeed, it was.
<Lore> Ahem. "I know not at what you play, gentle folk, only that I feel like a genitive organ of the highest degree in participating in your japery."
<tieboy> Lore! Your quip hast caused my water-of-the-coffeebean to burst from my nose, thusly spraying my electro-matic look-ing windowbox!
<spinn> heheh
<spinn> how long were you holding on to that?
<tieboy> why, for several turnings of the time-tell oh fuck it. couple minutes
<Drusilla> very good, tie.
<Lore> YOu lied to me, you lying liar.
<Drusilla> all right, so what game are we playing and why?
<Lore> Ya gots me, doll-face.
<spinn> we are playing no "game", madam, simply speaking of events of to-day and other matters which concern us
<Lore> What's wit da accents, youse guys?
<tieboy> huh. actually, i can't even remember
<tieboy> oh, phat
<spinn> tieboy: "And to-day I decree this in-door water closet confabulation to indeed be phat!"
<spinn> and rolled on from there
<tieboy> phat was used back in 1899
<Drusilla> I make a thoughtful noise in contemplation of what in purgatory you must be partaking of in your snuff-box, and why you are not sharing it with me,

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