I like yellow trucks. I'm a nartist.


<agt_orang> some inept fantasy art at http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/lothlorien/gallery131.html
<agt_orang> worth a look
<Leth> Any Boris pics?
<Leth> hmm....300+ galleries
<Raven> Feh, Boris. Half of his work is photocopies of the same bronze-wire-bikini-clad woman.
<agt_orang> lotta furverts
<agt_orang> http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/lothlorien/artists/breiner/breiner.html
<Samwise> "furverts"? Sounds like they have a fetish for animated, big-eyed stuffed animals.
<agt_orang> "I find that often it is not the pysical layout of the picture that matters, but the spirit underlying the concept of the picture. For this reason, my art is composed in simplistic, yet deeply moving style. High Fantasy is in its best form simple and that is the tradition I am trying to keep alive. I like Adobe Photoshop."
<Samwise> Oh my word...is the "artist" nine?
<agt_orang> I like yellow trucks. I'm a nartist.
<Leth> http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/lothlorien/artists/angelique/ice_queen.jpg.html
<Leth> nope, nothing suggestive there
<Leth> what the hell is a "deeply transient artist"?
<mdxi> an atrist who will be around for a VERY short time
<Raven> An "artist" that's been homeless for a while.
<agt_orang> One ho gets bored before finishing a picture, and goes to watch tv.
<agt_orang> who, dammit, not ho.
<Leth> and will be a bit longer, judging by his "too primitive for South Park" style
<Raven> agt : Well, she *could* be a 'ho.
<Leth> "I'm a 17 year old girl from Sweden. I go in school and learns about computers, news papers, tv and so on... In my spear time I am with my friends and my boyfriend. I like to read and paint. "
<agt_orang> a deeply transient ho.
<Leth> That's a great translation error
<Samwise> That's what I love. Spear time with friends.
<Raven> Of course, pretty soon you run out of friends.
<Samwise> That's what the PGGTG is for.
<agt_orang> "When you have no friends left: The PGGTG."
<Leth> is it BYOS?
<Leth> heheh...."Jeremy M. Poland is 17 and really has no idea what he is doing."
<Leth> at least he's honest
<Raven> "I agree, excellent work. I cannot help but imagine this as one of those black-light posters. It would probably sell quite well in that medium. I cannot think of a college dorm room (male) that would pass up on this one,"
<Raven> Hey, that would be my goal - to be the next tacky velvet painting.
<Raven> Or painted on mirrors to be won at carnivals by knocking over milk bottles.
<Leth> "My goal is to someday sell a lot of paintings at a gas station parking lot"
<agt_orang> there's a reason why the artists in those "starving artist" shows are starving...
<agt_orang> http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/lothlorien/artists/none/none.html
<agt_orang> guestbook comments
<Raven> "Jonathan E. Bennett is a high school student who like to play AD&D"
<Leth> Usually, listening to music like old Elton John, Pat Benatar, and sometimes Weird Al Yankovitc helps get ideas flowing, or solidify little whims into actual pictures.
<TomFish> so we should ban these musicians
<Raven> Hey, don't blame Weird Al for this crap.
<agt_orang> ADD&D: "Then you come around a corner and there's a red dragon and hey look star trek three is on tv that's the one where spock what? oh yeah okay his breath is +9 look there's a new spiderman comic..."
<Leth> Admit it, Benny And The JEts makes /everyone/ want to draw crayon pictures of dragons and heavily endowed elf women
<TomFish> what's d&d?
<CrzyClmbr> domination and domination. gets kind of boring. "Obey /me/! No, /me/!"
<agt_orang> "Tiny Dancer" makes me want to put gerbils and my underwaer and dance the sarabande
<mdxi> tom" [A]D&D == [Advenced] Dungeons and Dragons
<mdxi> ICTWAS = I Cat;n Type Wroth A Shit
<Samwise-> Dungeons & Dragons. Some geek *you* are.
<Leth> I used to play, I admit it, but it became more fun in college when we just turned it into a drinking game
<CrzyClmbr> "His breath is 90 proof."
<CrzyClmbr> Sword = +3 jello shot points.
<agt_orang> Strip D&D! ...wait, never mind.
<Leth> Elisabeth Mitchell has the normal number of toes, and wishes her ears were pointy.
<TomFish> actually, if I have to blame a band for all this, I choose Rush
<Raven> That was more than I cared to know about her toes.
<Samwise> Yeah, let's get that fat right-wing shithead!
<agt_orang> Rsh? yeah... but let's not ignore led zep "Battle of evermore" culpability
* Da_Raven likes rsh.
*** TomFish is now known as TomFsh
<Samwise> Aaaah! Tom lost an eye!
<Samwise> Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week!
*** Samwise has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Leth (No, you're not)
<mdxi> there was a chick called kysh on a channel i used to hang out on. she changed her nick after people started referring to her as the K-Y Shell.
<TomFsh> the comedy that is #spinnwebe
<Samwise> And now for an important message from our sponsor:
<Samwise> It's *NOT* tromaville!

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