Why do you have your cattle near the gorillas?


<maime> well, I doubt I'll ever have that problem. it's not a drug of choice with me.
<SoiledGreen> lemme guess. your a painkiller person.
<maime> I prefer vodka
<maime> painkillers suck.
<SoiledGreen> ah. alkie.
<maime> unless you're in huge amounts o fpaiin.
<maime> like I was in.
<Elkman> Huh?
<maime> I don't care if I never have tehm again.
<raven> you're in pain, maime?
<maime> it's managable now.
<SoiledGreen> yeah, i'm bothering her.
<maime> I was for four days.
<raven> what happened?
<daria> did you get bit by a gorilla?
<maime> I ripped up the muscles in my leg.
<daria> I hear gorilla bites are nasty.
<maime> in my calf.
*** Leth () has joined channel #spinnwebe
<daria> you got bit in the calf by a gorilla?
<maime> felt like it.
<Leth> Why do you have your cattle near the gorillas?
<maime> Okay I really have to leave now.
<Elkman> Just because you're in the hot seat?
<maime> no because it's going to take me an hour to get to work and my good leg is numb.
<daria> yeah, don't you know cows are the natural prey of the gorilla?
<raven> then why are the cows taking painkillers?
<Elkman> I thought Samsonite suitcases were the natural prey of the gorilla.
<maime> did you guys steal the rest of my percodan?
<SoiledGreen> no, LSD.
<raven> wait, the luggage is taking painkillers?
<Leth> Elk: it's a leather thing, actually
<Elkman> And I thought the cows were just working for tips.
<maime> I didn't have lsd
<SoiledGreen> no, the luggage is on LSD.
<daria> luggage is the natural prey of the prairie dog, silly.
<daria> oooh so the luggage is trippin?
<maime> and the airport
<Leth> nonono...the Luggage /has/ no natural enemies, just lots of little legs
<SoiledGreen> a suitcase full of drugs?
<maime> you're doing this to confuse me
<daria> I bet I could make a log of money taking pictures of luggage in their natural habitat.
<maime> and I know I took my last vicodan two days ago.
*** maime has left channel #spinnwebe
<daria> although that might be kind of dangerous if they're pumped up on pain killers.
<SoiledGreen> fear and loathing in #spinnwebe.
<Elkman> I was thinking of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, but I think Crocodile Hunter is more appropriate.
<Leth> it's almost reprehensible taking advantage of someone on painkillers like that
<Leth> almost
<daria> but not quite.
<raven> poor Luggage!
*** SoiledGreen is now known as Steve
<Steve> crikey!
<Steve> here we have the luggage, in it's natural habitat.
<Elkman> "Ooh! It's angry now! You're all right, mate, no worries!"
<Steve> danger!, steve erwin!
<Leth> nono, Irwin Allen
* daria starts snapping photographs for When Luggage Attacks
* Steve jumps out of the way, just in time.
<kaufman> American Terrorister?
* raven feeds the luggage some passports. "Awww, aren't they cute?"
<SoiledGreen> danger, raven. they do bite.
<daria> Hey! didn't you read the sign, raven?
<raven> it's not after midnight!
<daria> it explicitly says "Do not feed the luggage! They are on a set feeding schedule"
<SoiledGreen> and they are on a strict diet of Polo Shirts and Underwear.
<Elkman> Huh. That explains why I was debriefed at the airport.

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