Er, I'm not following you


[ Ed. -- spinn downloaded an mpg from that featured edits of The Matrix where green sparks exploded out of people who got shot (instead of blood). ]

<spinn> they just put this up friday, looks like
<spinn> I got lucky
<Machival> also, you were fortunate in finding the clip.
<spinn> what clip?
<Machival> this one.
<spinn> no, this they put up friday
<spinn> the site's been up for months
<Machival> I meant, like, "I got lucky. also, I was fortunate in obtaining this."
<spinn> er, I'm not following you
<sol-D> I think he;s saying that you engaged in intercourse while you were downloading it
<Machival> like... "I got lucky". like if a soldier was shot at and the bullet bounced off of his helmet, he'd be talking w/his buddies and he'd be like "I got lucky. also, I was fortunate in that the bullet bounced off of my helmet."
<spinn> uh, but it wasn't a war movie, it was the matrix
<Mia_D> aaargh now I'm even more confused.
<Machival> no, I mean, like, my friends and I do this all the time. "we're going to the movies. you gonna come?" "yeah. also, I'll drive to the movies with you guys."
<sol-D> it was sort of a war, though
<sol-D> I guess we're lucky we're not at war with robots
<Machival> and it's funny 'cause... "come"... and "_come_"... you know.
<Machival> and you could use either.
<spinn> uh, but no, you were talking about bullets
<Machival> yeah.
<spinn> my point was, think they're saying the matrix doesn't use bullets anymore, it's some green sparky thing
<Machival> no, I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about getting lucky.
<spinn> oh. no wonder why you're not paying attention
<Machival> and how 'getting lucky' and '/getting lucky/' can be interchanged.
<spinn> heh, sorry, dumb joke of me
<spinn> but anyway, about what you were saying
<Machival> yeah, mine was pretty stupid as well.
<spinn> I don't understand how the bullets came into it
<Machival> well, like, see, he "got lucky" in that he wasn't killed.
<Machival> but...
<sol-D> spinn wasn't hurt, was he?
<spinn> but they didn't get killed, I think, it was like green sparks
<spinn> I'm not really sure what they're trying to imply there
<Machival> when he's telling the story to his friends, he can be like "yeah, I got lucky. also, I was fortunate I didn't die."
<spinn> well sure, that is lucky
<Machival> and they think he means "I got lucky" referring to him not dying. but, see, then he says "and I'm fortunate I didn't die" and the "I got lucky part" can be interpreted as "I got laid."
<sol-D> .. but you're not hurt, right?
<sol-D> you're OK?!
<sol-D> jeez...
<spinn> but he wasn't having sex, he was being shot at
<spinn> these are two entirely differnet things. are you talking about a different demo?
<spinn> you went to, right?
<Machival> no. I'm not talking about the demo.
<Machival> I was talking about when you said "I got lucky".
<Machival> also, who's on first?
<spinn> yeah, I did, with the demo
<spinn> it's at
<spinn> I think they only put it up friday
<Machival> yeah. and then I said "and he also was fortunate in that he acquired the demo."
<spinn> who was?
<Machival> implying that you meant that you got laid.
<Machival> when you said "I got lucky."
<spinn> yeah, but you said "he was fortunate"
<spinn> who else got the demo?
<sol-D> Machival. did he get lucky?
<spinn> whoever it was, he was lucky he got it
<spinn> they just put it up friday
<Machival> I meant you. okay, here... you said "I got lucky" and I said "also, he was fortunate in that he got the demo." trying to make it so that when you said "I got lucky", you were talking about something else.
<sol-D> he was talking about the demo, and not his relativ luck
<spinn> ohhhh, well, okay
<spinn> that's the problem, you said "he" instead of "you", and I thought you meant the guy who got shot
<Machival> ahhhhhhh.
<Machival> I was just using that as an example.
<spinn> oh
<spinn> okay, but yeah, because he was lucky he didn't die
<Machival> see, it's hard to do this kinda shit in text-based communication.
<spinn> well now that we got the pronouns worked out, what was that about a joke or something
<Machival> I have no idea anymore.
<spinn> oh. well it's probably lucky that you don't
<Machival> it was supposed to be a twist in "I got lucky". but then... you know... this.
<spinn> yeah, I know, not dying is lucky
<spinn> though we didn't really have enough context, I mean
<spinn> maybe in the plot he was suppose to die or something, so it was kinda unlucky that he lived really
<Machival> well, like, did you ever hear someone say "I got lucky." and they mean they got laid?
<spinn> I might recall that, yeah
<Machival> I was trying to twist one into the other.
<sol-D> .. no.
<spinn> um
<Machival> eh, it's kinda an older and barely used expression for, like, the newlywed game and stuff. right up there with 'making whoopie'.
<spinn> so you're saying that downloading this thing could get me laid?
<Machival> no.
<spinn> that'd be kind of ironic since they talk about masking out sexual parts
<Machival> hehe
<Mia_D> yay. This has made my week, you two!
<sol-D> I think he's saying it's lucky they get rid of the sex stuff
<sol-D> so people can come to the movies and not worry
<spinn> well yeah, mach, but my whole point about that is that it's not really useful to get rid of it
<Machival> but my joke wasn't about the demo. it was about you saying 'I got lucky'.
<spinn> because they get rid of dumb stuff like swords in princess bride
<spinn> I don't think that's lucky at all
<hiway> ... joke? What is this joke of which you speak?
<spinn> I think he made a joke about a guy not dying
<sol-D> death is a terrible thing to make light of.
<Machival> see, the entire thing was supposed to be... you said "I got lucky" and I was trying to twist it into you meaning you got laid.
<spinn> don't know, he hasn't really explained it yet, he keeps tangenting off
<sol-D> machival, you monster
<spinn> I didn't, though
<spinn> I don't think you have the same demo.
<spinn> this was moviemask, it has a spinning trilogy logo in the beginning
<Machival> like if I were the one to say it, I could say "yeah, I got lucky. also, I was fortunate in finding the clip." 'cause, see, the second part is what you thought I meant the first time with the "I got lucky". but then when I use the redundancy, there, the first part could be interpreted as "I got lucky" meaning "I got laid".
<spinn> but I was talking about being lucky that I downloaded the clip
<spinn> not to be rude or anything, mach, but I don't understand what my sex life has to do with this
<spinn> basically I just want you to explain that joke you were talking about
<Machival> hrhr okay. enough.
<Machival> we had our own version of 'who's on first' going there.
<spinn> uh
<spinn> fine, don't tell me.
<sol-D> see, now, you hurt his feelings
* sol-D gives spinn a big squeezy hug
<Machival> hahaha omgwtf... watcing the demo thing now.. this is so freaking lame.
<Machival> oh, I think I shall purchase one for my ps2!
<spinn> oh so you /did/ get the right demo
<spinn> well then I'm really confused
<Machival> that is, like, the gayest contraption ever designed for any kind of entertainment technology EVER. god. LAME.
<spinn> plus, movie mask is also the gayest contraption ever designed for any kind of entertainment technology ever
<spinn> whoop bing! get it?
<sol-D> Buauahahaha!
<sol-D> jesus
* sol-D wipes a tear from her eye
<Machival> haha please tell me that you got what I was getting at earlier and that you're just keeping the whole thing going...
<spinn> oh for sure, yeah
<spinn> I'm highly proud of myself I was able to out-last you
<spinn> your own fault, anyway
<spinn> "and also, you got laid." sheese.
<spinn> I GET IT
<Machival> hehe

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