He gets high on vinegar


<KemloCaesar> who's a good domain registrar?
<Elkman> I registered recently through register.com.
<KemloCaesar> uh-huh
* KemloCaesar makes a note
<KemloCaesar> who else?
<Elkman> What are you registering?
<KemloCaesar> well, we've got it reserved already
<KemloCaesar> we're not gonna register it until we've got CONTENT
<spinn> uh. how does that make snse?
* KemloCaesar grumbles about incompetent slugabed artists
<tieboy> Kemlotschumin.com?
<spinn> how does one reserve without registering?
<KemloCaesar> Apparently -
<KemloCaesar> and this is what Paul told me -
<tieboy> you go to www.igotdibs.com
<spinn> heh
<spinn> www.called-it.com
<zompist> but paul is dead.
<KemloCaesar> Paul Eric.
<KemloCaesar> What he told me is that we reserve the name
<KemloCaesar> and if someone else wants it, the registrar will e-mail us
<tieboy> Oh, Paul Eric. Okay, go on
<spinn> hm.
<KemloCaesar> and ask us if we want to outbid the second person.
<KemloCaesar> huh - www.igotdibs.com is a real page.
<raven> weird. what a freaky registrar.
<spinn> I could imagine there's a site out there that will register it for free for you
<tieboy> why not just buy it?
<spinn> and hold on to it waiting for bids
<spinn> but if so that's fucking stupid
<KemloCaesar> .... why?
<raven> Because the other person could just go to another registrar and register from one that doesn't play betting games.
<spinn> you can either risk a bidding war or drop $25 on it for a year
* KemloCaesar is obviosuly missing something.
<KemloCaesar> Oh, okay.
<zompist> kemlo, i think you're getting scammed here.
<tieboy> well, then you go to the site that will reserve from the site that's bidding on it from the site that's registering it.
<KemloCaesar> Well, there's no cash output so far.
<zompist> there is no "reserving" process.
<spinn> rave, if it's true, that means the registrar has already registered it
<CrazyClimber> well, there is a "squatting" process.
<spinn> and they call it "reserving"
<raven> greg : For free?
<KemloCaesar> Paul had to supply his credit card number
<spinn> so they're just spending money on domains, betting on it being worth more
<raven> although I suppose they can make it back in bidding wars.
* tieboy pictures kemlo squatting and vomits
<spinn> and if you want it, you'll pay them their price anyway
* KemloCaesar pictures tieboy vomiting and squats
<spinn> and if you don't, they probably figure they'll make the money elsewhere
<zompist> i think kemlo *is* squatting in shil's gallery, tie.
<raven> For $12/year, I'd just save myself the grief.
<KemloCaesar> Zomp - no, that was Jonathan.
* zompist likes to provide these vomiting-assist public services
<tieboy> no, he's kinda rolling on the floor with a tube or something
<KemloCaesar> I'm the one who's pouncing.
<spinn> meanwhile, kemlo
<KemloCaesar> Tie - no, that's the OTHER picture.
<zompist> an intertube?
<KemloCaesar> Yes, spinn?
*** Elkman is now known as hockers
* hockers pounces on KemloCaesar
<KemloCaesar> Zomp - no, it was a broomstick shoved latitudinally through my torso.
<spinn> if you can't afford like $25 to hold the domain, then take the time or money you were going to spend on the website and put it toward gathering food and making shelter
<tieboy> he dressed up as Rolling-Around-With-Tube-Man for hallowe'en
<spinn> because you obviously need to shift priorities
<raven> so...umm...what domain are you reserving?
<spinn> well, he can't tell us
<KemloCaesar> Spinn - well, I'm just editorial. Paul is handling the financial end.
<spinn> because then he'd risk a bidding war
* CrazyClimber hands tieboy some water
* raven elbows greg. No, really, we'd love to know.
<zompist> paul has certainly demonstrated his financial acumen so far
<KemloCaesar> Paul suggested that we not bother registering it until we've got some content to put up.
<spinn> so, you're hinging the financial success of this site on a guy who wants to risk the value of the domain going up out of his control
<spinn> you gonna be the internet's sourceline, or something?
<Elkman> Yeah, and I missed registering elkman.com by a few days because I hesitated.
<CrazyClimber> hey, i'll reserve it for $10 less than they want.
<zompist> how long does it take to develop content?
<KemloCaesar> Longer than it should
<CrazyClimber> i'll even throw in this fine, um (looks around desk) bottle of pesticide, mildly effective at killing aphids!
<KemloCaesar> the artists aren't meeting their deadlines.
<spinn> does paul also not buy milk until it expires because the stores sell it for a discount?
<zompist> if you're isourceline, true.
<raven> zomp : well, to be fair, good content can take some planning.
<zompist> but we're talking about kem---
<KemloCaesar> this is supposed to be REALLY GOOD content
<zompist> er, i mean, you're right, rave.
<CrazyClimber> ok, ok, you can have the post-it notes too.
<raven> kemlo : Um, *yeah*.
<KemloCaesar> I'm the editor
<KemloCaesar> I have a very good proofreading reflex
<KemloCaesar> AND
* CrazyClimber could also use a drink of water
<KemloCaesar> i have a very good ear for, um.....
<spinn> it's a shame paul will wind up high on paint thinner fumes and start writing checks to his game boy and flashlights and stuff
<zompist> i hear that the proofreading reflex shows up at 7 months
<raven> That's what the other end of the little rubber hammer is for, zomp.
* KemloCaesar fumbles for the right word...
<KemloCaesar> for vocabulary.
<zompist> was paul in american movie...?
* Elkman rolls his eyes
<KemloCaesar> Paul's allergic to paint thinner.
<KemloCaesar> He gets high on vinegar.
<zompist> uh, kem, tell us something *good* about paul
<zompist> he's down 0-2 at this point.
<KemloCaesar> He's working for free
<KemloCaesar> "for as long as it's fun"
<zompist> 0-3
<KemloCaesar> and he's a devoted Mac user.
<zompist> 1-3
<raven> zomp : He only gets high on the finest *balsamic* vinegar.
<Elkman> So are you going to avoid bland, useless, and poorly presented articles that other publications will allow to be circulated to its readers?
<KemloCaesar> his first cousin is famous chef Emeril Lagasse
<KemloCaesar> Elkman: damn straight.
<KemloCaesar> Well, "useless" - this is gonna be mostly fiction.
<raven> like Paul's bookkeeping?
<KemloCaesar> well, i'm operating on a shoestring
<zompist> the cutting edge of the new publishing world is at the door, scaring the publishing world and his outmoded paradigms
<Elkman> Is it going to be a new era-a new standard in to the world of not only news & media?
* KemloCaesar looks askance at Elkman
* CrazyClimber helpfully demonstrates other uses for that shoestring
<KemloCaesar> ewwwww.
<KemloCaesar> he's a competent DJ.
<KemloCaesar> anyway, I misspoke myself earlier
<raven> 1-4
<zompist> beat me to it, rave
<Elkman> So, yes on the new era, or no?
<KemloCaesar> good LORD, no.
<zompist> dang, you missed the opportunity to use "bespoke"... i love that word.
<KemloCaesar> my bicycle is bespoken.
<CrazyClimber> why do a web site if it's just the same old era?
<KemloCaesar> basically:
<KemloCaesar> the reservation/registration process requires a credit card
<zompist> if it's in visual basic i'm out of here right now.
<KemloCaesar> which I do not have
<KemloCaesar> Paul has one
<zompist> no score on having a credit card, i think.
<KemloCaesar> Zomp - no, it's Arrhenius basic.
<KemloCaesar> therefore, I'm using his credit card for this part of the process
<raven> zomp : Yeah. just about any monkey that can fill out an appl. can get one. Neutral score.
<KemloCaesar> he has a high-speed connection
<zompist> just to ram the point home, kemlo, there is no "reservation" needed. it's a scam. you're either registered or you're not.
<tieboy> "Hi, do you have a dot-com for two?" "Forty minutes. Have a seat at the dot-tv."
<raven> that "registrar" is basically setting you up for a bidding war at the least.
<KemloCaesar> ah.
<zompist> how do you have web access, kemlo? isp? school? two mules and lots of string?
<KemloCaesar> Yes, yes, and no.
<zompist> my isp registered for me... no credit cards involved... paul stayed home.
<KemloCaesar> hmh.
<spinn> paul was not needed
<spinn> there were no calls placed to paul
<zompist> and we saved a lot of vinegar.
<zompist> a paul?
<tieboy> I rue Paul.
<zompist> tie, that's apaulling
<spinn> "I'm going to reserve this domain!" "No, man, don't." "Oh, okay." THE END
<KemloCaesar> that's a LINUS pauling.
<tieboy> heh heh spinn
<spinn> should've started that with
<spinn> INTERIOR SMALL APARTMENT. TABLES are strewn with PIZZA BOXES, WANT ADS, and GOVERNMENT CHEESE. The walls are dingy with VINEGAR STAINS. A PAUL types madly at a keyboard.
<tieboy> OOh, and Paul got this e-mail where he can get free disney tickets if he sends it to 10 people
*** Leth (leth@64-6-163-131.bos2.phoenixdsl.net) has joined channel #spinnwebe
<tieboy> look, there's Leth
<KemloCaesar> Weren't you going to kick Leth, spinn?
* KemloCaesar waits to be kicked reflexively
<spinn> oh, there ya go.
<Leth> uummmm
*** Leth has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by spinn (never got to thank you for the ops)
<zompist> do they have government cheese up in labrador or wherever kemlo is?
<KemloCaesar> New Brunswick.
<zompist> government back bacon, maybe?
*** KemloCaesar has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by spinn (and, yes, since you ruined the impact)
<Leth> heh
*** KemloCaesar (k.caesar@ has joined channel #spinnwebe
<Leth> wow, waited a whole day for that....
<spinn> yeah
<KemloCaesar> You really DON'T have much of a life, eh?
<spinn> been holding on to that
* KemloCaesar winces
<CrazyClimber> well, he kept just missing you.
*** KemloCaesar has left channel #spinnwebe
<Kyol> _Fucker_!
<CrazyClimber> wotta fucking moron.
*** KemloCaesar (k.caesar@ has joined channel #spinnwebe
<KemloCaesar> Okay, I really have to go eat.
<KemloCaesar> Hasta, people.
<KemloCaesar> And I'll forward your comments to Paolo.
*** Mode change "+b *!*@" on channel #spinnwebe by Leth
<zompist> does paul pick out the menu?
<spinn> However /Kemlo/, as you will /notice/, I had previous /de-opped/ myself.
*** KemloCaesar has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Leth (Leth)
<zompist> oh come on-- that was the most entertainment we had all day.
*** tieboy is now known as kemlots
<kemlots> PREVIOUSLY
<Elkman> So he gets on to tell us that he's leaving to eat? WTF?
*** kemlots is now known as tieboy
<spinn> so I will /thank you/ to remove your /unwashed hands/ from my Radio/active/ Man poster.
*** Mode change "-b *!*@" on channel #spinnwebe by Leth
<Leth> ahh
<Leth> that felt good after a long day
<Elkman> Here I am giggling at this, andmy coworkers come up and say they want to do a code review.
<Kyol> So, uhh.. The k-line might not have been a bad idea?
<spinn> eh
<tieboy> i dunno. that was entertaining
<raven> yeah, it was.
<zompist> i think we have a new running character!
<Elkman> Yeah, it was entertaining.
<zompist> paul the slacker financial whiz.
<spinn> heheh
<spinn> he stands in fields and runs numbers in his head while he watches people hump trees
<CrazyClimber> "He's got a credit card! He's an accountant!"
<tieboy> Paul, we have no money, and you're in charge of it
<spinn> checks to his gameboy and doorknobs.
<spinn> heheh.
<spinn> I was making myself crack up.
<spinn> oh, no, flashlights
<zompist> "uh kemlo dude, man, i found a place that'll pre-arrange the reservation."
* CrazyClimber votes yea
<Kyol> Ok. Missed it while I was offkb.
<tieboy> boy, i can't wait until kelmo gets his site up
<spinn> I got the impression he was not going to say what the domain was anyway
<spinn> but I wish I hadn't said anything now just in case
<Elkman> http://e-iSourceline.com
<zompist> i can't wait to learn what this high-fired-up domain is they need to sit on.
* Kyol faxes his ETO payout to HR, 6 days late, on the off chance that they _aren't_ soul-less bastards.
<spinn> www-e-journal-zine-online.com
<spinn> domain I just hit for the hell of it
<CrazyClimber> www.new-era-in-fiction.com
<spinn> http://www.comnetorg.com/
<spinn> lookit that deal on domain reg
<Elkman> Heh heh.
<raven> Ooooh, $50! Sign me *up*!
<raven> The fact that none of the links exists reassures me!
<zompist> www.notascam-nosir.com
<tieboy> www.GettingRichFromPaulEric.com
<zompist> read their domain policy-- sounds like they're really an isp.
<tieboy> Dreamrunner. Got dreams? We'll run them.
<zompist> hmm. it's contradictory, i think.
<spinn> heheh, man.
<spinn> paul will work for him while it's fun
<tieboy> sister company to plannedspontanety
<spinn> obviously paul only met kemlo this morning
<zompist> par. 2 says you can't put up material that's evil in dreamrunner's view. later on it says dreamrunner exercises no control on content.
<tieboy> kemlots: do you know any website stuff?
<tieboy> paul: sorta
<tieboy> kemlots: we're partners and best friends!!!!!
<spinn> heheheh
<zompist> paul: huh?
<zompist> wait, wait, i think we can do this better.
*** zompist is now known as paul
<spinn> kemlo: I have to go tell all my spinnwebe friends!!!!
<Elkman> He has Spinnwebe friends?
* paul sniffs some vinegar, appreciatively
<spinn> elk, follow the comedy
* paul is waiting for a kemlo dammit
*** tieboy is now known as kemlots
<Elkman> Yeah, but I'm compelled to point out the obvious.
<kemlots> hi paul
<paul> heya, ...
* Elkman sits back and eats more oatmeal
<paul> ...uh, hi!
<kemlots> can you do web stuff?
<kemlots> and do you have a credit card?
<paul> oh, you mean, like, the web?
<kemlots> not 'like' the web. exactly the web
<paul> i got a card, man.
<paul> but you don't need a card to get on the web. i use my sister's pc.
<kemlots> we're in business! now i have to go eat
<kemlots> i'm hungry
<kemlots> very hungry
<kemlots> so i'm going to go eat
<kemlots> here i am going to go eat
<paul> yeah i got the munchies something bad.
<paul> should head over to my uncle's.
<kemlots> don't forget, we're in love and you need to reserve a domain!
<paul> wanna hear my d.j. bit i'm working on?
<kemlots> sure, can i roll around on the floor with a tube first?
<paul> no. listen.
<paul> "Here's a song I think you'll love."
<spinn> can I hire either of you to produce my e-commerce b2b e-enabled eTailing site? you sound liek you really have all your ducks in a row
<kemlots> we sound LIKE we really have our ducks in a row, you mean
<paul> why a ducks?
<Elkman> There's that proofreading reflex!
<kemlots> i'll be editor, and you handle the money and web and work for me
<kemlots> for no money
<paul> yeah, sure. i know how to reserve domains and all.
* kemlots looks adoringly at paul
<Photon> you mean for vinegar
<paul> no, it doesn't have to be for vinegar. you can have all sorts of domains.
<paul> i mean, like our site, it'll have a lot of bitchen content.
<paul> kemlot's'll do that part.
<kemlots> BITCHING content
<paul> i could like provide an mp3 or something.
<kemlots> or, perhaps, BITCHIN'
<paul> there's also this place i know that'll edit your html for you. so you don't have to.
<kemlots> Hm. I seem to be banned from #spinnwebe for the past month. Those guys!!!
<paul> i mean, you just type it all out and indicate what you want in bold and blinking or whatever.
<kemlots> wow, you're web-savvy
<kemlots> what's HTML?
<paul> yeah, we'll rock, with this site all about...
<paul> what is it about anyway, man?
*** Elkman is now known as rebeca
<rebeca> I'll write about you guys on cbs.marketwatch.com!
<kemlots> well, when you get registered, then I'll write it, right?
<paul> oh yeah... you don't want to put up the site before it's registered.
*** SamBoss is now known as Samwise
<paul> 'cos that just confuses the reservation process.
<rebeca> As long as I think you guys are cool, I'll make you look cool.
<Samwise> Dear LORD my boss is cool.
<kemlots> hey, Paul, you're not just hanging around to date my sister are you?
<paul> that HO? ha aha ha. no.
<paul> you have a sister?
<kemlots> I'm not sure, to be honest
<Elkman> Can she see money?
<Samwise> But I gotta run... see y'all later!
<kemlots> I didn't do any real research
<paul> oh fuck man, i'm out of vinegar.
<paul> catch you later man. i know a place where you can get vinegar.
<kemlots> wow! you are with it!
*** paul is now known as PaulFetchingVinegar
<kemlots> huh. the #spinnwebe crowd just sent me a mailbomb that blew off three of my fingers! hah! i sure am buddies with them
*** PaulFetchingVinegar is now known as zompist
* zompist runs the concept right into the ground
<kemlots> hm. i don't think zomp and tie should ever put together a road act
*** kemlots is now known as tieboy

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