#spinnwebe Logs : Got Nad's?


<tieboy> Have we talked about that Nads commercial?
<Kyol> Grated nad. Just the thing for your Mexican dishes..
<Raven> There is a Nads commerical?
<tieboy> http://www.wonderfulbuys.com/health_and_beauty/nadhairremge.html
<tieboy> It's a hair removal product
<Kyol> Yeah. Weird shit.
<tieboy> How often do I need to use Nad's?
<Kyol> Shil, how often does tieboy need to use nad's?
<shil> every day.
<tieboy> What are the ingredients in Nad's?
<Kyol> Probably just honey and wax. And a liberal dose of painkillers.
<tieboy> ah. http://www.nads.com/
* Kyol just can _not_ help but to giggle reading the title on that page..
<tieboy> The FAQ is fun
<Kyol> "Is your scrotum hairy? Do you like the smooth look? Use Nad's hair removing gel."
<rJak> Come again?
<tieboy> Can I use Nad's on my nads?
<CrazyClimber> i like how the best description they could come up with is "looks like green toffee."
<Kyol> And would you _want_ to..
<kaufman> maybe we should try that on the peach
<CrazyClimber> "Because Nad's gel is made of all natural ingredients it's perfectly safe for use around the eye area"
<CrazyClimber> isn't hydrchloric acid natural?
<rJak> Green toffee is natural?!?
<CrazyClimber> i wonder what their mailing list is like.
<CrazyClimber> i wonder what would happen if someone subscribed becalist to the Nads list.
<tieboy> What if you fill your Nori with Nads?
<Samwise> You could get rid of your nose hairs!
<rJak> And lose your nose in the process?
<Leth> this can't be accidental: "In a nut shell, Nad's needs:"
<Samwise> 1. Nut shell.
<tieboy> Hmm. "There is no mess with Nad's because it is water soluble so clean-up is easy. "
<CrazyClimber> reminds me of the old face cream they used to advertise on the gong show, "mudd."
<Leth> She started with basic ingredients like sugar and molasses and ended up with "Nad's"
<Leth> a warning to women everywhere
<Leth> I'm still trying to figure out that opening graphic on nads.com though. Is it exploding with flavor, or did they drop it in the tub?
<CrazyClimber> she combined basics / like sugar and molasses / ended up with Nads
<CrazyClimber> you were pretty close, leth
<Sim_> leth: i think they dropped water on it
<tieboy> That's what happens with Nad's sometimes
<kaufman> cc: all over her asses / burma shave
<Sim_> tie: what's that?
<tieboy> They explode like that
<Leth> don't forget to cite "Johnny Dangerously" as your source, Tie
<Sim_> tie: oh with water spouting out?
<tieboy> yah
<Sim_> So basically this is to remove the hair on your nuts/nads?
<tieboy> Leth: whuh?
<Leth> tieboy: didn't you see Johnny Dangerously?
<Leth> "Your Testicles And You"
<tieboy> Oh yeah! The filmstrip
<rJak> Then they BANG! Explode.
<Leth> Every time I see that little nads guy furiously pumping iron, it kills me

<agent_orange> that takes nads!
<tieboy> nads? http://www.nads.com/
<tieboy> and it's work safe. honest
<agent_orange> fuck *you*
<agent_orange> nads.com indeed
<agent_orange> I wasn't OH MY GOD
<Lore> Hahaha.
<tieboy> i actually saw a commercial for it on TV.
<Lore> "Need that extra something in your hair? Try Nads!"
<Lore> Sorry, "Nad's."
<tieboy> There is no mess with Nad's because it is water soluble so clean-up is easy.
<maime> I saw that!!!! it was on tv a few months ago. It scared me to death.
<maime> there were all these hairy women...
<agent_orange> and a big boiling nad vat
<Kyol> I like how the guy who's having all of the hair on his legs ripped off doesn't flinch. I'm betting on animatronics.
<agent_orange> I'm betting he's a queerboy and likes the pain
<tieboy> There's a beaver pointed at him off camera
<kaufman> spinal injury playing football
<Kyol> ...nipple clamps.
<agent_orange> "Q: can I use nad's on my nads?"
<tieboy> natch.
<Kyol> "Sure! It's delightfully agreeable!"
<kaufman> "Q: nad's is an anagram of sand. Interesting, no?"
<agent_orange> jeez, it won't let me sign up for the newsletter as you@e-mail.com
<Kyol> Bah, just get rid of hair the old fashioned way. isopropyl alcohol diluted with a bit of water and a match.
<agent_orange> bahahah --the faq page
<agent_orange> "How long will nad's last with use?"
<agent_orange> "What is the shelf life of nad's?"
<tieboy> I called the number, hoping they would say "Hello, Nad's!" but they didn't
<Lore> "Hello Nads" is my favorite Sanrio character.
<Samwise> "Yes, customer service? I fell and crushed my Nad's. Can you help with replacement?"
<tieboy> "My friend used my Nad's, now she wants her own!"
<Lore> "I'd like the largest Nad's I can get."
<TomtheFish> nads: it's what's for dinner
<agent_orange> "My nad's, sometimes they itches. what can I do?"
<tieboy> "Will Nad's work on my beaver?"
<agent_orange> my god... www.yourpenis.com
<Lore> I can't find Nad's in my area. Can you direct me to the nearest place to get my hands on some Nad's?
<agent_orange> note the alt tag for the "testimonials" page: "rip offs"
<agent_orange> "I was trying to find my nad's in the dark with no success. Can you make nad's glow?"
<Lore> "I grew up using my father's Nad's, but now I'm an adult and have Nad's of my own!"
<Samwise> "Do you have a sack I can carry my Nad's around in?"
<agent_orange> "This is *not* your father's nad's!"
<agent_orange> Got Nad's?
<tieboy> "That's Nad's in my pocket, and I AM glad to see you."
<Lore> "What advantages does NAd's have over its major competitor, Testical's?"
<agent_orange> "Girls! Do you have a hairy bikini area? (giggle) Rub some soothing Nad's on it!"
<Lore> "Suffering from apesnatch?"
<tieboy> "Will my Nad's ever drop? In price?
<agent_orange> Nad's. From Sac's Fifth Avenue, the makers of Nut's and other fine products.
<Lore> "Go smooth! Go Nad's!"
<tieboy> "I'm having a ball with my Nad's."
<agent_orange> "The more I rub my Nad's on my legs, the better I feel!"
<agent_orange> "Mom was so impressed, she grabbed a fistfull of my Nad's! She's still talking about it!"
<Lore> "Don't knock Nads!"
<TomtheFish> nads: i want to be in the log too!
<agent_orange> Fish don't have nads. Fish have jelly sacs, or weenises, or something.
<Lore> I got a jelly weenis at 7-11 this morning.
<Samwise> "Will my Nad's ever go bad? What if I can't get my Nad's to work as well as before?"
<tieboy> ***agent orange helps his child with homework
<agent_orange> "Son, for whatever prayer can't handle, try Nad's."
<Lore> You're the Nad's Generation.
<tieboy> "It's the best! Nad's Can't Be Licked!"
<Lore> Feel the Nad's Urge.
<Lore> Okay, I'm out of ideas.
<tieboy> "Nad's: Strong enough for a man, so we named it after a scrotum."
<agent_orange> "I told my daughter, 'Honey, forget those old fashioned razors. Use Nad's instead. Why, even you father grabs some Nad's once in a while!' She cried and cried!" (Laughs)
<Lore> I'm not gonna pay a lot for Nad's.
<Lore> Correction: I'm out of FUNNY ideas.
<Samwise> "Please keep your Nad's close to 72 degrees for optimal performance. Nad's may shrink & become unusable in cold."
<Kyol> But when has that ever stopped any of us?
<agent_orange> Nad's. In the new crush-proof container.
<agent_orange> I guess I'm out too,
<tieboy> "I'm Steve Ballmer for Nad's."
<Samwise> "Just listen to this satisfied user of Nad's: 'I don't know what I'd do without Nad's! Thank you! Go Nad's!' "
<agent_orange> I have nothing more to Nad.

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