With prices so low, he's gotta be gay!


* agent_orange is afraid to use my simon, as simon would then have his address and would come, in the night, and weave gently back and forth at the foot of the bed
<SoiledGreen> ..telling you cheaper prices on bedspreads.
<ElkAway> I'm afraid to use My Simon. It keeps beeping and flashing colored lights at me and inviting me to press the buttons in the same sequence.
* Gayo goes to the website, then runs away after seeing the scary mascot guy.
<zompist> mysimon looks a little light in the loafers
<tieboy> with prices so low, he's gotta be gay!
<zompist> The Ambiguously Gay Shopper
<agent_orange> on the "about" poage, he appears to be trying to hide his scaly devil tail
<zompist> and why is he wearing a bowling shirt?
<zompist> is that supposed to say "trust me"?
<agent_orange> 'cause he's gonna baby split your bottom
<SeanQ> the commercials with that... thing.. are downright scary
<tieboy> he likes black balls and pins
<SoiledGreen> he's rubbin' his arse.
<SoiledGreen> i picture the caption.. "Ouch!"
<agent_orange> "Poppa Satan sure gave me a workout last night! But don't worry! I save some FOR YOU!"
* agent_orange is disappointed with the mysimon mobile page
<agent_orange> I was thinkin' of geting one for the kid

<SeanQ> bahaha.... go to the Sports & Hobbies section and check out the pic
<zompist> ooh, he's much more butch there
<SeanQ> "Boy, these uniforms sure are form-fitting..."
<zompist> ah, i hadn't noticed: each major section has mysimon in a new outfit
<spinn> man, that sports & hobbies pic is just wrong

<SoiledGreen> heh... check out Pet Supplies.

<zompist> http://www.mysimon.com/category/index.jhtml?c=mysimon20movies&_ttag=marquee
<zompist> i bet tie looked like that when he had a goatee
<spinn> yeah, and liked to knock out a light libretto with every cup of jasmine tea
<tieboy> existence and nothingness
<spinn> okay, beverage down, aaaand...
<Gayo> Too bad he's not bald in Books.

<SeanQ> snnkkkkt... put down any beverages before you click "Health & Beauty"

<zompist> electronics is funny too

<tieboy> i clicked women's apparel, but he's not dressed as a woman
<tieboy> I, however, am
<Lots42> Where is this about page on mysimon?
<KemloCaesar> "Who'd buy a diamond ring online? Plenty of people!"
<tieboy> www.notmysimon.com
<PyroP> Automobiles is apparently a picture of Simon in a windtunnel.

<SeanQ> thank god... I clicked on 'Babies & Kids' & half expected him to be in a diaper
<zompist> sean: yeah, but the way he's holding it, you can tell it's totally alien to him

<zompist> this is more simon's style: http://www.mysimon.com/category/index.jhtml?c=toyscollectibles&v=1
<SoiledGreen> it's Peter Pan!
<PyroP> GAH NO

<SeanQ> heheh.. "Home & Garden" is a good one
<PyroP> It's Simon Kaga! Except the pepper's the wrong color.
<PyroP> And his outfit isn't fruity enough.

<spinn> oh christ, the computers one is mySimon of Borg
<PyroP> All your computer & software are belong to simon.
<mySimon-of-Borg> impulse buying is futile
<mySimon-of-Borg> you will be, um, something that sounds sort of like "assimilated"
<zompist> you will be asimonated!
<mySimon-of-Borg> thank you, zomp
<mySimon-of-Borg> impulse buying is futile. you will be aSimonated.

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