#spinnwebe Logs : "It's Money. So Use It."


<Elkman> http://www.usmint.gov/GoldenDollar/top10.cfm -- the government tries to be trendy.
<spinn> oh christ
<spinn> is it a top ten list?
<Elkman> Yes.
<spinn> wow, that is like the government
<spinn> trendy, for like 1990
<Leth> which for the government means they've caught up about 15 years
<Agent_Orange> The Golden Dollar Truck Stop and Saloon
<zompist> ooh, the feds have a spirograph!
<Leth> "Breaker one-nine...have you all heard 'bout the new dollar?"
<CrazyClimber> they're very focused on laundry in these answers.
<Elkman> They have the Dymo Label-Maker font, too.
<Kyol> ...One blue gap dress, One dollar!
<spinn> And now, Spirograph technology is available to our brave boys on the World Wide Web creation effort!
<zompist> by st. theresa of avila's jesus-stimulated g-spot, but that is one fucking lame top 10 list.
<Leth> complement jeez
<spinn> actually, that's a dumb looking coin.
<spinn> I like the back.
<Elkman> The Golden $ Home page has this selling point: "It's money. So use it."
<zompist> not the least 'cos half the "jokes" are variations of each other.
<spinn> 3 is the only one that approaches amusing
<kaufman> click on it and it starts talking about "nattering nabobs of negativism"
<spinn> and I'm SO FUCKING SICK of that "___ word(s)" device
<Leth> apparently the spirograph was in the budget, but the spellchecker wasn't
<Elkman> Why don't they just say, "Please, please, we beg you to use this so we don't repeat the Susan B. Anthony fiasco!"
<spinn> ooh, a typo? where?
<zompist> the design i voted for lost.
<Leth> number 10, complement
<spinn> no, that's right, isn't it?
<Leth> I thought it was compliment
<spinn> complement as in augment and enhance
<zompist> i wanted sacagawea topless.
<spinn> two different words
<kaufman> *** zompist takes his beads to the bank
<Kyol> I have yet to actually _have_ a dollar coin.
<Leth> oh, ok, I retract my bitching
<spinn> yah, I haven't seen one yet either
<Agent_Orange> Well, I wasn't gpoing to use that Golden Dollar, but this 10 Reasons list has changed my mind!
<kaufman> Got one last week
<spinn> I wonder if cta has them
<Kyol> I've seen one - apparantly they get more brassy as time goes by.
<spinn> it's beautiful /and/ intelligent...and smart and slightly subversive
<CrazyClimber> spinn - tracy got her dollar coins that way
<Elkman> I don't think they look that bad, but I've never actually had one in person.
<spinn> cool, I gotta go get one.
<Samwise> WalMart usually has them
<Kyol> (One of my coworkers had a few in her pocket, and the older ones were definately bronzed, actually..)
<CrazyClimber> i dunno if they're all over the system - it's probably pretty random
<kaufman> I cashed a check and the teller asked me if I wanted any
<spinn> where'd she get them then?
<Elkman> Why don't they fix the real problem and pass out change drawers with five slots?
<kaufman> six
<zompist> they'll never catch on till they stop making the damn dollar bills.
<spinn> "Your check cashed free if we don't offer you a sackagaweeah"
<spinn> (or whatever)
<CrazyClimber> spinn - i dunno, she just mentioned she'd gotten one over the weekend
<Elkman> Six? Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, Sacagaweas, and what?
<spinn> well next time FIND OUT, BITCH
<kaufman> half-dollars
<zompist> did you see the name of the model for sacagawea?
<kaufman> remember those?
<Samwise> Totally...stop making dollar bills and watch them become accepted overnight.
<CrazyClimber> hey, you got the number, call up and ask
<spinn> josie?
<zompist> Randy'L He-dow Teton
<Elkman> Oh, those. How many of them are circulating?
<kaufman> not a lot
<kaufman> it's those change drawers
<Kyol> Naah, the only reason I don't want dollars to be dropped is only a certain percentage of vending machines take sacajawea/SBJ coins..
<spinn> yah, but bob, that requires voice contact
<spinn> which means it's practically like other people would be in my house
<spinn> can't have that
<Agent_Orange> the irs.gov site is pretty hip 'n' hepnning too
<Agent_Orange> happening
<kaufman> and if the bill drawers were bigger, we might still have $500s to $10000s
<Agent_Orange> Zany! Irreverant!
<spinn> I doubt it.
<kaufman> uh oh, top 10 lists?
<zompist> they hired rob n marge?
<CrazyClimber> ah, well, outta luck then
<spinn> too much of a counterfeiting target
<Kyol> (And it's not unusual that I have $20 in farking singles in my wallet. Blah.)
<spinn> I hate spending 50's, even.
<kaufman> spinn: wait till gas goes up a bit more :-(
<Agent_Orange> "Local Taxpayer Willie Maykitt..." HAHAHAAHA!
<zompist> heh heh. "In February 1998, Governor Paul Cellucci initiated a unique contest encouraging Massachusetts elementary school students to submit designs for the state's commemorative quarter - and more than 100 did!"
<zompist> 100 in the whole state! that is fantabulous!
<Agent_Orange> I can't imagine what Louisiana's will be
<spinn> "On review, the judges decided that nearly three of the submitted designs weren't crap!"
<Agent_Orange> money changing hands under a table, maybe
<CrazyClimber> agt - hopefuilly it will involve beads
<kaufman> crawfish
<kaufman> burning cross
<zompist> alligators chompin' up the bayou
<spinn> "unique contest"?
<spinn> uh, in what sense unique?
<Agent_Orange> LOUISIANA: Show us your tits!
<spinn> if he delivered it while wearing a muumuu in a vat of cottage cheese, maybe
<CrazyClimber> at least the release didn't say "totally unique"
<zompist> it was unique in that ever contestant had to administer intimate personal services to Governor Paul Cellucci
<Agent_Orange> A Proud Legacy Of Poverty, Illiteracy, Racial Discrimination and Corruption, immortalized forever on this lovely coin
<zompist> dang, i thought that was going to be an acronym for LOUISIANA.
<CrazyClimber> a lot of residents would consider it one.
* CrazyClimber 's motto: No Shot Too Cheap.
<Agent_Orange> Yeah, who's gonna tell 'em different?
<spinn> how do you spell a proud legacy of poverty, illiteracy, racial discrimination and corruption? l-o-u-i-s-i-a-n-a!
<Agent_Orange> "No, look. the coin has your name on it. right there, by the indian lady's face."
* Agent_Orange saves spinn's last line for possible .sig file use
* kaufman idly wonders how hip www.fbi.gov has become?
<zompist> they're so hip they only prosecute hipcrime now.

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