Just for the nut tingling.


<agent_orange> there *may* or *may not* be s blockage at the bottom of my heart, between chambers. The dr. reccomends an angiogram, fairly soon.
<agent_orange> Which I will do, just for the nut tingling.
<ristoril> is that the burning balls thing
<ristoril> do you have someone who you can enlist to soothe your burning balls?
<agent_orange> yes indeedy
* ristoril is not volunteering
* agent_orange pouts
<ristoril> that's good, because i know that if my balls were going to be iminently burning i'd want someone to soothe them
<ristoril> eminently?
<ristoril> "very soon"
* agent_orange plans an unsolicited e-mail campaign: SOOTHE MY BURNING BALL$!
<CrazyClimber> that's why nbsp is a cooler religion than christianity. all christianity has is the burning bush.
<ristoril> i'd be happy to soothe a burning bush
<shil> so nbsp is is the equal opportunity religion?
<agent_orange> "Does it hurt when you pee? That's Gawd talkin', Brother!"
<kaufman> of course they swiped that right from Judaism
<kaufman> although some southern "Christian" offshoots also have the burning cross
<Elkman> So why do your balls tingle when you get an angiogram?
<kaufman> elk: sounds like prime material to submit to answerpoint
<agent_orange> Elk: I think it has something to do with them shooting the nukes into your femoral artery
<Elkman> agt: Ah, that makes sense.
<Samwise> They put this stuff into your blood... it does something beneficial to your heart, but makes your nads burn.
<CrazyClimber> how ironic, that the heat-seeking missile is under attack the same way.
<Elkman> Ken: Sure, like they'd casually allow the word "balls".
<agent_orange> the balls get a good dose before it disperses
<Samwise> Or, maybe it has no benefit, but the burning in your balls distracts you from the fact that there's something *in your heart*.
<CrazyClimber> you have that little faith in me, elk?
<kaufman> fine. "testes" "nads" "scrotum" "Gadungas" ...
<shil> what if you were talking about juggling balls, elk?
<CrazyClimber> remember, even if it /were/ to be filtered, I could unfilter it.
<Elkman> Could I use the word "nutsak"?
<ristoril> you could always type b@lls
<kaufman> "nbsps"
<Samwise> You could use a little bit of Bronner's peppermint soap.
<Samwise> Tends to make the nether regions feel very cool.
*** kaufman is now known as MilkmanDan
<MilkmanDan> oh yes, yes! check my heart again!
<agent_orange> maybe it just makes them tingle because it's the only attention they've gotten in WEEKS
<agent_orange> sorry, sorry.
<Samwise> UH-oh.
<agent_orange> hee hee
<Samwise> There, there.. you can tell us...
<Elkman> rrrrrrrrraaaarrrrrrggghhhscrotum.
<kaufman> that's what they get for doing their job too well
<ristoril> i hate you, milkman... nm
<Samwise> We won't make fun of your problem.
<Samwise> (until you leave)
* ristoril can't make fun of agt
<Samwise> Why, rist? Not feeling well?
<agent_orange> no problem. really. except that I'm fat
<agent_orange> and she's pregnant
<ristoril> i don't have any ball soothing to expect in my near future
<agent_orange> and it's really an engineering problem more than anything
<Samwise> Ah, OK.
<ristoril> how far along agt?
<agent_orange> um ... due in december, so... @7.25 months
<ristoril> so much for my suggestion
<ristoril> hint: don't ask for sex after it comes out
<ristoril> wait at least a few hours
<Samwise> I feel much better about suffering through Aunt Flo's visit now.
* kaufman dccs agt a copy of the Kama Sumo

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