Whenever you say "Holocaust" use finger quotes.


<jacquilyn> For someone reason Ithought you were Jewish, Leth.
<jacquilyn> Or is that jut your in-laws?
<Leth> no, my wife is
<Leth> and yeah, the in-laws
<SeanQ> so who are you raising your kid to hate, the Palestinians or the Protestants?
<Drusilla> or the Protestant Palestinians?
<Leth> Arabs who speak with a British accent
<jacquilyn> This is Leth, sillyk he's teaching them to hate both.
<Elkman> "You can't hold onto the bottle after you light the fuse! You have to throw it NOW!"
<Leth> bottle? no way, that's *so* 1917
<Leth> He wires c- into ignition coils
<Leth> er, c-4
<agent_orange> sounds like c- is about right for *someone* though
<SeanQ> there's the problem right there - *you* try teaching the son of an Irish Catholic to let go of a bottle
<Leth> yeah, isn't that valedictorian at BR*C?
<Leth> Sean: like I ever let *him* get the bottle
<agent_orange> well, he's half irish catholic, half jewish
<agent_orange> so he can't decide wether to clutch the bottle like it was his sainted mother or sell it at retail
<Leth> So how does that work? He sits in the corner where it's dark, but that's ok, don't botheryoursefl, and gets drunk?
<Drusilla> exactly.
<agent_orange> you oughta hear the "hava nagila / bold fenian men" medly they do every St. Shlomo's day
<Leth> and the parade that they have that marches down the main street that Friday afternoon, only to have to stop dead in the street at sundown
<Leth> ahh...and the brisket and boiled cabbage dinners....
<Samwise> I need to work on my Jewish humor.
<Leth> so do we
<Leth> oh, which reminds me, I definitely do, got the big Thanksgiving/Hanukkah Nazi joke extravaganza coming up
<Samwise> How is it you haven't been beaten to death with a dreidel?
<Leth> I'm a lot bigger than all of them
<Leth> combined
<SeanQ> I already gave you my best material
<Drusilla> i stopped going to my family's Hannukah celebrations. That's why I haven't.
* agent_orange faxes sean a copy of "children's letters to the gestapo"
<Leth> and I already used my post-turkey-fart=Xyklon-B jokes, so can't use them again
<Leth> maybe I'll just draw a few numbers on one of the drumsticks
<agent_orange> "Good thing Sharon warned all you mockies to stay home that day, huh? you wouldn't be enjoying this bountiful american feast, otherwise!"
<agent_orange> ghaa
<agent_orange> drumsticks
<agent_orange> draw a tattoo on the lampshade
<Leth> "No, no worries! I brought my own soap, too!"
<SeanQ> have you shown up with a monocle yet?
<SeanQ> "I'm just trying to fit in, honey!"
<Leth> "You could say there's a little bit of Aunt Irma in every scrub!"
<tieboy> "Come on in, just put your coats in the pile. And you eyeglasses in that other pile. And your jewelry in that pile there."
<GhostKoder> "We encourage all of you to take a shower before dinner. We've had a new on installed. By Krups."
<agent_orange> "anyone up for a group shower?"
<agent_orange> bring over videos of Schindler and uprising and replay the nude scenes over and over ... "Look at the rack on that one! What a waste!"
<Leth> "I hope /someone/ got to enjoy that yenta before she bought it"
<agent_orange> "Why, father-in-law! What big gold teeth you have! Always were a closed-mouthed bastard, eh?"
<agent_orange> put a bar of lifebouy at one of the place settings. tell them you invited uncle Hyman from the old country.
<Leth> "Oh, and what's with that Barbara Steisand? Christ, she sounds like my brakes that time the pads fell off"
<Leth> that always works, too
<CrazyClimber> plus, they know you're still closeted
<Leth> it's always a tough choice between Holocaust and ripping on Babs
<SeanQ> ask them if that little ankh they drew on their doors for Passover works for 767s
<tieboy> whenever you say "Holocaust" use finger quotes
<tieboy> Whenever you get up to walk around the house, goose-step
<Elkman> "How do you like my new boots?"
<agent_orange> "So, during the holodeck -I mean holocaust..."
<SeanQ> just yell "Schtung! Schtung!" randomly during dinner
<agent_orange> "Arbeit Mach Frei! Know what that means? Means a Big Mac and Fries to me!"

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