North American Elderly Puppet Love Association


<Samwise> mdxi, I feel your pain.
<tieboy> *** topic is changed to <Samwise> mdxi, I feel you
<troika> i want to fell you from the inside
<Lore> I want to fuck you like Animal. From The Muppet Show.
<Samwise> Wo-man! Wo-man!
<mdxi> how about the Phantom of the Muppet Show? i bet he was a kinky motherfucker.
<mdxi> Lance Hogthrob was just a big ol' queen. and *so* in the closet.
<Leth> Yeah, he and Lew Zealand used to meet at the bath houses
<Samwise> Dr. Strangepork was his bitch.
<spinn> "ahhh-niii-mal! ahhh-niii-mal!"
<SeanQ> i need to go rent "The Muppet Movie" now
<tieboy> those two old guys were in NAMBLA
<Leth> "The Rainbow Connection" will never have the same meaning for you
<spinn> man. just picture animal in bed, next to some woman who's smoking: his eyes are lidded, and he's going "hahhh...hahhhh....hahhhh" from the exertion
<SeanQ> tie: they spent an awful lot of time "hiding out in the balcony"
<mdxi> North American Elderly Puppet Love Association
<SeanQ> NAMPLA: No. American Marionette-Pupet Love Assn
<tieboy> They had their eye on Scooter
<SeanQ> they run personal ads, "WANTED: a lover with no strings attached"
<Lore> Now all the male muppets are striking me as gay. Except the Chef.
<Lore> Sam the Eagle, Gonzo, the whole bunch.
<SeanQ> Fozzie
<Leth> Beaker
<spinn> except for bert. whoo! what a studmuffin.
<spinn> on a guess I'd say beaker is neutered
<SeanQ> o/` doin' the [cooo cooo] pigeon! o/`
<Samwise> spinn: been waiting for your chance to "do the pigeon" with bert?
<Lore> Beaker is a big penis. How can be be neutered?
<mdxi> you can just insert Beaker anally though
<mdxi> mee mee mee mee mee!
<Leth> yeah, he's more like the communal dildo
<spinn> beaker: "MEEEEE MEEEEE MEEEEEE" honeydew: "come now, beaker! it stings now, but realistically, when would you expect to use our genitals?"
<jacquilyn> Come on, Bert was so in the closet.
<Samwise> Meem mee mee MMMPHHHPHP
<spinn> your, damnit.
<spinn> sigh.
<spinn> hate losing a punchline to a typo.
<Samwise> "our" is almost cooler, though.
<spinn> eh, but it's not the joke I was going for.
<TomtheFish> more than the allocated genitals: when comedy goes awry 2

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