Lawn mower. Rock. Kyol's head. Much bleeding.


* Kyol comes back from a smoke break with a nice scalp lac.
<antihero> wow
<Kyol> Fucking riding lawn mowers and rocks.
<Kyol> Blood down my face.
<antihero> really? lucky you didn't lose an eye?
<tieboy> webcam! webcam!
<agent_orange> ghaa, really? jesus
<tieboy> fuckin spaz
<Kyol> antihero: Yeah, I'm quietly thinking whatever gods were looking out for me.
<agent_orange> where the fuyck do you work, beruit?
<tieboy> i mean... you okay?
<Samwise> Sue! Sue!
<agent_orange> playing chicken with the riding mowers again ... tsk tsk tsk
<Kyol> Nah, was walking back to my building from our data center, neighbor was mowing his lawn with a riding mower. I looked and noticed "hey, look, the exhaust side is facing me", a second later there was a "kerthunk" of the rock hitting the blades.
<agent_orange> then "Ptoo!"
<agent_orange> Spang!
<agent_orange> yipe yipe yipe yipe
<jacquilyn> Well, they say you never hear the shot that kills you,so at least you can be pretty sure you won't die of this.
<antihero> are you sure teh "kerthunk" wasn't hte sound of the rock hitting your head?
<jacquilyn> Maybe Morwen will offer you pity and sympathy and nursing to recover.
<agent_orange> that was more of a "blort"
<raven> kyol : I thought the exhaust would have been pointing at you while driving it and thought "That's a bloody stupid design then..."
<tieboy> heh
<Samwise> Well, turns out it is bloody stupid.
<tieboy> vrrrrm ow! vrrrrrm ow! vrrrrrm ow!
<Kyol> Then I saw the rock flying my way, and tumbled and saw it flying away.
<agent_orange> Kyol: how many other passerby were gunned down?
<tieboy> was the driver wearing a turban?
<agent_orange> "I will draw a line of death in the lawn!"
<Kyol> Then I touched my head, went "Shit, I'm bleeding", and went into the data center.
<tieboy> the data center: a place of healing
<agent_orange> it's like a christian science reading room for nerds
<Kyol> The first bathroom I hit didn't have any towelling in it to staunch the flow of blood, so I went over to the other side and called out "Where's the first aid kit?" and got cleaned up.
<Kyol> So now I'm sporting a bandage wrap around my head.
<tieboy> just called it out? to no one?
<Kyol> There _was_ blood dripping off my nose, and there's still some dried blood in my eyebrows.
<Samwise> tie: anyone in range, I'd imagine.
<tieboy> can God make a rock so big it would dent Kyol's head?
<Kyol> I think there'll be a dent.
<Kyol> It was huge.
<tieboy> do you need stitches?
<agent_orange> staples?
<Samwise> So, Kyol, did you forget something you knew this morning?
<Kyol> Samwise: Yeah, I was shocked to discover I was circumsized when I just took a leak.
<tieboy> Memento!
<Samwise> "Shit, I used to know how to write code. Let's see... 1290 GOTO 450"
<tieboy> things you need to know, Kyol: hock is very gay
<tieboy> kemlo is annoying
<agent_orange> IF =(A+B), GO TO ... UHM...
<agent_orange> kyol: you owe me a great deal of money
* raven gets the tattoo kit ready. "H..o..c..k..."
*** Leth has joined #spinnwebe
<Samwise> Leth makes bad jokes.
<Leth> damn straight
<Leth> hell, some people say I *am* one
<agent_orange> tieboy is very gay
<tieboy> agent has some sort of cartoon or something
<raven> leth : Kyol gotten taken out by a sniper with a lawn mower.
* agent_orange IS a cartoon
<Samwise> agent_orange IS evil homer
<agent_orange> Spongeboob Shitpants
<jacquilyn> tie is gay?
<agent_orange> tres gay
<agent_orange> beaucoups boufou
<jacquilyn> Well, shit, I gues I've been wasting my time for the last few months.
<Samwise> Oh, Kyol: jacqui's from somewhere cold. Don't quite remember where.
<tieboy> i like male ass
* Leth is still trying to parse "sniper with a lawn mower"
<Samwise> Lawn mower. Rock. Kyol's head. Much bleeding.
<Samwise> Now, he's got memento memory.
<raven> Or we're just riffing the crap outta him. Whichever.
<agent_orange> he'll never know
<agent_orange> if you had hair, it might have softenend the blow
<agent_orange> c'est la vie
<jacquilyn> And even if he figures it out, he'l forget again in a few minutes.
<jacquilyn> So we'll be able to use the same riffs repeatedly.
<Samwise> Like we don't already.
<Leth> *witty comment at Kyol's expense*
<tieboy> agent speaks from theory only
<agent_orange> tieboy: I used to fuck guys like you in prison
<tieboy> bully
<agent_orange> Chaplain, actually

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