Fish butt with seven jade happiness


<StanXhiao> Anyone care for Steamed Eel Slices Shaped Like Turtle?
<StanXhiao> or Crystal Pig's Stomachic Pieces Soup
<agent_orange> mmm.. "braised and roasted pig head"
<tieboy> Shaped like turtle... heh
<StanXhiao> Meatballs stuffed with crab ovum
<tieboy> Mmm. I remember running home from school, coming into the house and smelling the delicious scent of crab ovum cooking on the stove
<agent_orange> Cut open the scraped and washed pig head in the ack,remove the brains andbones, soak it in clear water for tow hours, boil it for twenty minutes, dig out the eyes, cut off the ears, cheeks, snout, lymphatic meat, scrape off the tongue, membrane and boil it in clear water over a roaring fire for about 20minutes twice.
<agent_orange> what the hell is left?
<tieboy> I'd say "Can you shape it like turtle? Pritty pritty please?"
<Elkman> I'm (sort of) glad I already ate.
<StanXhiao> Q: How do you know if a crab is male or female? A: See if it have ovums!!!!
<StanXhiao> Chicken loin grains in nest
<StanXhiao> Saute stuffed scallop balls
<StanXhiao> Q: How do you tell male or female the fish?
<agent_orange> "Put a hard thing into the mouth of the fish"
<StanXhiao> Braised black carp's hind parts
<StanXhiao> 2 black carp's hind parts, 50 g mincement, 20g fermented glutinous rice
<Raven> It's the Carp's Ass!
<StanXhiao> Saute frog legs stuck on bamboo pieces
<agent_orange> Fish butt with seven jade happiness
* Elkman visits for the halibut
<tieboy> he's a happy shark
<StanXhiao> Baked Suckling Pig With Roast Duck & Beef Tendon
<StanXhiao> Skewered Cicadas
<Elkman> Ow. I'd rather not get skewered in the cicadas, thank you.
<StanXhiao> Crammed duck: Kill the duck, remove its tongue, then depilate it in hot water of 60C, pump air into it to separate the skin and meat. Remove the feet, make a cut in right side to remove the intestines, windpipes, support its breast up with sorghum stalk, remove the wing ends, remove the rectum from anus, clean it with water.
<tieboy> Save the rectum!
<StanXhiao> The trick is the sorghum stalk, as seen in (Ken, what DFC was that?).
<agent_orange> I can't seem to find that on my Williams-Sonoma good cooking CD
<SeanQ> agto: are you looking under "duck anus" or "anus, duck"?
<agent_orange> Save anus. Give to country no-brain cousin for wedding ring
<StanXhiao> Here's what you do with the duck's tongue: Braised Turtle Skirt & Duck Tongues
<kaufman> next the recipe for sticcky buns ...
<agent_orange> Sean: pig anus, eel anus, veal anus, glazed anus...
<agent_orange> Bubba Rump Anus Company
<StanXhiao> I hope they have McDonald's!
<StanXhiao> The picture shows the humorous and lovely cartoon figure of a fast food shop.
<agent_orange> Macdonarudo!
<StanXhiao> Have a taking picture now, with the Roland MacDoland!
<StanXhiao> Looks like all major Chinese cities have their own web site
<agent_orange> Two McDuckAnus and a seaweed shake, prease
<agent_orange> those gifs really bring out the post-operative colors of the food...
<Elkman> Where are you guys finding these abuses of food?
<agent_orange> Shhh!
<StanXhiao> Here's a restaurant in Beijing: Wangfujing ("Sick" Duck)
<StanXhiao> Another: Pavilion for Listening to the Orioles
<agent_orange> We'll be dining tonight at the Consumptive dog Cafe
<StanXhiao> Here's another: Chinese Restaurant
<StanXhiao> No "Fine Seafood," however.
<SeanQ> Gazebo With View of Slaughterhouse
<StanXhiao> Oh, and a few "American" restaurants: Frank's, Rome, Garden, etc
<agent_orange> Delicacies like the big yellow croaker with preserved Chinese cabbage, braised skinned fish, sea eel braised in casserole and fried peanuts with liver moss can be found in the Ningbo Restaurant on Pingliang Road. The tender white chicken...of the Xiao Shao Xing Chicken Porridge Restaurant killed and stewed right on the spot.
<SeanQ> Pavilion Overlooking Prison Yard - "You like screaming or non-screaming?"
<agent_orange> mmm... big yellow croaker
<SeanQ> agto: they get them from the rest home up the street
<StanXhiao> I bet they have the freshest kidey pie in town
<agent_orange> with liver moss ... [drool]
<SeanQ> harvested from the yellow croakers with cirrhosis
<Elkman> "Shanghai ON Internet".
<agent_orange> Shandong Chemistry Hotel have been awarded many prizes and honors, such as "the Women League in China Chemical Ministry ", "Two Star Hotel for Satisfaction of Customer" and the "First Class Restaurant for Price Control"
<tieboy> good ornamented guestrooms
<StanXhiao> Highly Decorated Ornaments With Braised Turtle Testes
<tieboy> hair care and beauty available in the hotel
<SeanQ> but has Mr Luke given them the prestigious "A-OK Mister Webb Site Award"?
<StanXhiao> Drunken Fresh Shrimp
<StanXhiao> 4.To eat, dip the live shrimps in the dipping sauce.
<StanXhiao> yummmm
<StanXhiao> Oh, you /do/ get them drunk! Then eat them alive!
<agent_orange> Daddy-Drank-His_Paycheck Shrimp with baby corn
<SeanQ> 5. turn up the music to stifle their pathetic little screams
<TomtheFish> 6. pee
<Raven> 7. Smack their heads against the table to stun them.
<StanXhiao> 3.A few minutes before serving, pour the liquor over the shrimps, add chopped scallions and cover the bowl with a dish. Invert the bowl and weight it so the shrimps cannot get out.
<agent_orange> they will try. be strong
<agent_orange> they may promise you money.
<agent_orange> do not listen.
<StanXhiao> Here's one for Sean: Spicy Fragrant Mung Bean Sprouts
<agent_orange> Spicy Fragrant Mung Bean Sprouts Fantasy
<Elkman> I prefer to eat my food dead, thank you. And if any large creatures ev er decide to eat me, I hope they'd extend the same courtesy.
<agent_orange> ***hockeyfag has joined #spinnwebe
<StanXhiao> Gold Fish Gambolling around a "Lotus"
<StanXhiao> Oh, that one you kill the food first
<SeanQ> you only let it gambol until step 4
<StanXhiao> Dragon (lobster) Thrusting Out of the Sea
<StanXhiao> Bamboo Shoots with Snake Slices
<StanXhiao> Stewed New-born Pigeon with Tremella and Dried Tangerine
<StanXhiao> They have a Drunk Crab recipe, too
<StanXhiao> 1.Burn the skin of the pork on an open flame, soak in warm water for half an hour, scrape away the burnt skin, drop into boiling water, bring to the boil, simmer till cooked, bone while hot, when cool cut into thin slices, place on a plate.
<StanXhiao> 2.Clean the intestine, turn it inside out, fasten one end.
<StanXhiao> 3.Strain the blood and allow to settle, to the serum add 1/4 of its volumn of water and a paste made of salte, MSG, Sharen, cassia bark, qibiangui, zikou and cloves pour into the intestine, tie up the end, drop into boiling water, simmer till the intestine floats, remove, cool, cut into slices.
<StanXhiao> 4.Scald the slices then place in a bowl of soup containing scallions, ginger shreds and MSG.
<SeanQ> 5. run screaming for the nearest restroom and vomit slices into receptacle
<agent_orange> 6. order pizza

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