Even the bitchy French people gave you a statue.


<tieboy> sensitive? you calling me gay?
<KemloCaes> No, it means you're psychic.
<mdxi> no, he's saying you have premature ejaculation problems
<Leth^> try some numbing cream
<KemloCaes> Epidural.
<Leth^> er, I, um, heard it works for some people...I've never, um, tried it
<KemloCaes> A balloon full of cocaine.
* CrzyClmbr saw a guy snorting a line in the back seat of a car yesterday.
<CrzyClmbr> just another day here.
<jacquilyn> As the ads for the Canadian Men's Clinic found on all the buses, streetcars and subways tell us, premature ejactulation is nothing to be ashamed of, Leth. And they can help.
<jacquilyn> But I'm not sure if that only applies to Canadian Men.
<CrzyClmbr> If only Leth were Canadian, that would be true.
<KemloCaes> Depends *how* premature.
<Kyol> And in Madison, the cattle sperm industry has billboard with stuff like "Sperm on A Stick!" on 'em. Very bizarre.
<Leth^> Nah, I leave the premature thing strictly to my kid
<jacquilyn> I mean, the shamefulness might be culture specific.
<tieboy> I tried one 'a' them rings once
<CrzyClmbr> Yeah, it /is/ genetic.
<Leth^> besides, I wouldn't want to have to move to Canada...imagine telling customs... "Business or pleasure?" "Sexual Dysfunction Treatment"
<CrzyClmbr> Leth, if it's that common up there, it isn't a dysfunction.
<Leth^> "Canadianism" "Go right ahead sir, and I'm sorry"
<jacquilyn> I'm in the habit of telling customs agents why I'm travelling at great length. I've found if you bore them to tears, they don't wanna search your bags.
<mdxi> Quebec is the way it is because of the Quebec Act, which was passed by Parliament in the years leading up to the American Revolution in a (successful) bid to keep Canada out of the war.
<mdxi> so that whole separatist, French thing is all our fault.
<jacquilyn> Shit. I figured it was probably your fault. The rest of the fucking problems in this world are.
<Kyol> It's the least we could do.
<Kyol> "To Canada with love, from Uncle Sam."
<jacquilyn> Even the bitchy French people gave you a statue. What did we get?
<tieboy> The chunnel?
<Leth^> Signs written in several different languages
<kaufman> Jerry Lewis
<mdxi> there's no chunnel to Canada!
<Leth^> mdxi: The Black Helicopters use it
<mdxi> that would be pretty leet tho
<kaufman> acid rain, the Expos, ...
<jacquilyn> From you an independence movement with a bad accent.
<Leth^> it's how we control their minds and keep them docile on beer and donuts
<jacquilyn> From them, a bad quote from de Gaulle.
<tieboy> Oh. Why did I think she was in England?
<mdxi> that's Nyder
<jacquilyn> Last time I checked, tieboy, the chunnel didn't make it quite all the way across the Atlantic.
<tieboy> Well, not yet...

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