* Leth will work as QA


<CrazyClimber> a lot of guys would pay good money to wrap your dirty laundry around their tallywhackers, shil.
<CrazyClimber> think there's a whole section on ebay, in fact.
<SeanQ_free> Freshly Laundered Panties
<shil> but these aren't freshly laundered
<Kyol> "Laundered"? You're missing the point, son.
<CrazyClimber> well, those wouldn't bring much money at all
<shil> freshly soiled, maybe
<tieboy> Put Your "Freshly Soiled Panties On The Web"
<shil> but how do I /keep/ them freshly soiled?? I mean. by the time the auction's over, they'll be stale.
<tieboy> hire a staff
<CrazyClimber> shil, if that's your biggest problem, you're golden.
<shil> open a business that sells soiled underwear?
<Kyol> You auction off a pair that you'd wear for maybe 15 minutes tops _after_ the auction. Then you seal them in a ziploc and mail 'em.
<CrazyClimber> so to speak.
<shil> wow....
<Kyol> Sure. who _hasn't_ bought a little baggie of Scott's ass hairs?
<shil> I could make a living selling panties.
<shil> I could sell one an hour
<shil> I wonder what they'd go for?
* CrazyClimber suggests an ebay search.
<SeanQ_free> sell 'em with individual packets of Nestle's Qwik
* shil is brainstorming
<raven> As long as postage and supplies are covered, it's nothin' but money-makin'.
<shil> no kidding
<shil> that's a great idea.
<SeanQ_free> "The Goddess Shilantra's Deluxe Before 'N' After Kit"
<Kyol> And they dont' have to be _fancy_ panties or anything, although those can get a premium.
<shil> wow.
<CrazyClimber> "Shil's Scratch N Sniff Emporium"
<shil> ok now...
* SeanQ_free is in the wrong goddamned business
<shil> if I really did this, would you guys help me out?
<CrazyClimber> oh yeah, like we'd buy /your/ panties, sean
<SeanQ_free> CC: i can't ever find my size...
*** SeanQ_free is now known as lOO_Spanking_Monkeys
<raven> I don't even want to know what help would be involved.....
* Leth will work as QA
<shil> well.. just like.. with management.... and stuff.
<shil> if the thing really took off.
<Kyol> Heh.
<shil> I'm serious.
<Leth> well, you'd have to take em off...shipping would be expensive
<jacquilyn> I don't think you're gonna get rich, shil. A quick search for underwear on ebay indicates the going price is only about $10 a pair.
<CrazyClimber> "Work at Home Stuffing Envelopes In Your Spare Time!"
<Kyol> So we need to get the worlds cheapest panites, then, Jacqui!
<Kyol> We aren't selling Vic's Secret or something here..
<shil> I'm very very tempted to do it if it's worth it.
<shil> jackie: is that soiled underwear?
<jacquilyn> Althought most of them are from men. So maybe a woman's used undies would go for more.
<jacquilyn> yes, shil.
<shil> really?
<shil> wow.
<raven> Yeah, a buck a pair for cotton, say, $2 for shipping, that's $7 a pair.
<jacquilyn> and there's lots and lots of it up for auction.
<Kyol> Well, shipping is usually extra on Ebay..
<tieboy> Shil, if you could have a successful pr0n career first, it would probably up the price
<CrazyClimber> but /these/ are worn by goddesses!
<shil> I thought people were more perverse than that.
* Kyol can't believe we're talking about this.
<lOO_Spanking_Monkeys> flash the shilcam, that's close to a pr0n career
<raven> But eBay could be flooding the market.
<shil> let's go for a marketing angle on this
* Leth can't believe it's actually a serious discussion
<lOO_Spanking_Monkeys> i gave you one
<raven> A little button under your picture labelled "Buy her panties!"
<shil> how /fresh/ is the other guy's soilerd underwear.
<lOO_Spanking_Monkeys> does he charge extra if he's eaten chili that day?
<Kyol> same day shipping can get expensive.
<CrazyClimber> sean, that might reduce shipping weight
<shil> if we did regularly scheduled "soilings" we could get a regular flow of customers.
<tieboy> flow
<Kyol> ...soilings, and flow, int he same sentence...
<Kyol> I'm heading out.
<Kyol> I need stamps.
<CrazyClimber> yeah, we understand, kyol
<shil> Kyol: no, but I mean, were the undies soiled before the guy decided to put them on ebay or was it like, an auction for him to soil his undies?
<shil> kyool nooo!!!
<shil> don't leave!
<shil> you're important to this conversation!
<Kyol> Heh. But otherwise I'm stuck at work.
<shil> NOOOO!!!!!
<Kyol> What, you're saying I'm like the head pervo here? :)
<shil> please don't go!
<CrazyClimber> yeah, i'd've left long ago if we were talking a bout anything else.
<shil> yes!
<shil> please...
<lOO_Spanking_Monkeys> shil, reach back into that festering mountain of laundry and give us a preview of your Summer Collection
* shil makes a puppy dog face...
<Kyol> Heh. I can't stay - the post office closes, and I need that roll of a hundred.
<Kyol> Wait, let's see if it makes the cam.
<CrazyClimber> shil can roll one for you.
<lOO_Spanking_Monkeys> heheh, /that/ got you to stay, eh Kyol?
<shil> bahahah bob!
<shil> hehehehehehe
<shil> the power of the puppy dog face!!!
<CrazyClimber> i think the pets.com sock puppet has a more realistic face, shil.
<shil> it is realistic
<shil> Kyol, if you go, you'll break my heart!
<tieboy> but she's got soiled panties. sock puppet don't
<CrazyClimber> true, tie
<shil> I gotta get another light... *that's* why teh pic is so yellow.
<Kyol> But sock puppet is a _sock_. There's fetish potential there, too.
<tieboy> true. wet messy socks are big
<Leth> a wet & messy sock puppet......
<shil> I can make my socks wet and messy
<tieboy> Shil, you'd need to include a few pics of you in the panties to go along with the actual panties
<Kyol> ...on film?
<shil> I'll send a sock along to one lucky winner a day
<raven> There ya go. Throw in a free sock.
<Kyol> We need to preview the product, here.
<raven> Branch out into nylons or something. Go for a matched lingerie set....
<tieboy> so when the guy is lying on his cot with your panties in his mouth, flogging it, he has something to look at
<Kyol> garters and stockings?
<Kyol> OK, tieboy has the crown.

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