"Hey, didn't your dad go to DeVry?"


<LJ-atwork> I love the rainbow... um, erections on the side of the streets in boystown
<SeanQ> o/` someday you'll find it.. the rainbow erection o/`
* SeanQ forgot to /nick KrmtTFrog
*** Kyol is now known as KrmtTFrog
*** SeanQ is now known as JimHenson
<KrmtTFrog> o/` Why are there so many songs about rainbows? And what's on the other siiiide. o/`
* hockeyfag gives kyol a bud-weis-er
* JimHenson sticks his hand up KrmtTFrog's ass
<hockeyfag> krmt: run!
<KrmtTFrog> sing o/` Rainbows are visions, but only illusions, and rainbows have nothing to hide. o/`
*** JimHenson is now known as SeanQ
<hockeyfag> hensons going to fist you
<hockeyfag> I don't think kermit could take something that big..
<KrmtTFrog> ... o/` The lovers, the dreamers, and me. o/`
<hockeyfag> then again..
*** KrmtTFrog is now known as Kyol
<LJ-atwork> not only did he take it... he's STILL SINGING
<Kyol> Well, you'd vocalise a little bit too, wouldn'tcha?
<LJ-atwork> I suppose so
*** kaufman is now known as Cuthbrtsn
<LJ-atwork> having never been fisted, I dunno
<Kyol> o/` I wanna (poink!) you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside. o/~
<SeanQ> We have a lullaby CD for my daughter with Kenny Loggins singing that song
<SeanQ> as a special bonus, inthe background you hear Jim Henson spinning in his grave
<Cuthbrtsn> There you go Kermit, all looks well. I'll see you Tuesday for your next prostate exam.
*** agt_orang (agt_orang@gambit2.intersurf.net) has joined channel #spinnwebe
<hockeyfag> mention a prostate exam, and in comes agt_orange
<TomFish> have you been half asleep
<TomFish> and have you heard voices
<agt_orang> me next! me next!
<TomFish> I've heard them calling my name
<TomFish> is this the sweet sound
<Kyol> This may be a little cold...
<TomFish> that calls the young sailor
<TomFish> the voice may be one and the same
<TomFish> someday we'll find it
<agt_orang> eep
<TomFish> the rainbow connection
<TomFish> the lovers
<TomFish> the nutsac
<TomFish> and
<TomFish> mEEEEEEeeeEEE
<agt_orang> usin' the whole fist, there, kyol?
<Kyol> Up to the elbow.
<Kyol> You had _corn_ recently, huh?
* hockeyfag shudders
<agt_orang> hmmm... timex indiglo watch... uhnf...class ring...
<Leth^> eat a lot of red meat?
<Kyol> ...Punk rocker studded bracelet...
<hockeyfag> I know someone who lost a class ring like that.. well, only for afew hours.. then it came out on its own..
<Kyol> (plink!) "Got it back, dear."
<CrzyClmbr> Beats going the other way.
<CrzyClmbr> *cough* *cough* /Here/ it is!
<agt_orang> "Hey! This isn't mine!"
<agt_orang> "Who do you know who went to DeVry?!"
<Kyol> "Hey, didn't your _dad_ go to DeVry?"

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