I get the impression that putting lucky charms in the ps2 is advised


<Kyol> Heh. Ps2 warning images: http://www.thegia.com/news/0003/n04/ps2-warning1024.jpg
<Kyol> I love the little japanese warning images.
<spinn> I like them all, except the one with the heart and star shaped cds takes a little interpretation
<spinn> oh!
<spinn> the top one for electric shock with the plug is especially good
<spinn> so good, that I didn't even notice how good it was
<Kyol> I like the little sweat/anxiety drops coming out of the ps2 under the TV warning..
<Elkman> I like the one with the player on fire. Why do people need to be told these things?
<Kyol> The one in the lower right is probably correct - I've seen televisions with smaller caps..
<tieboy> i remember that time i spilled water /and/ dropped a paperclip into my PS at the same time
<spinn> yeah, some are very handy, like "don't put a big ass tv on top of it"
<spinn> some are just good reminders, like watch liquids
<spinn> but "don't use for cheap heat source" is kinda dopey
<Elkman> I don't get the heart/star one. Are they telling you that you shouldn't put Christmas ornaments in there?
<spinn> no, it's "goofy-shaped cds"
<spinn> possibly, like minidiscs
<Kyol> I don't get _either_ of the far right ones. What's the one on the top: "Don't keep the ps2 out of reach of toddlers. They can't become scary game geeks if you keep it out of their reach." And the middle one - what's that? "Don't clean your ps2 with a toothpick.."
<Samwise> I think those are cookies.
<spinn> but it'd be tough getting "minidisc" across in an icon
<tieboy> don't let pinnochio dance on your PS2
<Elkman> Don't light strike-anywhere matches on your PS2.
<jacquilynne> I don't think he's dancing. I think he's kicking that star. Which is inexcusable even if not done on top of a PS2
<Kyol> I think that's "Don't let pinnochio do the electric boogaloo on your PS2", tie.
<spinn> oh, hm
<spinn> whatever he's doing, it's on the back of the thing
<Samwise> Don't hurl thunderbolts of Zeus into the back of the console
<LJ-atwork> that's "don't put lucky charms in your ps2"
<spinn> wow!!
<tieboy> don't unplug your console or a lightning bolt will shoot from the ground into the sky
<jacquilynne> What's with the one with the TV: don't force your PS2 to help you move?
<LJ-atwork> and "don't let nipple-faced, deformed, clothes-wearing monkeys dance near your ps2"
<LJ-atwork> I think the last one is an abstract representation of "ps2 is for flaming faggots"
<Elkman> I think the message is, "Don't wear coveralls when using your PS2."
<Samwise> "Don't let these morons near your PS2...in fact, keep them out of the house.
<LJ-atwork> and the one above it is "the ps2 makes a nifty griddle, harvesting the rays of the sun"
<tieboy> Don't give your PS2 a feathered toupee
<LJ-atwork> "after feeding your ps2 lucky charms, be sure to let it burn off the extra calories by bench pressing the TV"
<tieboy> bottom right: does he have some sort of prehensile, spiny fn growing from his back?
<Samwise> So much for our throw-the-papercli-and-glass-of-water-at-the-open-console tournament.
<tieboy> I've been practicing for weeks with my DVD player
<spinn> I wanna put a tv on top of it to see the sweatles come off the thing.
<LJ-atwork> tieboy: are you disgraphic?
<tieboy> um... i don't know what that means
<tieboy> but probably
<Samwise> tieboy: it's at the *other* bottom right corner.
<tieboy> oh
<Elkman> "Don't sit in a chair and poke in the back of this thing while holdint a butane lighter."
<tieboy> i meant, bottom right if you're sitting behind your monitor, obviously
<jacquilynne> The guy in the uh bottom right (that's tie's right) looks like he's morphing into pacman.
<Elkman> Maybe this is a cheat sheet for The Sims: Electrocution Boogaloo!
<Samwise> The little people inside my monitor paint it up on my screen.
<tieboy> top right (?) corner . does that i /shouldn't/ keep my PS2 out of reach of my toddler?
<jacquilynne> Yeah, cuz then they can't play it tie and won't become addicted.
<Samwise> tie: yeah, otherwise he might take an interest in sports or something.
<jacquilynne> And then they might develop social skills.
<jacquilynne> And not become multi-billionaire geeks.
<jacquilynne> And then who would take care of you in your old age?
<mdxi> bottom right corner is for people who haven't already seen the tear-down pics and don't know about the fucking huge blue capacitors lying in wait
<mdxi> errr...left.
<mdxi> now *i'm* doing it!
<LJ-atwork> hahha it's contagious
<tieboy> 8th from the upper left lower starboard. What's coming out of that dude's arm?
<Samwise> Alleft, this is just getting upleft ridiculous.
<mdxi> you mean noneleft, do I?
<spinn> three turns, counterrightwide, from bottom.
<spinn> this is like the family telling marge what to do with the rubik's cube
<tieboy> Where's Righth today? I mean, Leth?
<Samwise> Plusgood description, spin.
<Elkman> I think this should have been drawn with Family Circus characters: Jeffy is the one standing on top of it, PJ is staring upward at it, and Bil's the one finding out how capacitors work.
<mdxi> i'm still stuck on the middle right (yes, right) one. Do Not Use the Eyedropper Tool to Sample the Color of your PS2?
<tieboy> Didn't the PS come with a warning, like take a 15 minute break every hour or something?
<mdxi> Do Not Apply Tiny Cattle Prods to Your PS2?
<mdxi> Warning: The PS2 Is Full Of Stars?
<Samwise> tie: yeah, if you're a wuss.
<tieboy> I think they used the word "Sissypants" actually
<spinn> again: that's the back
<Samwise> I mean, come *on*, you can't get a decent PSX coma going if you have to keep stopping!
<spinn> maybe it makes sense if you know what the back looks like, or what's there
<tieboy> bottom row: don't stand on console while dropping your Fairy Wand.
<Elkman> I dunno. The guy opening up the back looks like he's reaching into a toaster oven.
<tieboy> They're missing some obvious ones. "Don't swallow PS2 whole."
<spinn> do you people really think these are stupid, or are you just so used to riffing on stuff?
<Elkman> I'm just used to riffing on stuff.
<jacquilynne> I think 99% of all warning labels these days are stupid. Graphical ones are fun to riff on. It's an ideal situation.
<mdxi> do not use the Dual Shock controller as an anal vibe
<mdxi> not even while playing DOA2
<spinn> well, sure, the existence of most of them is stupid, but I think they do a good job of conveying a message, for the most part
<Elkman> So did the cartoon with Thel in the shower, but we riffed on that one too.
<jacquilynne> It's the message I have problems with. If you have to be warned not to spill liquids into the CD player, then you are too stupid to own this product.
<tieboy> Don't drag it behind your car. Don't store it in a full aquarium. Don't use it to heal the blind. Stuff like that.
<LJ-atwork> actually, none of them say NOT to do these things
<jacquilynne> It's kind of like the 'Warning Contents May be Hot' messages on coffee cups. Sure, the warning conveys the message but does the message really need to be conveyed?
<LJ-atwork> I get the impression that putting lucky charms in the ps2 is advised
<Elkman> Don't use the PS2 as a coffee machine.
<tieboy> If they didn't convey the message, they'd get sued.
<Elkman> Do not play LP's in the PS2. If you remember what an LP is, you're probably too old to use the PS2.
<mdxi> do not use the ps2 to heat Jemima-oba-san Microwave Pancakes

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