"Yoummmph nmmmph is Cempphmilwmmph..."


<spinn> so I know a direction I want to take spinnoff
<spinn> going to make up levels
<spinn> leave pending assingments on a page
<spinn> work out some rpg-style experience point structure, assign points to different things
<agtorang> so we can log in and check our homework? kewl.
<spinn> like, "watch isourceline.com, first person who tells me it's changed" etc
*** Leth is now known as DML
<DML> Can we kill orcs, too?
*** DML is now known as Leth
<zompist> do we get a Turn Undead spell?
<spinn> yes.
*** Leth has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by SeanQ (roll 1d20 for damage)
<zompist> i got news for you leth... dan doesn't want to *kill* 'em exactly...
<Mr-Ben^> Dan wants to ANALLY ACCEPT orcs.
<agtorang> porkin' orcs...
*** Leth is now known as DML
<DML> and those garden Gnomes, too
*** SeanQ is now known as DMLaenker
<DMLaenker> ... and maybe one of those jockeys with the lanterns... ooohGA!
<spinn> I picture a cartoon drawing of dml, bending over, butt to front, looking at you over his shoulder
<spinn> talk balloon coming from his anus. "we accept you! we accept you! one of us! one of us!"
<DMLaenker> I *might* anally accept Richard Karn.
<kaufman> cc: that's orbs, not orcs.
<CrzyClmbr> no, it's orcs, they say.
<CrzyClmbr> i asked jeeves "what is an orc?" and that was one of the links.
<CrzyClmbr> along with the table of contents to the Ohio Revised Code.
<SeanQ> there's one useful search engine, right there
<Mr-Ben^> Here's an interesting PGGTG2 game: Pin the tail IN DMLaenker.
<zompist> how many ruffiano points for losing someone's virginity?
<rJak> Which part?
<spinn> hm, well
<Mr-Ben^> Have an illustration like Greg described, pin it to a wall. Like it!
<spinn> guess it depends if it's done in some ruffiano way
<spinn> like if you do it in front of a fundamentalist church, that gotta be worth something
<Samwise> zomp: what if it's merely misplaced?
<agtorang> or while snake handling
<zompist> or if you refer to cecilweed halfway through?
<spinn> it's require documenting
<kaufman> recite the entire cecilweed for bonus points
<spinn> and if the person's someone who's good enough looking that I'd want to see them naked, it's worth plenty
<agtorang> yell "My plum sac grows ripe! I fear the fruit shall fall!" at climax
<zompist> do it on your web-cam
<Samwise> "I'm gettin off the sheeEEEEEED!"
<Mr-Ben^> Or if you reprise Superman's "mercilessly beating off".
<kaufman> call out at the climax: I AM THE PENISARIO!
<agtorang> a sperm-burping contest!
<SeanQ> what iof you yodel the Cecilweed speech into the gully, so to speak
<Samwise> or redefine *rimshot*
<zompist> you lose points each time your partner bitch-slaps you.
<Mr-Ben^> Oh, ya mean "Yodelin' in the Valley", Sean. Heh!
<SeanQ> "Yoummmph nmmmph is Cempphmilwmmph..."
<Leth> or spell out the entire Cecilweed bit with your tongue?
<kaufman> backwards
<zompist> make gifs of the happy event available on cafepress
<Mr-Ben^> Or threaten to deflower a prehensile vagina.
<kaufman> Or threaten to devaginate a psychic flower
<spinn> you'd figure a prehensile vagina would be able to take care of its own deflowering
<zompist> furiously deflowering
<Mr-Ben^> With your HIGH-SPEED DICK!
<kaufman> *longing for the return to more tasteful subject matter*
<Leth> when the hell did we ever have tasteful subject matter? (outside of delicious Fancy Shit Candy?)

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