"Goddamn, that's a fucking big musical number!"


<Kyol> o/~ Internet, _bloody Internet o/~
<spinn> o/~ how long, how long must we route these packets to the remote bridge for postprocessing on the alternate subneeeeet o/~
<spinn> o/~ how long, how loo-ooo-oo-ooonnng o/~
<Kyol> ...scans about as well as mine does.. :P
<TMR> Are we writing a musical?
<Kyol> When aren't we?
<rJak> Now the violins come in.
<rJak> Spinnwebe: The Musical!
<rJak> Singing all your favorite songs including "I got a real big fucking hernia!"
<rJak> "Goddamn, that's a fucking big musical number!"
<TMR> "It's a jolly holiday with you, Nori"
<kaufman> "Oing to the world!"
<Samwise> "There's a Featureless Void in my Heart"
<rJak> And Stan Xhiao's famous show stopper, "Hello please! This Man Are Sick!"
<TMR> "God Bless you please, Uncle Washington"
<rJak> It's the Spinnwebe cast, in full song! Try not to throw up!
<spinn> If you're looking for some Joes/Who know the trick to clear your nose/Then everyone knows where you goes/It's #spinnwebe! #spinnwebe! #spinnwebe!
<spinn> heh heh heh.
<rJak> Andy Ihnatko and his orchestra play along...but to the musical score of Whistle Down The Wind!
<rJak> With Kazoos!
<kaufman> on fire!
<rJak> And for the first time ever, Mahir SINGS!
<spinn> If you need to know the trick/To making pieces of your dick/And otherwise just getting sick/It's #spinnwebe! #spinnwebe! #spinnwebe!
<SeanQ> spinn: new Chili Peppers CD?
<spinn> [chorus!]
<spinn> nah, I'm thinking more musical
<spinn> I thought this was the 24-hour spinnwebe musical station.
<hockeyfag> I was going to say, it rhymes too well
<rJak> La la la la la/ lalala lalalala/ la la la la la
<Samwise> 0/~ SpiiiiiiiiiIIN - the website where the oing comes creepin out the drain! / Spinnwebe's website where the wa-ter flows...right out your nose / and the psychic fern's time comes agaaaiiiin... 0/~
<rJak> Where PJ cries/ and Jeffy dies...
<rJak> And Dolly sleeps with other guys!
<rJak> Set design by H.R. Giger!
<Samwise> Where poop holds the tent wher it iiiiiisss / and the gutter sluts are burping jizz!
<kaufman> Jeffy's hair will always fizz
<spinn> and not a single reference to liz!
* Samwise was in "Oklahoma!" in high school
<spinn> [chorus] Ooooops!
<rJak> You'll thrill as the three tenors have a knife fight with Andrea Bocelli.
<rJak> And Andrea wins!
<TMR> You'll chill as Rebeca makes an ass of herself!
* rJak was in South Pacific. He can relate.
<hockeyfag> drama queens
<TMR> Hockey queen!
<rJak> Be sure not to miss Chulthulu in a tutu singing the "Yog Sothith Song"
<TMR> Try not to stare directly at him though.
* hockeyfag gets his mirrored helmet and platform skates on..
<rJak> You'll laugh at the famous "Glass dildo" song!
<spinn> and cry at the
<spinn> "glass dildo" tragedy
<TMR> o/~Dildo, dildo, dildo, I made you out of glass. When you are cool and ready, glass dildo up my ass! o/~
<kaufman> o/~Nori, Nori, Nori, I fill you up with salt, And when my sneeze corrodes things, it really ain't my fault. o/~

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